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First Look: Eagles Add New Wordmark to White Jersey

As you may recall, one of the more unusual NFL uni developments of recent years was that the Eagles changed their official wordmark in June of 2022 — sort of.  They added the new lettering to their end zone design but also announced that the new mark wouldn’t be added to their jerseys until 2024.

The new mark began appearing on the team’s green retail jerseys in mid-March. In case you missed my report on that, here’s a comparison:


And now, more than a month later, we’re finally starting to see white jerseys with the new mark as well:

The new wordmark is now also appearing on the team’s black alternate jersey:

Why did it take so long to change the logo on the jersey? Because any NFL jersey change — even if it’s as minor as this one — requires two years’ notice. I don’t really understand why the Eagles didn’t just wait until now to launch the new mark, so everything would be unified, but I’m sure they had their reasons.

Still to be determined is the fate of the Eagles’ nose bumper. In 2022 (the season right after the new wordmark was announced), the bumper still had the old mark, matching the logo on the jersey chest; in 2023, the bumper went blank:

I think it’s a pretty safe bet that the bumper will feature the new mark in 2024, but we’ll have to wait and see.

(My thanks to Christian Berumen for bringing the new white jersey to my attention.)

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    I’m so tired of brands removing every ounce of personality from their logos and designs

    The outgoing wordmark is one that the people of Philadelphia overwhelmingly love, it is iconic.

    I’d like to see your research about this overwhelming love for the outgoing wordmark. Most people don’t have strong feelings about it, but if asked, most people prefer the kelly green wordmark of the 1970s and ‘80s. That said, the newest wordmark is a charmless mess.

    Take a look around at any eagles tailgate, the amount of people that fly the wordmark flag, have the wordmark painted on their rvs and whathaveyou. Hell even people with it tatooed on them.

    The outgoing wordmark screams eagles, it IS the eagles.

    When they did away with it in the endzone it was very unanimously disliked.

    Again, it isn’t unanimous. You may like it. People had 27 years and a Super Bowl win to get those tattoos, and you’re not really making your point, just because people had one wordmark for nearly 3 decades. Stop saying something that isn’t true.

    Huge missed opportunity by the Eagles to give the current uni-set a modern refresh. More specifically get rid of that dated number font.

    I agree. Minor update would have been great. Especially an update to the numbers. More bolder. Remove the awful green collar and accents from the black uniforms.

    Amazing how much of a downgrade this is, for what amounts to a very small part of the overall uniform.

    Two years ago I had wondered if the word mark was a first step to dialing back the amount of black used on the uniforms. The green is dark enough and I’ve always felt the use of black adds even more heaviness to the look. They’ve mostly ditched black socks as well in favor of white but if they were going to eliminate it elsewhere they probably would have by now. Oh well.

    They aren’t removing black. Eagles use black everywhere in their branding and also around their facility. Even their practice jerseys are mostly black. If anything they are trying to make black more primary than green these days.

    I so want them to put a black line on the bumper to “connect” the wings

    The new one looks terrible , it has no pop . At least put the Eagles Emblem behind it with the gold beek .

    Get rid of all wordmarks on jerseys in the NFL and College Football. Basketball and baseball are sports for wordmarks on jerseys (as they have smaller numbers up front), football just needs big numbers front and back plus TV numbers on sleeves or shoulders.

    The Eagles uniforms look dated anyway. It’s time for a refresh. Personally, I think they should do a modern take on their Cunningham/White era unis. Those were absolutely BEAUTIFUL! These are…fine, I guess.

    The old wordmark looks like the logo for a ’70s rock band (no, not that one). The new wordmark looks like the logo for a company that makes razor blades.

    I don’t mind the new word mark but It doesn’t really have much pop I definitely would like to see more style and pizzazz to a new jersey, a yellow beak on the front with eyes facing forward and maybe big wings going from the shoulders to the back to give the uniforms more personality

    So do NFL teams think we can’t easily identify them anymore? I honestly didn’t know this was a problem…

    The fact they are selling a Dawkins jersey with the new wordmark bothers me.

    Agreed. And the NOB font has gotten smaller/tighter and doesn’t look good. I guess their MLB strategy is rolling over to NFL jerseys. At least Kelce is still available with the correct wordmark.

    Terrible downgrade. Just looks like another soulless logo that emphasizes “speed” or some other corporate jargon. Same thing happened with my Sharks. They abandoned their awesome shark-bit wordmark in the 00’s for a super cartoony dumb font before settling a super bland one like this one. Sometimes teams find a logo that fits and shouldn’t deviate too much from it. Look at what the 49ers did going back to their Quentin Caps saloon font.

    Putting the team name in small print above the numbers is another silly fad I wish would die. We already know who we are watching.

    Overall the new lettering is an improvement. This uniform is approaching 30 years old and is a bit tired. I would like to see the green/silver combo again like the early 1990’s. Also stop wearing white sock all the time. They wore the classic kelly green last year with white socks and it didn’t look very good.

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