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Kickin’ It In 2024: Your NBA ASG Sneaker Guide

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Good Sunday morning, Uni Watch readers. Hope all is well with one and all.

The 2024 NBA All-Star Game is tonight. And if you haven’t been paying attention, this year, the uniforms aren’t terrible. In case you missed it, Paul had a rundown of this year’s uniforms back in January.

More and more, though, it’s not about the unis — it’s about the footwear the stars will be wearing, so it’s time to see the shoes the NBA All Stars will be wearing for the big game. As most of you are probably aware, I’m not a “sneaker” guy, but a LOT of you out there are, and I’ve been doing (always with the assistance of a sneakerhead) the NBA All-Star Game sneaker preview since 2009.

This year I am again joined by Matthew Weidner, who’s back for his sixth year bringing you his p/review of the sneakerpalooza. Matt took up the mantle of ASG shoe reviewer after Matt Powers retired a few years back.

This may be out of my wheelhouse — but it’s definitely in the sweet spot for Mr. Weidner. So, without further ado, here’s Matt and your …

• • • • •
NBA All-Star Game Sneakers — 2024 Edition
by Matt Weidner

Welcome back to my annual look at the NBA All-Star Game sneakers here at Uni Watch. This year’s game will be played in Indianapolis. As most of you are aware, the brands typically bring out special, eye-catching colorways for annual affair. Let’s take a look at what the players will have on feet.

After a few years of the captains picking the teams, the ASG will revert back to the traditional East vs West format in 2024.


East Starters

Giannis Antetokounmpo –- Milwaukee Bucks
Nike Zoom Freak 5

Antetokounmpo will play in this mismatching red and white version of his signature Nike Zoom Freak 5. The sneaker reads, “Thanasis thanks for sharing” which relates back to when they were growing up, and Giannis had to borrow his older brother’s sneakers. The colorway is also a nod to the Nike Zoom Kobe 4s Antetokounmpo wore in his first All-Star Game in 2019.

Jayson Tatum –- Boston Celtics
Jordan Tatum 2

Tatum just recently rolled out the second signature shoe in his Jordan line. The NBA and Nike are running a contest through NBA ID (not sure what that is) to pick which colorway of the Jordan Tatum 2 he will wear in Sunday’s game.

Tyrese Haliburton –- Indiana Pacers
Nike Zoom GT Cut 3

Haliburton will be representing the hometown Pacers in the ASG. He has been wearing the Nike Zoom GT Cut 3 this season. This version is part of Nike’s ‘Greater Than’ series that has been rolled out for All-Star weekend. The sneaker pays homage to Jason Kidd’s signature Nike Zoom Flight Five from 1996.

Damian Lillard –- Milwaukee Bucks
adidas Dame 9

The adidas Dame 9 was unveiled at a brand event on Friday night of All-Star weekend. Expect Lillard to debut this sneaker on-court in Sunday’s game.

Joel Embiid -– Philadelphia 76ers (OUT)
Skechers SKX Float

Embiid signed with Under Armour in 2020 and had been wearing his signature Embiid 1s for the past few seasons. His deal with the brand expired in October 2023, and rumors began to swirl about him becoming the face of Skechers’ new performance basketball line. Embiid was photographed at practice last month wearing this model – the Skechers SKX Float. Embiid is unfortunately out of action after his recent knee surgery, but the expectation is he would have debuted his new Skechers sneakers during the All-Star festivities.

East Reserves

Unlike the Western Conference, which has zero first-time All-Stars, the East will have four players making their ASG debut.

• First time All-Star Jalen Brunson of the Knicks has worn Nike Kobe models throughout the season. It wouldn’t be surprising for him to rehash the Nike Zoom Kobe 9 from All-Star Weekend in 2014.

• Fellow debutant, Philadelphia’s Tyrese Maxey is signed with New Balance. He’ll be wearing the TWO WXY v4 from the ‘Gamer’ Pack.

• The Raptors’ Scottie Barnes and Magic’s Paolo Banchero round out the first timers’ club. Barnes will be in the Nike Zoom GT Hustle 2 from the aforementioned ‘Greater Than’ Pack. This model draws inspiration from the instantly recognizable Nike More Uptempo.

• Banchero is joined by Bam Adebayo on Jordan Brand. They will both be in an ASG colorway of the Air Jordan 38; whether they are in the high or low remains to be seen.

Jaylen Brown does not currently have a sneaker deal. He has been wearing the Nike GT Cut 2 with custom overlays to not show any of the Nike branding.

• Adidas signature athletes Donovan Mitchell and Trae Young will also represent the Eastern Conference. Mitchell’s newest signature model – the adidas D.O.N Issue #6 – was unveiled on Friday night along with Damian Lillard’s, as mentioned above, so expect these to be on court in Indy. Young will be in the silver Trae Young 3 ‘Dime’ named for his penchant for incredible assists (aka dimes).

• New York Knick Julius Randle made the team this season but will miss the game due to injury. Like Joel Embiid, Randle signed with Skechers and has been wearing the SKX Float model shown above.


