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Uni Watch Reader Makes Bruce-Themed Jerseys for Springsteen Show

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[Editor’s Note: Today we have a guest entry from longtime reader Ron Roza (third from left in the photo shown above), who recently had some jerseys made for a special event with his family. Enjoy. — PL]

By Ron Roza

I’ve been a Bruce Springsteen fan for 35 years and have attended hundreds of his shows around the world. So when I recently had the chance to take my three sisters and four nieces to a Springsteen show in Phoenix on March 19, I wanted to make it extra-special. Since I love jerseys almost as much as I love Springsteen, I set out to create custom hockey jerseys for us. And I knew exactly what to use for inspiration: Bruce’s 1970s softball team, the E Street Kings.

Springsteen wearing an E Street Kings jersey.

I wanted a simple and vintage-style look for the jersey so I went with an off-white color, simple striping, and a lace-up collar. I also wanted to add some New Jersey-themed details, so I added Tillie the Clown on one shoulder, and for the other shoulder I used the “Freehold/Asbury Park” exit signs from the Garden State Expressway. I also added memorial patches for Danny Federici and Clarence Clemons — former E Street Band members who have both passed away. And although you can only see it if you’re looking up close, I also ghosted the lyrics from multiple Springsteen songs into the jersey stripes.

For the numbers, I went with an old-school font to keep with the vintage theme of the jersey. As for the names on the back, I chose characters from many of my favorite Springsteen songs, such as Rosalita, Crazy Janie, Bobbie Jean, Wendy, Candy, Frankie, and Sherry Darling, and matched them to each family member’s personality. My own jersey was Johnny 99!

I also felt inclined to make a jersey for Bruce (Scooter) with a B on the front for “Boss,” and another for Steve Van Zandt (Miami Steve), who got a C on the front — not for Captain but for “Consigliere,” since that’s the role he played in The Sopranos.

We received many compliments from fellow fans during the show, which was great. But the real life-changing moment came when Bruce saw us all wearing our jerseys and I could see him mouth the words “I fucking love those”! I indicated that I had a jersey for him, and he motioned that he wanted it, so we tossed it up onto the stage.

As for Steve Van Zandt, I was able to give him his jersey at a post-show party. He was very appreciative. All in all, a very successful project!

In case you’re wondering: To get these jerseys made, I worked with Scott “Donzee” Donaldson of, which is the North American subdivision of Jersey53, the EU’s largest jersey manufacturer.


Paul here. What an excellent project! Big congrats to Ron, and even bigger thanks to him for sharing all of this with us.

• • • • •

I have tickets for a live event tonight, so I won’t be home for the NFL draft. If anything uni-notable happens during the proceedings, I’ll have coverage tomorrow. — Paul

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    Are you available for freelance work? If so, what’s your schedule look like in two-ish years? Talk soon.


    The Houston Texans

    LOL, would be so much fun!! I think you did a pretty good job with your new Uni’s :)

    These are amazing, and what a great story that Bruce saw you guys and you had the jersey ready for him.
    What actual uniforms use those numbers? They look very familiar but I can’t place them.

    Yep… Had to make once for “SCOOTER”, and he loved it! Correct on Font, Old Red Sox.

    Very cool. I’m not a big Springsteen fan, but those jerseys are excellent. Cool that you got to give him one, too.

    These are incredible. My wife, Bergen County born, is also a huge Bruce and hockey fan. Any chance these are for sale?

    Hey Josh, Glad you loved the Jerseys! I had a lot of people ask at show how to buy one. At this time it was more of a personal/family project. But if I ever decide to offer them I will let you know :)

    What a great project! Thanks for sharing. Anyone have an idea what the apparently stickers are on several of the ladies’ jerseys?

    We all had Stickers, I was able to get those and they allow us into the E Street Lounge backstage before a show to hang out and have a few cocktails.

    I did not expect to spend the better part of an hour this morning learning about Tillie, but here we are. Thanks for the great story!

    It truly is a rabbit hole, I dove into it and it is fantastic! Fascinating piece of Americana.

    All the favorite things in my life converging! Bruce and UniWatch! Amazing project!

    Great work, Ron!

    A palate cleanser after the classic vs. newfangled uniform comment section! We need more of this and less of the pontificating and negativity that was prevalent yesterday.

    This is a cool story and what a beautiful jerseys! That picture of him catching the jersey is very good, he genuinely seems to love it. If I were a rock star I would prefer having custom made hockey jerseys thrown to me instead of ladies underwear, that is for sure!

    Beautiful, meaningful, detailed and effortless storytelling: What we *really* want from our uniforms. Kudos all around. These are fantastic!

    These were so fun to create and the story just flowed from the love of both Bruce and the art of the Uniform. Thanks for your kind words!

    I love everything about this story, especially the thought that went into all the details on the jerseys. Great job, Ron, and thanks for sharing it with us!

    Appreciate you like the details… That is what I think makes the Jerseys so special. Thanks for the kind comment :)

    This is outstanding. Well done! As someone working on a Bruce project, his softball team is front of mind. Though, as a native of Exit 109 and currently living at Exit 154, I have to point out that it’s the Garden State Parkway. ;)


    Or, calling to mind my second favorite Springsteen song, brilliant. There’s no disguising that I love this DIY project.

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