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New Uni Watch Mascots Make Official Debut!

Ever since Uni Watch girl mascot Caitlin died back in June, I’ve hated the experience of coming home to an empty house. I never lost the muscle memory of expecting a living furball to greet me whenever I opened the door, and it was disappointing each time that expectation was dashed.

At first I thought I’d be adopting that little meepster who recently showed up on my doorstep, but she ran away and I never saw her again.

So on Saturday I took a more proactive approach and went to a local animal shelter, where I adopted the two little fuzzballs shown above. Without further ado: Meet Uni Watch girl mascot Biscuit (long, thin white stripe on nose) and Uni Watch boy mascot Waffles (short, thick white stripe on nose)! They’re siblings (obviously), about 10 weeks old, and pretty much Perfect. I’ve already lost my heart to them.

About the names: Since they’re black and white, I considered naming them Hydrox and Oreo. But giving them brand names seemed a little gross, so instead I went with two food names that begin with B and W, for black and white. I’m not sure exactly why I went with the singular Biscuit and the plural Waffles, but somehow it just feels Right.

Depending on the situation, they may get other temporary B&W-based food names, like Beer and Wine, Bratwurst and Weisswurst, Bananas and Walnuts, Brandy and Whiskey, and so on. Also, for about 10 minutes they were named Cary Grant and Myrna Loy (the stars of one of my favorite movies, Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House), which may be used for special occasions.

So far B&W have been doing all the usual kitten things: romping, scampering, exploring, playing, napping, purring, getting into trouble, chasing the laser pointer, and generally being completely adorable. They’re really, really good cats! Here are some more photos:

Waffles has a little black beard under his chin.
Biscuit likes technology.
Handsome boy.
They’re not shy about exploring.
Strange two-headed beast.

Biscuit has already lived up to her name by making biscuits — on Waffles! Check it out:


I wrote most of this post in my eye doctor’s waiting room, because I had an appointment this morning (nothing serious). When I came home, B&W were there to greet me. It’s so much nicer to come home to a house filled with life and love.

You’ll be hearing more about Biscuit and Waffles in the weeks and months to come. Please join me in welcoming them to the Uni Watch family!

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    Glad to hear of the additions to Uni Watch headquarters! Not sure what made me Google it but there is a Biscuit(s) and Waffles restaurant in Richmond Virginia.

    Congrats along the new kitties! I recently experienced the same feeling with my dogs.

    Mazel Tov on the new family members. May they have long, happy lives. Hopefully, the meepster was saved by someone. Catnip for all!

    If the meepster ever returns, would you still try and win their trust/potentially make room for a 3rd? Or is two pretty much your max and you would try and find the stray a home after a bit?

    Good to know, this is very cool article but also hope the cat from October 4 or so is doing well.

    Beautiful! I’m happy for all three of you! Tuxedo cats have a special place in my heart. I love that you got two littermates that like each other!

    Owning sibling cats is an absolute joy. I used to own a pair of siblings and watching them interact with each other was such a fun additional aspect of our companionship.

    Congrats Paul!

    They’re perfect! Cats are the best–portals to another realm, for one, but also great friends.

    I rarely comment much these days but anything involving cats deserves my time. Congrats Paul!

    Yeah where was the dimlet photos the fog and the corporate explanation along with mannequins and a Twitter video? LOL
    Hail B & W

    Biscuit and Waffles has a great ring to it :-) The names sound so balanced when said together.

    (maybe it’s because they have one “s” sound in each name)

    Congratulations!!!! I’ve been waiting on this post for you to pull the trigger. Great looking animals.

    I just want to say as an animal shelter volunteer, thank you for adopting those little cuties. They have obviously taken over their forever home! Tuxie-tude is real.

    Congratulations on the two new mascots, and as others have said, thank you for going the rescue route.

    Have you had sibling kitties before? Our guys, Miso and Udon, are littermates and they act like brothers: Cuddling and grooming each other one moment, wrestling with each other the next.

    Yes. Uni Watch girl mascot Caitlin had a brother, Uni Watch boy mascot Tucker, who died in 2017: link

    Before that, I had another sibling pair — Roscoe and Maybelline — who, sadly, both died young because they were born with feline leukemia. Very sad.

    But to your larger point: Yes, sibling kittes are great, because they’re buddies. They’ve been together all the way back to the womb! I love that.

    Of course I remember Tucker! Didn’t know he and Caitlin were siblings. Must have been tough on her after he passed.

    My earlier comment was a reference to my parents’ last cat experience. We had a tux when I was a kid. She lived to be nearly twenty!

    As she was getting to the end, my parents adopted a tux that lived at the vet’s. She didn’t like other cats, and her littermate sister was there too, but Nikki hated her sister. That had to be a separate adoption, unfortunately.

    It’s always sweet to see littermates who clearly love each other. You seem like a great cat dad, so I’m sure they’ll bond with you (and stay great friends)!

    Happy that you have some new little friends to greet you at home again, Paul! Congratulations.


    I’m also glad to know I’m not the only sucker for Grant and Loy’s hijinks. Love that film as well.

    Welcome new mascots! Remember you are carrying on a tradition as the leaders in column cats.

    That’s great, Paul. Cats are the best and these two are probably so happy to be out of the shelter. They will be WELL taken care of, I’m sure of that! But, speaking of keeping siblings, our youngest two dogs are sisters. I have had some offers to take them off our hands (4 dogs/2 cats is a little much), but I refuse to separate them. If someone would like to give them a new home, they go as a pair. Was hoping to find someone with kids for them to play with as ours are grown and out of the house. They are spayed and have their shots. Unfortunately, nobody seems to want female dogs in our area.

    Congratulations, Paul! They look like awesome little kittens and great additions to your family. They’re lucky to have you, and vice versa!

    That’s wonderful, Paul. We suffered the surprise loss of two cats in 2022 and quickly adopted a bonded pair who are just the definition of love. We named them Bootsy and Catfish so we really appreciated that you also went for a themed naming scheme.

    the names are actually hockey slang and would fit in right away within that culture. biscuit is term for puck and waffle refers to a goalie blocker. beautiful cats, Paul!

    Biscuit? See? Your trip South did make an impression.

    (Seriously, congratulations. Seems like UWHQ is whole again.)

    “It’s so much nicer to come home to a house filled with life and love.”
    This. Glad to hear you’re filling your home with love Paul. Cheers.

    Congrats to you, Paul, and and also to Biscuit and Waffles. They couldn’t be in a more loving home than your’s.

    Welcome to your new home B & W!

    Pet pictures are always welcome. It might be fun to run a column of just reader-submitted pet pictures like you do for Father’s Day. Maybe for National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day (April 30)

    So sorry for the late email, but congrats on B&W!!! They are beautiful and obviously filling your heart.

    All the best,

    That’s great, Paul. Love these pictures. Looks like they’re both characters.

    Meepster needs to be found, captured, rehabilitated, and given a life of luxury, just because it’s a fantastic name for a cat! Welcome Biscuit and Waffles – your lives are in good hands. And good luck to you, Meepster – may you find love, happiness, and safety (you’ve already found fame!).

    Oh kitties, as I always like to say in my kitty voice. These tuxedo kittens put me in mind of our dear departed Groucho, who left us about 10 years ago now. Welcome to Biscuit and Waffles.

    They are so adorable Paul! My tuxedo cat Olaf has a little beard under his chin just like Waffles, he’s such a friendly guy!

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