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Hat Trick

Way back in 2005, I wrote an ESPN column that included this note from reader Jim Holt:

In the 1960s, when the Washington Huskies wore plain gold helmets, players who graded out to some absurdly high level on defense would be awarded a purple helmet for the next game. So you’d have most of the team wearing gold, but one or two guys a game on defense would be outfitted in purple.

I’d never seen photos or video of this phenomenon until yesterday, when reader Chris Rocco pointed me toward some video footage from the 1970 Stanford/Washington game, which is embedded above. To see the mismatched helmets, skip ahead to the 28:45 mark (or just click here). Great find!

As many of you probably know, this isn’t the only example of a college football team wearing mismatched helmets. That same ESPN column from 2005 included this quote from reader Chris Andringa:

In the mid-1980s, Iowa State head coach Jim Criner instituted an “award helmet,” instead of merit decals. ISU’s helmet at the time was a yellow shell with a red stripe and logo; the award helmet was a red shell with yellow stripe and logo:


In a 1983 newspaper article, Criner said, “By providing a different-colored helmet, you won’t see running backs and wide receivers with 10,000 decals on their helmets and some ol’ offensive and defensive linemen, who do the majority of the work, with nothing on their helmets.” According to the 1985 ISU football media guide, “Yes, using two different-colored helmets is legal. The players simply are required to wear matching jerseys.” Of course, this made scouting easy for the opponent — just find the guys in red helmets and key on them.

Judging by that photo, it looks like there were more players with the red award helmets than with the standard yellow helmets!

And of course my ESPN column just two days ago included a link to this photo of Alabama wearing mismatched helmets:

Screen shot 2013-01-03 at 3.09.29 PM.png

Are there other examples of teams with mismatched helmet shells? I feel like there are, but my memory banks are coming up empty. Anyone..?

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Uni Watch News Ticker: The story of the backlash against the Braves’ BP cap has now spread across the pond. ”¦ Notes from the Snack Chip Bowl: (1) A player on the Oregon sideline was wearing an orange safety vest. (2) Kansas State players were wearing socks and armbands that said, “Family.” That photo also provides a good view of Oregon’s color-shifting feathers. (3) K-State wore a Newtown memorial decal. They also wore the Flemish lion decal at the base of their helmet stripe — anyone know what that’s about? (4) The ticket design was surprisingly generic. ”¦ Alabama is getting “upgraded” uniforms for the BCS title game. Here’s a side-by-side comparison showing the massive visual differences between old and new. … I’ve been made privy to a few additional uni changes for the upcoming MLB season. They’re all very small, and I’m going to keep them under wraps for now, except for one: The Reds are changing their shade of red from Pantone 199 to 200. I whipped up a little graphic showing the massive visual differences between old and new. … Babies born in two Buffalo hospitals are now being sent home with Sabres baby blankets. Unfortunately, the blankets have an apostrophe catastrophe (from Mike Raymer). … Reprinted from yesterday’s comments: New uni number assignments for the Red Sox. … Yesterday’s bowling-centric post prompted a great submission from Hal Gordon: “As kids, my sister and I always thought the bottom of the constellation Orion looked exactly like the Brunswick logo (the belt is the top of his crown). See it?” … Here’s an interview with New Era president Pete Augustine. … Here’s a slideshow of cycling jerseys for the new season. “Of particular note is the Blanco Pro team, which has replaced the Rabobank team after Rabobank withdrew their affiliation with the sport following the Lance Armstrong revelations,” says Patrick Fleming. … “The 2013 Supercross season starts Saturday in Anaheim,” says Sean Clancy. “Suzuki rider and former champ James Stewart has teamed with longtime designer Troy Lee for a new line of gear, named after Stewart’s race number.” … Third graf of this story has some interesting info on Peyton Manning wearing gloves (from Glen Heck). … For UNC hoops fans, here are posts on all of UNC’s sneakers from this season and the Roy Williams tie tracker. … Interesting find by James Ryan, who came across this shot of Mel Triplett during the Vikings inaugural training camp in 1961. Note that the TV numbers are on separate cloth panels, like a nameplate, instead of having the numerals sewn directly onto the sleeves. That photo comes from this book about the Vikes. … More concepts of how the New Orleans Pelicans could look (from Jeramie Robinson). … New team logos for the PBA league. Further details here. The fact that the logos are not shown on that story page which I should give you an idea of how clueless the people running this enterprise are. As a bowler, this makes me very sad. … Houston basketball hopped aboard the gray bandwagon last night. “Personally, I’m agin’ it,” says Cort McMurray. ”¦ This is interesting: The family of Zygi Wilf, who owns the Vikings, donates a lot of money to Yeshiva University here in NYC, and the school’s main campus is named after the family. The uni-related wrinkle is that there’s a Vikings flag flying on campus (good one from Nate Rischall). ”¦ Check out the cool sweaters worn by the 1914 Wiarton Ontario hockey team (from Dave Kuruc). ”¦ Peter Fredrickson was watching some 1973 Eagles footage when he spotted Roman Gabriel wearing what appears to be white tape on his lower face. Did he cut himself really badly while shaving or what? ”¦ The mighty Fleer Sticker Project is currently featuring the coolest baseball card-related video ever. Not to be missed. Trust me. ”¦ If your New Year’s resolution was to finally sign up for the Uni Watch Membership Program, here’s how to make good on that.

