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UPDATE: Possible Mets City Connect Jersey and Cap Leaks

The Mets hinted earlier this week that their City Connect costume will include purple. Now, as you can see above, a cap has surfaced with a lot of CC-ish elements — and a purple squatchee.

Another hint: The front of the cap includes a depiction of the Queensboro Bridge, which is also featured in the Mets’ recent CC teaser video. Here’s a closer look at the cap photo, followed by that video:

The cap’s sweatband has a subway map motif. That all makes sense, because the 7 train, which goes to the Mets’ ballpark, is purple.

Meanwhile, see that “New York City” script on the sweatband? That’s based on the team’s 1987 road uniform, a one-and-done design that was used only in that season:

So are they planning to use that script on the CC jersey? We’ll find out next Friday, April 19, because that’s the unveiling date. (If anyone has more info about this uniform, you know what to do.)

Update: Now there’s a purported jersey leak as well, but with a different cap:

Is it legit? No idea. Here’s a thread about how the design could be based on an old New York Giants uniform.

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    I’m rooting for a repeat of the one-off with purple replacing blue. (I suppose they would replace orange with black, as well, just to make sure they don’t look like the Mets!)

    I blew it up and showed it to my wife, who said hot pink, and now it looks in the purple family to me.

    The bridge on the hat is awful. Baseball hats shouldn’t have extra graphics on them beyond the logo.

    While the Pilots cap was much improved by/‘needed’ the extras…gotta disagree on the halo – an unnecessary add-on that took away from the simplistic beauty of both the CA and LA caps. YVVM.

    What is “YVVM”? I get Your Mileage May Vary but that would be YMMV. If it is a joke, I am missing it.

    Chris has been known to accidentally misspell the acronym (and somehow his own name), so both CheisH and YVVM have become sort of an inside joke.

    These are endearing quirks of his…unlike his dislike of red or orange pants.

    That…plus I noticed there was already a comment below from a ChrIs(space)H – a miscue I have yet to make, BTW…yet – so I figured use of those tell-tale/regrettable markers was warranted.
    PS – Orange pants were/are OK for the Browns, and burgundy was passable for the ‘skins/Team, though not a great a ‘gold’.

    Fair point. But both of those “extras” align with the team name and “uniform” of a pilot or an angel.

    BTW, the heraldic flourishes on the helmets of the guardian statues which gave Cleveland their name might look nice in relief on the sides of the Guardies’ caps. Just sayin’.

    Loved the 87 roadies. Not staying with them was a missed opportunity.

    Not a fan of the hat. Don’t have high hopes for the uniform set, but I’m an old white guy. It’s not *for* me.

    I miss when uniforms were designed with everyone in mind. Not that you can ever please everyone, but at least they tried to appeal to a wide swath of the fans.
    Now? “Your demographic doesn’t buy jerseys so we really don’t care if you like it or not.” That’s depressing.

    My mileage doesn’t vary with yours concerning the 1987 set. Fabulous script, and v-neck pullovers are the best. The racing stripes are fine, but even without them I’d love it.

    This exactly. This is the whole concept of the program, right? It’s got multiple nods to multiple eras.

    I’d never buy it because I’m a Phils fan, BUT this is one of the better CC designs, at least hat-wise.

    Miami’s is still the only one that I like.
    I like that one so much I wish it were their primary.

    I liked San Diego’s and Colorado’s but they were also completely detached from any look connected to the team. Visually appealing and representative of the city/state where the teams play. Miami’s are nice and were better than the regular Marlins uniforms but that wasn’t saying much.

    Miamis CC color scheme is my favorite … but the Marlins got it right from the start and should strongly reconsider going back to their time in teal.
    Seattle OTOH could elevate theirs to primary and I’d be OK with it…even with the Pirate pants.

    Like the ‘Gotham’ energy that the uniform has and the bridge design being stitched on rather than being a different color is better than what SF did. There’s a lot of stuff that the uniform has going for it relative to other CC designs. Better than Philly at least.

    I don’t know if anyone noticed this last night, but the giant “16” in center field has a great big serif on the bottom of the “1” which is, of course, inaccurate. link link.

    You can have color, but only on the squatchee and inside the brim, and no team colors allowed. Other than that, everything must be grayscale. Sorry, that’s just the rules.

    Really innovative use of black-on-black here, totally different than everyone else’s black-on-black designs. It’s like the Model-T: you can get it in any color you want, as long as its black.

    I don’t mind the jersey here, but I think the speckles will look bad when we see it for real, or in a better-quality photograph. I do like that shade of grey, though (this is what we’ve come to).

    The bridge on the cap looks a little…heavy. San Fransisco doesn’t own the concept of bridges, but they use it so much (including on their CC) that it looks strange to see it on a different team. It also looks a little bit like a tiara.

    If the hat is the one found in Japan then I like it. If it’s the one in the “leak” then I don’t like it. I think the bridge is a nice touch and it’s in black anyway, so it’s subtle. Also really hope that isn’t the jersey in the “leak”.

    Agreed. The leak hat looks like pure merch and I can’t imagine that making it on the field. The Japan hat is actually not that bad given how hideous they could have made it. I hope the jersey has the 1987 script.

    Yes. Assuming you didn’t click on the first link in the first sentence of the article which explains the purple.

    If thats not the real one then i wonder if we would get a variation on the that T7LA black 87 line jersey except with purple script and and subway line racing stripes.

    If that jersey and cap combo at the bottom is legit, nice job. Easily a top CC design.

    In the leaked photo it looks like the model is wearing grey sweatpants. Also, that squatchee on the bridge cap looks magenta or hot pink to me, definitely not purple.

    I look at the Mets traditional jerseys already as a true city connect

    1.) It matches NYC flag (blue / white / orange)
    2.) They incorporated both Dodger blue and the NY Giants logo
    3.) More “story” is told by seeing the regular blue hat than any other graphic that is crammed onto these over glorified 5950 fashion hats that places like Lids sells.

    Groan… The Y in “NYC” is oddly split across the placket – surely I’m not the only one who cares about this? It looks awful (just like the “Mets” script on the home whites this year – the two sides of the jersey never exactly line up. It’s just terrible attention to detail, signifying to the viewer that the thing they’re watching is not worth the effort.)

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