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Aussie Hoops Team Refuses to Wear Barely Visible Pride Symbol

The latest LGBTQ+ uni controversy comes from Down Under.

Some (but not all) 2023 MLB BP Caps Are Apparently Available

It’s a sure sign that spring training is right around the corner.

Monday Morning Uni Watch

Our weekly roundup of Sunday’s NFL uni news.

Let’s Geek Out Over ‘Industrial Sports and Recreation’ Magazine

A trade magazine from the 1950s is jam-packed with interesting ads and articles.

My Visit to the NFL Offices

No, I didn’t have a summit meeting with Roger Goodell. But I did see some interesting stuff.

Major Historical Find: Yanks Wore Red Undershirts!

Amazing but true: The Bronx Bombers wore red sleeves in the 1920s — even in the World Series!

Bills, NFL Announce Damar Hamlin Tributes, Including Jersey Patch

The hospitalized Bills player will receive a variety of salutes around the league this weekend.

Get Set for 2023 With This 23-Themed Infographic

The perfect uni-related way to ring in the new year.

Another New Collection for Uni Watch HQ

I’ve been working on a little holiday present for myself.

Collector’s Corner for Dec. 27, 2022

Brinke Guthrie’s weekly roundup of retro sports collectibles.

Best Warm-Up Ever? Coyotes Wear ‘Kachina Snowman’ Sweaters!

The Yotes got in the spirit of the season in a sensational way the other night.

Collector’s Corner for Dec. 20, 2022

Ho-ho-ho! It’s Brinke Guthrie’s weekly roundup of retro-styled sports collectibles.

Monday Morning Uni Watch

Our weekly roundup of Sunday’s NFL uni news.

Uni Watch Fan Appreciation Day, 2022 Edition

It’s time for our annual year-end raffle, where I give back — literally — to the Uni Watch comm-uni-ty.

By Popular Demand: More Feudin’ Mascots!

Why can’t we all just get along? (Answer: Because feudin’ is more fun!)