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    The atom splitters PBA team are owned/sponsored by chris hardwick aka The Nerdist. He picked the name. He is also the son of former pba star billy hardwick.

    Wonder how much more of a donation it would take to get that Vikings flag to be flown upright?

    The white paste on Roman Gabriel…I thought I remembered this being discussed in a previous UW…yeah I looked it up.
    Aug 3 2009 there was a bit of speculation. most thought it was zinc oxide for windy or cold weather.

    I’ve seen that pic of Roman Gabriel before, and my recollection is that he was wearing a cream substance to prevent wind burn. (And while researching this, I came across the same photo and question posted here back in 2009 link)

    Re: Mis-matched helmets. At one time Colorado State had Ram horns of differing thicknesses. The colors were still the same, though.

    In the opening moments of video, anyone else notice how off-center (to his right) Sonny Sixkiller’s number 6 is? Or maybe his jersey was twisted…but it doesn’t appear to be.

    Fun stuff, neat to see that video broadcast include LIVE introductions of the players pre-game. A simpler time it was.

    Interesting that the Braves backlash has made it across the pond. I also noticed they don’t mention the Exeter Chiefs (rugby union) in that article


    That “winning” Pelicans logo is absolutely mediocre. Do you think today’s sports fan is now conditioned to like standard-template logos like this, just because of its “sameness” with much of the current era? Bland.

    Depressingly, we’re in the minority. The big bucks are to be made in a train of thought that is derivative and conformist. Kids like teams that look alike!

    I wonder how many meetings it took for the Reds to commit to changing from Pantone 199 to 200.

    That meeting probably went like this:

    Marketing: “New Era can’t match PMS 199, but they have a thread that’s really close to PMS 200.”

    Sales: “Go for it. I don’t give a shit.”

    Sadly plausible. Gets at my question about the change: Will there be any difference in the fabric colors used in the uniforms and caps?

    Personally, I come down on the side of descriptivism, not prescriptivism, and regard a team’s “official colors” as the ones the players wear onto the field of play. I don’t care what the marketing staff or some league flack says is the team’s “true” Pantone color; if the fabric doesn’t change, then the Reds have not, in fact, changed reds.

    Everyones RGB monitors will not show the color difference, but on my Pantone fan chart, there is a noticeable difference. My guess is the fabrics will reflect that.

    Fabrics should reflect the change, yes. But we’re talking about a reallyreallyreally subtle change. Most fans won’t be able to tell the difference.

    We’ll see. I highly doubt that the cap, at any rate, will actually change. Several MLB teams wear red caps, and among them specify a range of Pantone values for their “official” reds, and yet New Era makes every chapeau rouge with the exact same red fabric. At least the ones sold to fans at retail as “authentic” 5950s.

    So theory: Fans won’t be able to tell the difference, because there will not in fact be a difference.

    That was my thought.

    New Era doesn’t bother to match Pantones – they conform teams to their standard palette.

    The Royals and Brewers (alt) use the same bright royal. The Cubs and the Dodgers use the same dark royal. The navy used for the Braves and Yankees is the same, as is the Rays and Brewers.

    This seems to me more a question of “let’s make the website closer to the fabrics” than anything. But let’s see if we can get a side-by-side with Majestics.

    So, sometime since the 1980s, has there been an NCAA rule change that explicitly calls for all players to have the same helmet? I’m almost thinking there has to be, otherwise a certain university in the Pacific Northwest would seem to be the perfect candidate to exploit it.

    On the “new” ‘Bama uniforms, I sure hope that awful SEC patch stays off the jersey like in the picture. Everybody watching the game knows we are from the SEC. But I’m not naive, I know it will probably be added along with the Championship Game patch.

    Not sure if this qualifies, since the helmets are the same color, but in 1962, the FSU Seminoles wore different ‘logos’ on their helmets.

    Thanks to Leo Strawn, who did some research (and found this on

    For one season in 1962 the Florida State Seminoles took the field with three different helmets. Coach Bill Peterson’s three-team system featured the two-way Chiefs, the defensive Renegades and the offensive Warriors. Each group wore a different helmet. By 1963 the Seminoles were back to just one helmet, an all-gold version which once again lasted just one season as the word “STATE” was added to the helmet in 1964.

