Presenting the 2021 Uni Watch NHL Power Rankings

With the NHL playoffs set to start this weekend, my latest piece for InsideHook is a set of NHL uniform rankings. You can check it out here.

I’ll be doing NBA rankings — but with a fun twist — in about a week, just in time for the start of their playoffs.

• • […]

The Hidden Uni Connection Between Willie Mays and Tom Seaver

Willie Mays turned 90 yesterday, so there have been lots of Mays tributes floating around this week. One of them, improbably, taught me about a fascinating uni-related connection between Mays and another all-time great, Tom Seaver.

The tribute in question is this New York Times article about Mays that was published on […]

Getting Ready for the Bengals’ Uniform Unveiling

Good morning! The Bengals are scheduled to unveil their new uniforms today at 9am Eastern. I’ll add photos and links for the new designs once they’re available, and I’ll have a detailed analysis of the new set tomorrow.

But for today, since the Bengals will likely be the uni-verse’s top topic for the next […]

‘Unified’ Turns 10: Yellow Sox, Purple Dodgers

Good morning! For this week’s podcast episode (our 10th — double digits!), Chris Creamer and I talked about the Red Sox’s new yellow “City Connect” uniforms, plus we have the second and concluding part of our interview with Dodgers senior design director Ross Yoshida, who gave us a scoop about how the Dodgers almost […]