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Monday Morning Uni Watch: 2023, Week 3

Our weekly roundup of Sunday’s NFL uni acion.

Utah Jazz Announce New Uniform Advertiser

The new ad replaces the team’s longstanding “5 for the Fight” patch.

Monday Morning Uni Watch: 2023, Week 2

Our weekly roundup of Sunday’s NFL uni action.

Orlando Magic Add Throwback Uniform for 2023-24

The retro design is part of the team’s 35th-season celebration.

It’s Time for Another Round of ‘Ask Me Anything’!

Every three months I respond to questions submitted by Uni Watch readers. Here’s the latest installment.

ITEM! Get 20% Off of All Our Teespring Merchandise

Move fast to claim this discount!

If You Like Uni Watch, You’ll Love This: A School Furniture Catalog

If you’re of a certain age, this catalog will definitely push some nostalgic buttons.

Dr. Richard Moriarty, Creator of ‘Mr. Yuk,’ Has Died

It’s not often that someone creates something so simple that becomes such a universal touchstone.

KC Adding Memorial Patch for Norma Hunt

With just hours to go before the NFL season’s kickoff, the defending Super Bowl champs have announced a uni update.

National Lacrosse League Releases Updated Logo

The new design comes about three months ahead of the start of the league’s new season.

If You Like Uni Watch, You’ll Love This: A Bridge Investigation

A simple question — “Why is this bridge here?” — resulted in very entertaining investigation that will appeal to most Uni Watch readers.

It’s Time for the 2023 Uni Watch NFL Season Preview!

Are you ready for some football?

What Would an MLB Labor Day Uniform Look Like?

MLB celebrates every major (and minor) holiday except one. What if they took Labor Day seriously?

WFL Memories from Jimmy Corcoran: Wrong Number for Rossovich

Contributor and friend Jimmy Corcoran shares some WFL memories, and how he always wanted a “Sears” Philadelphia Bell football jacket.

It’s Time to Rank All 30 MLB Uniform Sets

For a variety of reasons, this is the perfect time to assess the state of the MLB uni-verse, from worst to first.