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So Much for Uniformity: WKU to Wear 7 Different Helmet Designs!

When Western Kentucky hosts Liberty next Tuesday, the Hilltoppers will have a new look. In fact, they’ll have a bunch of new looks.

That’s because WKU has created seven different position-specific helmet logos for this game, each featuring a different version of the school’s popular Big Red mascot character (yes, that’s legal). Here are the seven designs, broken down by position:


Running Backs


Offensive and Defensive Linemen


Defensive Backs

Special Teams


Fun stuff! The quarterback design previously appeared during last season’s game against Rice; the rest are new.

Also, I note with a raised eyebrow that Big Red throws lefty and kicks righty, at least on this side of the helmet. (The logos are reversed on the other side.)

These helmets will also have a Big Red-themed nose bumper design, which will probably look very strange to anyone lined up directly across from a WKU player:

The WKU/Liberty game is scheduled for 7:30pm Eastern on Oct. 24.

(My thanks to Phil for bringing this one to my attention.)

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    Reminds me, albeit in a different and funnier way, of when Miami (OH) did the different ribbon colors for different cancer awareness causes on their helmets a few years back.

    You know what? It’s unnecessary, it’s over the top, it’s silly……..and I friggin LOVE it.

    I love this, I think it works. Maybe it’ll look different on field, but I don’t think it’ll be obnoxious and add a uniform disuniformity to the team.

    Reminded of Amy/Navy game in 2015, where the Mids had like 10 different ships on their helmets and the Black Knights put nearly 20 different branch insignia on theirs… standardized variety within a uniform template… I like it!

    Reminds me of those teams that wore different colored helmets, but maybe not so extreme: link

    The bumpers are very clever.

    I have to watch this game now! I’ve been resisting subscribing to Fubo and adding another streaming service to my ever-growing list, but it might just be worth it to see these helmets in action.

    A red Grimace in “walking condom style” (sing it to Gangnam Style).

    Can’t say the logo impresses me at all, but I really like the idea of having him in different positions for different positions.

    An idea I had but never followed through with for my beer league team was to rename them to “Farm Team” and have a circular front crest with the words “Farm Team” on the outer part of the crest with a different farm animal in the centre of each crest.

    This reminds me a little bit of the old days when the Orioles’ batting helmet logos were hand painted. Each one was slightly different, but each one was still an Oriole. All the same, but still all different.

    Nascar teams could learn a lot from this design….
    Like the Big Rig Monster Tooth grill design for Semis…..
    Could be really cool on a race car….’Specially from the Rear View Mirror….

    Stupid phone. Or just me, I was trying to say I’d just love a decal to work with. Big Red is so neat.

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