History Lesson: ‘Black Sports’ and ‘Our Sports’ Magazines

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While doing photo research for Tuesday’s blog entry about Dick Allen, I came across this shot of him on the cover of the August 1974 issue of a magazine called Black Sports. I almost ended up using that photo to show the chain-stitching in […]

The 2020 Uni Watch Holiday Gift Guide

The 2020 year-end holiday season, like everything else this year, is probably going to be unlike anything we’ve experienced before. Despite that — or maybe because of it — people tell me that they still want to send gifts to their loved ones.

With that in mind, all year long I’ve been dutifully bookmarking items […]

Happy Thanksgiving

Hi there. Obviously, for most of us this will be a Thanksgiving unlike any other. I won’t be getting together with any of my family members or any of my friends today (well, except maybe on a video call). First time that’s been the case since I had the chickenpox in 2009.

But while […]

Uni Watch Bookshelf: ‘The Fabric of the Game’

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Today is Nov. 3 — a date that many of us have been awaiting with increasing anticipation and anxiousness. For those of us of a particular persuasion, it’s a date we thought might never get here. Indeed, as the pandemic has dragged on and this crummy year […]