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Seattle Seahawks Announce Date for Throwback Unveiling

We’ve known for a while that the Seahawks will have blue/silver throwbacks this season. Now we know when we’ll get our first look at them.

A teaser video on the team’s social media feeds indicates that the unveiling will be this Wednesday, July 19, at 8:32am. (I’m sure someone can explain the significance of that very specific time slot.) That’s presumably Pacific time, so it would be 11:32am Eastern.

The Seahawks’ unveiling on Wednesday will be the latest development in what’s shaping up as a very busy week for NFL uni news, as the Vikings and Browns are expected to make throwback-related announcements on Tuesday.

In addition to the Seahawks, Vikes, and Browns, at least three other NFL teams are adding new throwbacks this season: the Bucs (creamsicles, already unveiled), Eagles (Kelly green, leaked but not yet unveiled), and Titans (Oilers, to be unveiled this Sunday).

If you want to get in the mood for Wednesday’s Seahawks unveiling, I recently did a deep dive on their silver/blue era. You can check it out here.

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    I’m not positive this is why they’re using 8:32 am, but there are 832 steps to reach the top of the Space Needle.


    Just make this your permanent uniform, Seahawks.

    In fact, every team could go back to what it wore in 1989 (excepting those franchises that didn’t yet exist, of course) and the NFL would look far better than it currently does.

    How about the really good uniforms that are in the league right now? For example, the Vikings, Chargers, Bengals, and Bills all have excellent designs. Which I would argue are their best looks in team history. With the ever changing materials and technology, uniforms will continue to evolve which will create new iconic looks that we can never foresee. The looks we grew up with will always be the looks we favor.

    To your point, of the 4 teams you mentioned, only the Chargers have a set I would keep.
    The Bills look great but they are basically wearing traditional throwbacks (and the red helmet would not change that).
    The Vikings had better looks, from the Purple People Eaters through the Cris Carter/Randy Moss years. Both the UCLA shoulder stripes and the Northwestern sleeve stripes.
    The Bengals had it right around the Boomer Esaison years. This is a step backward.

    I’ve come to accept that this is the answer for nearly every sports question. I’d probably be OK with pushing hockey and college football to around 1995, and maybe college basketball to like 1993, but otherwise 1989 seems like the answer.

    Born and raised here; and I didn’t know the Space Needle has 832 steps.

    Having been to Seattle, it’s exciting to hear that the Seahawks have announced the date for unveiling their blue/silver throwback uniforms this season. The anticipation is building among fans as the team’s social media teases the specific time slot of Wednesday, July 19, at 8:32 am Pacific time. This coincides with a busy week in the NFL, with other teams like the Vikings and Browns expected to make throwback-related announcements. As I reminisce about my time in Seattle, it’s great to see the Seahawks embracing their silver/blue era and joining the trend of teams reviving iconic looks from the past.

    Should be a good looking uniform. I like the video, even Gary Payton in a Sonics uniform is in there.

    I can’t get behind the idea that every team going back to what they had roughly 30 years ago makes the league a better place (uni-versally speaking).

    But the Seahawks are one team that was doing pretty much everything better back in that era of general sameness in the league’s uni design.

    The navy and lime green has grown on me, but the wolf grey and the reflective tape silver has not. Changing the logo from a more traditional style Haida art to the angry stylized 90/00s thing has never clicked with me. The use of both diamondplate and that weird square-V-beak doodad that they use as a repetitive pattern on things have never worked well, and whatever novelty they may have had has certainly overstated its welcome. The tone on tone patterned strip on the helmet was just a weak idea from the get go. The shoulder/collarbone stripes have had their day in the sun, and it’s time to at least tweak them.

    And aside from the logo change none of that even addresses the slapdash mess that was the late Reebok era.

    I desperately want them to return to the silver helmets and original logo, which I believe requires a return to the original royal and green (navy and lime just don’t jive well with a traditional bright silver metallic to me, neither does their Reebok era Subaru blue/black/lime look).

    The current number font is fine, as it’s at least bold and not overly complicated. It’s a shame about UofO being so close and also being a Nike darling, because I think the Seahawks could pull off a shoulder yoke wing pattern well.

    Anyway, here’s hoping the team gets a full redesign soon, and they respect what has actually looked good in the past.

    Have to admit, I got ready to eye-roll when I read “I desperately want them to return to the silver helmets”; fortunately, the rest of the sentence was not what I had anticipated ; )
    These throwbacks will be a welcome addition, but like the Dolphins, I prefer they are just used occasionally and do not replace their current style.
    I like the wolf gray pants when paired with both the white and navy jerseys…the latter being perhaps their best look…,but I would like them more if they had a touch of neon.

    Paul, this feels like the busiest uni-verse week in recent memory thanks to the lift of the one-shell rule. Has there been a busier one? Love to see it (and read it) as always.

    There was a similarly busy period just about a year ago, when the first wave of NFL alternate helmets hit. But yes, this is definitely a fertile period!

    I think this is more likely than the Space Needle theory (which would be incredibly dumb/random, no offense to Phil). They can sell it as the throwback “erupting” or “blowing up” and the era fits. If it is, however, sort of weird to tie in an event that killed dozens of people?

    I wonder if I was in the stands for that Seattle @ Miami photo. I saw the Dolphins beat Seattle in the playoffs the year Marino took them to the Super Bowl. I think The hawks were only in town a handful of times otherwise…

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