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Tennessee Titans Announce Dates for Oilers Throwback Games

The Titans unveiled their Oilers throwback uniforms on Sunday night, but we didn’t know when they’d be wearing them — until now.

As you can see above, the Oilers throwbacks will be worn for two Sunday-afternoon home games:

  • Oct 29, against the Falcons.
  • Dec. 17, against the Texans.

That second game, which had long been speculated about, is a doozy, because it will create a Houston vs. Houston uniform matchup. That will be a fun novelty, but it may also be salt in the wound for Houston fans who are still bitter about the Oilers’ departure in the 1990s.

To learn more about the Oilers’ uniforms, check out my recent deep dive on their uni history.

(My thanks to Phil, who was the first to let me know about the Titans’ announcement.)

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    Not the same scenario but there was a Red Sox vs Braves game at Fenway (back in the early years of interleague play) where both teams wore Boston throwbacks.
    The 1912 Boston Red Sox (with the giant red stocking) & an early road Braves uniform with “Boston” not Braves across the chest. So, it was actually Boston vs Boston on the Unis

    Love ya blue.

    Salt in the wound for Houston fans (who actually care about such things) for sure.

    Yes, I wonder how my brain will work that day. Rooting against the uniform I grew up rooting for. I’m not looking forward to it. I did see online the Tennessee franchise has Earl Campbell throwbacks so I’ll probably get one.

    Of course! But according to GUD, that’s not a look they’ve favoured in recent years (if ever).

    Weird situation. The Titans are pushing a lot of this Oiler gear on their website. But do Titan fans really want Oiler gear? And do they think that “salty” Houston fans will buy any of it?

    Would have been nice to see matched up with some of the original AFL teams

    The Falcons game will be the Jerry Glanville special. Coaches from both teams should wear all black in his honor.

    The “Houston vs. Houston” matchup sounds fun in my mind. Of course, I’m not from Houston, and if I was, I’d probably be bitter about the five years they spent without an NFL team… but, it was only five years… Root for the laundry, root for the city, watch a competitive football game, and have fun!

    Something tells me the Titans might use this as a tryout for adopting the Oilers look full time. Replace the derrick with the Titans logo et voila.

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