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New York Giants to Wear Throwbacks on Monday Night

The New York football Giants will be wearing their 1980s-’90s throwback uniforms for next Monday night’s home game against the Packers.

The Giants’ added this throwback uniform to their wardrobe last year. Although the team’s Color Rush uniform also features the old “Giants” wordmark, the throwback helmet has a darker blue shell:

This will be the second and final appearance this season for the Giants’ throwbacks. They were previously worn for an Oct. 22 victory over the Commies.

Update: Reader/commenter Kris Sharpe points out that while the Giants wore the primary blue shell with the CR uni last year, they switched to the dark-blue throwback helmet for a CR game earlier this year. I had forgotten about that, but he’s right:

Big thanks to Kris for catching that!

Comments (15)

    Was never a fan of the navy blue helmet paired with royal blue jersey. Rams did the same for years, as did the Chargers during most of the Fouts years.

    Historically accurate but aesthetically brutal. Put the throwback logo on the royal blue helmets.
    I’d prefer the inaccuracy if it means a better looking game.

    I agreed with you below before I read this.
    So true…
    funny how it seems… always in tine, but never in line for dreams

    Love the Mis-Matched Blue Wrecking Crew!
    The actual game might not deserve a complete tune-in, but it’ll certainly be worth uni-watching a few downs!

    In its defense, the navy helmet sets the red stripe off beautifully. But that’s it. I’d rather see the sparkly helmet with a white/red/white stripe, anyway.

    But that’s the thing…
    The GIANTS should never have worn a “sparkly” anything. Ever. Let those chic Panthers and Gold teams sparkle…
    So glad Da Raidas never went sparkly too

    OMG, you’re right! I forgot. Thanks for reminding me – I’m not home now but will update the post when I get back in front of a computer.

    I do prefer the current helmet, the navy one looks too drab with the royal blue jersey. Did not mind that back in the day but do so now.

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