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Halle-freakin’-Lujah: Pats Bringing Back Silver/Grey Pants on Sunday

Paul here, making a rare weekend appearance because there’s great news out of New England, where the Patriots are teasing the return of their “silver” pants (which are really grey, but whatever) for tomorrow’s Week 7 game against the Bills.

Whatever color you call them, these pants are soooooo much better with the blue jerseys than the team’s mono-blue combo.

This will be the first time this season that the Pats have worn the silver/grey pants with the blue jerseys, and only the second time overall since introducing their current uni set in 2020. The only previous time was for a game against the Bears last year (also in Week 7, interestingly). Here’s how that looked:

That game against the Bears was on a Monday night, so this will be the first time that this uni combo has been worn for a standard Sunday game. Here’s hoping it’s not the last!

(Big thanks to our own Anthony Emerson for passing along this news as soon as it broke.)

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    No doubt!!!!!!!!! The mono-blue as a “constant” has got to go. I didn’t like the “color-rash” set, let alone that being their go to combo. My guess is, they wanted to get away from the Brady era set. But damn, you didn’t have to go full mono all the time. I actually don’t have a problem with the current jersey. Paired with the silver/gray pants, it really isn’t that bad.

    This set is easily the best they’ve had in their history. A team call the Patriots shouldn’t be wearing a red jersey and the division has too many teams that wear white (or have worn white) helmets.

    I agree with you wholeheartedly.
    And I know why they started with red jerseys, but that doesn’t change the fact that Chris is right. Let Buffalo be the red team now.

    Glad to see I wasn’t the only one who thought it was dumb to wear Red Coats if your name is the Patriots. Their throwbacks would be 100% better if they made the jerseys blue.

    The Bills in the old Patriots white/red/white and white/white/red would be sweet-looking. Make it happen!

    You may be pulling our legs, but I seriously liked that set. It needs to be a throwback!

    No kidding’…this tweak from the original roll out should have stuck around longer – and what followed should have never been!

    Love how these tie the helmets and the silver outline in the numbers together. Would love to see them with the white jersey too.

    I’d like to see the gray pants paired with the white jerseys. Something that hasn’t been seen since ’99.

    As a Patriots fan, I can say this is the most exciting thing to happen all season!

    Take a peek at the comments on that tweet. There truly seem to be zero fans that prefer or even like the “blueberry scuba suit” as many have started calling them. Make silver permanent until we scrap this uniform set altogether!

    I’m in the Look Good, Win or Lose crowd.
    If a team isn’t doing well, you get better players and coaches, not worse looking uniforms.

    Now that they have Pat Patriot back, I’d love to see them adapt the white shell to get this look (or slightly modified to fit the new template):


    If they are committed to Flying Elvis then this is by far the best option. I have my own opinions on what’s best for the Pats but for today I’m not going to pursue my pipe dream. Down with the blue pants! That’s Buffalo’s intellectual property.

    I think I’d like these better if the stripes were red/white/red to match the stripes on the shoulder and the source material.

    Not a Pats fan, but rooting for a win today if it means superstition drives them to ditch the mono blue and make these pants the standard.

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