Monday Morning Uni Watch

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Good morning! Welcome to the last week of September. We’re having a run of near-perfect weather here in NYC — hope things are nice where you’re located as well.

Now then: The Browns debuted their 75th-anniversary throwbacks for yesterday’s game against the Bears (lots […]

Sunday Morning Uni Watch

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Good Sunday morning, Uni Watchers. Hope everyone had a good Saturday and a good weekend thus far.

Normally, for SMUW, I “take” one game and highlight some new uniform, or throwback, or uni quirk, or what have you, to serve as the intro […]

Some Excellent Uni-Related Flea Market Finds

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Some friends and I spent our Saturday at a New Jersey flea market, where I saw some cool uni-related items, a few of which I purchased. Let’s start with this December 1946 issue of Sport magazine, which I snapped up simply because I love […]

Catching Up on Uni News from Labor Day Weekend

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Good morning, and welcome to the unofficial start of autumn, or the start of the school year, or the final countdown to the start of the NFL season, or the MLB season’s home stretch, or however you choose to define the post-Labor Day week. I had a […]