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Eagles Finally Announce Unveiling Date for Kelly Throwbacks

Amidst the flurry of new NFL throwbacks this year, one of the biggest ironies is that the Eagles’ Kelly green throwbacks were one of the first to be announced (the news came along with the unveiling of last year’s black alternate helmet, more than a year ago) but will apparently be the last to be unveiled. Thanks to an announcement this afternoon (shown above), we finally know when we’ll get to see them: The unveiling will take place next Monday, July 31.

The team has been milking this one with a series of self-mocking teaser tweets:

The wait will finally be over on Monday. If you want to brush up on your Kelly Eagles history until then, check out my recent deep dive on the team’s Kelly era.

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    I don’t get it. Eagles fans are as rabid and loyal as they come. They’re frothing to spend money on the new look. Why delay it?
    Everyone knows what it will look like – kelly green jersey, block varsity numbers outlined in black, full bird on the sleeves. The only real questions are: 1.) silver pants?, and 2) what type of wings are on the helmet – old (all-silver, outlined white) or the current wing?

    Could be something like a supply constraint, or a delay in making the uniforms as a whole. They’re going to want the unveiling to exactly coincide with it launching on the team store and hitting the shelves.

    The Eagles have been known to have time-management issues ; )
    Theirs will be the most anti-climactic reveal this off-season, yes?
    I for one don’t think the Braman – era uniforms were particularly good (dare I say, they were cheap…just like the “guy in France”…there are/were better options)…plus they look good in the midnight/modern models, so I don’t want these purported throwbacks to become the ‘norm’.

    If it’s anything other than silver pants I’ll be upset bc then it won’t be historically accurate.

    Need it to be silver pants with the sheen. Can be done if they put the effort into it.

    This is the weirdest thing, we know what uniforms they are going to be wearing, it is the 1985 thru 1995 set. They already announced that. So we already know what this uniform looks like prior to its unveiling. There isn’t any mystery involved like an entirely new set, or when a team says they are wearing a throwback but there are multiple options of past uniforms they could wear. I am not sure why people are so worked up to see current players model these in some pictures.
    This sort of unnecessary hype just makes me wish the teams didnt even announce throwback uniforms ahead of time, and just showed up on the field on gameday in them.


    I do wonder whether the Iggs will use the current Eagle wing (white and silver and black) or go with the classic silver with the white outline?

    Looking at those memes, it occurs to me that to ‘drop’ a uniform could either mean to introduce it or to stop wearing it.

    “Drop” is a contranym. What’s confusing is that it is a verb in both contexts, as in, “Slow sales made Dodge drop its Dart model”, but “Jay-Z’s new album drops at midnight.”

    For any who might be having the same question as myself: “How does this work when Philly already has two helmet shells (midnight green and black)?” — well, it seems this was already answered last year in the black helmet announcement:

    “Kelly Green will replace the black helmets, barring another change from the NFL allowing a third helmet.”

    So, I guess the black helmets are one-and-done. I doubt many will notice. Under certain lighting the midnight green and black shells were almost indistinguishable.

    Cynical thought of the day: They waited this long for the announcement because they were looking for a sponsor for the post, and Toyota finally signed on yesterday.

    Personally, i like the current look of their uniforms but want the classic colors. Keep the font, the eagle head sleeves, the style of helmet wing, and just make them in Kelly and silver.

    I also like the current Eagles look but the kelly Green is also OK, as long as it is combined with silver pants and a kelly green helmet with silver wings. I also like the busy striped sleeve design thety wore in the 70s and early 80s I think, but with the current taste in sleeves that one will never return.

    As an Eagles fan, this has been quite annoying to be honest. To those asking about the helmet wing and the pants, just look at any Randall Cunningham picture. That’s what they are doing. The pants will be more grey than silver (see Seattle) as for some reason, the shiny pants of the past can’t be replicated. The helmet wing will be silver with the white outline.

    My big question now is in regards to the black pants. In the past, Paul has eluded to the fact that there don’t seem to be any rules for the number of pants teams have. The last 2 years, like the Jets, the Eagles have been wearing their black pants on the road more. With the black jersey and helmet now eliminated, do the black pants go by the wayside? They were only ever worn with white jerseys and green helmets so technically, they aren’t effected by the throwbacks at all. However, there is no reason for the Eagles to have black pants. Hope they are gone too.

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