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Uni Watch 25th-Anniversary Coasters Are Now Available!

And they look really great.

MLB Finally Releases 2024 Batting Practice Caps

Most of them had already leaked, and now the full set has been officially unveiled.

Kickin’ It In 2024: Your NBA ASG Sneaker Guide

The All-Star sneaker preview has been a UW fixture since 2009. In 2019 Matt Weidner began his run, taking over for Matt Powers.

MLS Jersey Week, Part Two

[Deputy Editor’s note: Our own Jamie Rathjen has stepped up to review the 11 MLS jerseys unveiled yesterday afternoon and evening. MLS will release an additional seven jerseys today, and …

Ask Phil Anything — The Answers!

You asked and Phil answered! Check out all the answers to your “Ask Phil Anything” questions!

Ewww: Giants Replace Old Shitty Sleeve Ad with New Shitty Sleeve Ad

The move comes after their previous advertiser was ruled to be a public safety menace.

IMPORTANT News About Uni Watch’s Teespring Merchandise

Thanks to a software switcheroo, hundreds of Uni Watch items will soon be unavailable. Here’s your chance to get them while you still can.

Monday Morning Uni Watch: Super Bowl LVIII Edition

Some uni-related observations from last night’s game.

A Very Special Photographer, and Some Thoughts on Abandoned Spaces

I recently scored some really great photos at a flea market.

Ask Phil Anything!

As most of you surely know by now, I’ll be leaving Uni Watch in about three and a half months, and deputy editor Phil Hecken will be taking over the …

Spontaneously Noticing Things Can Be a Blessing and a Curse

You know that phrase “Can’t un-see it”? Imagine living your whole life that way.

We’re Getting Down to the Last Uni Watch Seam Rippers

They’ll be phased out soon, so move fast if you want one!

Reader Creates Uni Watch Jigsaw Puzzle for Son’s Birthday!

Uni Watch: It’s a family affair.

Update: Uni Watch Reader’s Logo Finally Makes On-Ice Debut!

A feel-good follow-up to a story from earlier this month.