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BREAKING: Pirates City Connect Uniform Leaks

An earlier T-shirt leak appears to have been legitimate.

Auction Action

Grey Flannel Auctions has once again put together some jaw-dropping vintage jerseys and related memorabilia items. Let’s take a look!

MLB Teams to Wear Poppy Patches for Memorial Day

In recent years, MLB has taken a more somber approach to this holiday.

Uni Watch Power Rankings for Brown Uniforms

Jim Brown famously wore brown for the Browns, but very few other teams have worn that color. Here’s an assessment of the few, the proud, the brown.

An On-Scene Report on the Orioles’ City Connect Launch

A Uni Watch reader was on hand to document the launch of the new merch — er, the new uniform.

Painting Greenville Purple: Your 2023 Purp Walk Report

Here’s a recap of everything that took place in North Carolina — including video of Paul throwing out the first pitch!

Intentionally Foul: Teams That Purposely Wear Multiple Shades of Purple

Wearing one shade of purple is bad enough, but some teams choose to double down.

Welcome to Purp Walk 2023!

For the next 24 hours, it’s all purple, all the time.

Vintage 1870s Catalog Shows Amazing Old Baseball Uniforms

If you’re into early baseball history, this one’s for you.

Gamecocks Mascot Wears Costume Feet to Graduation Ceremony

What looks good with a cap and gown? A pair of gigantic yellow feet!

Let’s Talk About the Denver Broncos’ Game-Changing 1997 Uniforms

26 years after its unveiling, the Broncos’ 1997 set still stands alone among groundbreaking NFL uniform designs.

Oklahoma State Cowboys Unveil New Uniform Set

It’s the program’s first makeover since 2016.

A Book About Video Game Type Fonts

If you ever played 8-bit video games, this book is definitely for you!

MLB’s Latest City Connect Leak: A Hilariously Bad Orioles Jersey

It’s so bad, it can’t possibly be legit — but several clues suggest that it probably is.

Peter Good, Who Designed the Hartford Whalers’ Logo, Has Died

He leaves behind one of the most beloved logos in sports history.