West Starters

LeBron James -– Los Angeles Lakers
Nike LeBron XXI

LeBron has two different options of his Nike LeBron XXIs releasing All-Star Weekend. The one above is dubbed ‘Queen Conch’ and is meant to celebrate the conch. Not sure what a mollusk from the Carribbean has to do with Indianapolis or LeBron James, but they look cool. The other colorway releasing is more of a straightforward silver, prismy deal. Expect Anthony Davis to wear whichever version LeBron doesn’t.

Luka Dončić –- Dallas Mavericks
Jordan Luka 2

The Mavs guard (or forward) will wear this eye-catching rendition of his second signature sneaker with Jordan Brand.

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander –- Oklahoma City Thunder
Converse All-Star BB Trilliant

The only Converse athlete in the ASG, Gilgeous-Alexander will wear this mismatched colorway of the All-Star BB Trilliant. They also come with a shroud which is unlikely to be worn on court.

Kevin Durant –- Phoenix Suns
Nike KD 16

Durant will lace up the Nike KD 16 in Indianapolis. The colorway is a nod to his nickname, Easy Money. The aglets feature the image of a $100 bill.

Nikola Jokić –- Denver Nuggets
361° Big3 Future CQT

The reigning Finals MVP and 2-time league MVP signed with Chinese brand 361° in late 2023 after years with Nike. He will be wearing a hi-top version of their Big3 Future CQT model which is only available for retail in a low.

West Reserves

• Leading the West reserves is typical starting lineup stalwart Stephen Curry. His Curry Brand (subsidiary of Under Armour) released the three-sneaker collection – the UA Curry 1, the UA Curry 4, and Curry Splash – inspired by the classic NBA Jam video game. It remains to be seen which model he chooses for the ASG.

• Two players will be wearing the first iterations of their signature lines this year – Devin Booker and Anthony Edwards. Booker will don his Nike Book 1, while Edwards will be playing in the adidas AE 1.

• Edwards’ Timberwolves teammate Karl Anthony-Towns will also be playing in Indianapolis. He’ll be wearing the Nike Zoom GT Jump 2 from the Nike ‘Greater Than’ Collection. This version is reminiscent of Tim Duncan’s Nike Total Foamposite Max from 1998.

• LA Clipper teammates Kawhi Leonard and Paul George also made this year’s roster. Leonard will be debuting his fourth signature sneaker with New Balance – the aptly named Kawhi 4. George had a Nike signature line, but that ended in 2022 with the PG 6. It remains to be seen if he will wear an older signature model or a Nike Kobe model as he’s worn for a chunk of this season.

• Rounding out the Western Conference squad is Anthony Davis. See the LeBron James section above.

Thank you all for indulging me year after year with this rundown. And, as always, thank you to Phil and Paul for their continued diligence in making UW something to be proud to be a part of. Also, a special thank you and best wishes to Paul as he moves away from Uni Watch in the coming months. I’ve been a reader for all of my adult life and will always have a fondness for the years of camaraderie amongst the UW faithful.

You can follow me on twitter @SixersSneakers. Much love!

[all photo credit to Sneaker News]

• • • • •
Thanks, Matt! Nice rundown as always. OK readers, if you’re a sneakerhead (or even if you’re not) — what’s your verdict on this year’s specialty kicks? I believe the great Michael Jordan (or maybe it was Spike Lee) once said, “It’s gotta be the shoes.” Did the sneaker companies deliver this time around?



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And finally...

…that’s going to do it for the early morning piece. Monster plus thanks to Matt for another fantastic rundown of the NBA ASG kicks!

I’ll have an additional three articles (plus the Ticker) today, so be sure to keep checking back for more.

Have a good Prexy Day everyone (hopefully you have the day off).

You guys enjoy the NBA All-Star game, or the Rangers/Islanders Stadium Series game, the Daytona 500 (hope there’s enough good weather) or any other uni watching you intend to do today. Have a great week and I’ll see you back here next Saturday.



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    Great write up Matthew! I always love when this pops up each year. What’s up with those super high top Kobes that Jalen Brunson might wear? While I enjoy seeing all of these different types of shoes I do miss the team color uniformity of them (at least in basketball).

    Thanks, Nathan! Those Kobe’s came out after he had torn his Achilles. Nike went super high for protection.

    LeBron’s sneaker looks like he found it at the very bottom of a basket of mildewy decades-old USC shoes.

    Nice to see some athletes in Skechers. I started buying their casual dress shoes at the thrift store, because the square-toe front is good for kicking straight-on field goals. Decent traction, too.

    2023 Daytona 500
    Completing Lap 40

    2018 Winter Classic
    Rangers 3, Sabres 2
    Blue Shirts saluting the fans of Mets Stadium after JT Miller’s OT winner.

    Checkers for the Scoreboard Guesser!

    The big board from the 65th running of the Great American Race, 2/19/23 – just last season! See, I like new things ; )
    Travis Pastrana led a couple circuits (I was not sure if it was lap 39 or 40-thanks for clearing that up!) and wound up finishing P11 in his first…and ,according to him, last…NASCAR Cup event.
    Enjoy the race Monday (postponed today)…I’ll be rooting for anybody but Hamlin – may his mileage vary!

    This is the only game where players should be allowed to wear crazy colored shoes. Otherwise players should be required to wear shoes that have the colors of their team, or white and black.

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