    Here are closeups of each of the three differing helmets.

    RE: The safety vest on that player….

    He’s probably trying to do the ol’ “Pretend you’re a sideline employee so we can sneak up on Coach and dump the Gatorade” trick.

    Tired. Weak. Overdone.

    The whole Gatorade shower thing is stupid/old in my book.

    I’m not 100% sure, but I think he had that on the entire game, so I’d be surprised if it was just for the Gatorade dump.

    The orange vest is used as a visual cue for sending in signals for the offense, Oregon does this every game. Has nothing to do with the Gatorade bath whatsoever.

    Re: mismatched helmets
    In the early 90’s, Kentucky football players were awarded a different colored helmet logo, the block K was black. They calls this group the Black Watch. Not sure if it lasted multiple seasons but I think it was only done during Bill Curry’s coaching tenure.

    Anyone know why Oregon (as the higher-ranked team) wore white against Kansas State? I was expecting anything but white jerseys.

    I believe the Big 12 champion in the Fiesta Bowl is treated as the home team, so Kansas State wore their home jerseys.


    As referenced in the earlier post above, Auburn’s football team used different-colored helmets for eligible receivers back in 1950 (one of the team’s worst years):


    Interesting to see the Captain’s armband on the Wiarton hockey player’s sweater. The Toronto Maple Leafs’ Syl Apps was reportedly the first NHL’er to wear a “C” on his sweater beginning with the 1946-47 season. The NHL made it mandatory in 1947-48 that all Captains wear the “C.” Another hockey first for the Blue & White.

    “… Check out the cool sweaters worn by the 1914 Wiarton Ontario hockey team (from Dave Kuruc). …”

    This site is great because A) you get to see wonderful old photos of wonderful old designs; and B) there are people like Terry around here to provide extra context.

    On the mismatched helmet front, reader Ronnie Poore just sent me this quote from the Helmet Project:

    “[South Carolina] Coach Paul Dietzel awarded black helmets [instead of the team’s usual white] to his senior players during at least parts of the 1973 and 1974 seasons, possibly only for the annual games against Clemson. I have also received some photographs from games during the 1970 and 1972 seasons in which at least some USC players are wearing black helmets like this one, but without the stripe.”

    RE: Kansas State’s helmet decal

    the Black Lion is from the coat of arms of the U.S. 28th Infantry Regiment. 1st Battalion, 28th Infantry is a unit stationed at Fort Riley, Kansas and currently deployed in Afghanistan. Fort Riley is right outside Manhattan, Kansas.
    The KSU football team and 1-28 Infantry have been “partnered” for several years now. The KSU men’s basketball team has a similar partnership with 1st Battalion, 7th Field Artillery and wears their unit insignia on their jerseys.

    This is a very cool tribute if you ask me! Subtle and classy, and it goes above and beyond just wearing an insignia on the jerseys and helmets.


    I really like the K-State approach because the insignia on their uniforms (especially the Black Lion) is instantly recognizable to a Fort Riley soldier, but almost no one else.

    It shows respect, is thoughtful, and a bit understated.

    To me (serving in the Army the past 8 years) many public military appreciation gestures just come across as “LOOK AT US, SUPPORTING THE TROOPS!!!” which just makes me uncomfortable, if not totally offended.

    I’d happily attend more “military appreciation days” if I could just hear someone sing the Star Spangled Banner properly and then enjoy the game.

    I think this old color pic was of KSU and Fort Riley. I had it labeled someplace. So not sure of the service team with the wild unis


    Well before my time, but Wisconsin apparently issued a black helmet with a white Bucky decal in the late 60s to the most aggressive players on defense (a distinction with the embarrassing-in-retrospect title of the “Savage Award”). The rest of the team wore red helmets with a white Bucky decal, a look I would love to see come back for a game or two…




    Told this before. A Wisconsin DB name Mel Walker, wearing his black helmet, injured a leg so badly in a game at Minnesota that it had to be amputated shortly thereafter (I think in the week following the game). I was working the sidelines at the game. He was down in the east endzone for a long, long time and the Brickhouse got very, very quiet.

    Jury still out on whether the black hat made him a target, but don’t believe the “Savage” bit continued much longer after that.

    Glenbard West High School in Illinois, inspired by Wisconsin, issued gold, and later silver, helmets to deserving players:


    Again, not shilling for them, just passing along what some might like to know.
    Clearance Time at Ebbets Field Flannels (some nice prices on a number of hats, jerseys, et al)…


    What an added bonus to the UW v Stanford vintage footage; hearing Chris Schenkel (sp) on the play by play. That took me way back in a very feel good way. Also, anyone notice the comment “Stanford Indians”? Wonder when that changed.

    And, of course, we ought not forget Navy’s “DayGlo” helmets on eligible receivers in the ’61 Army-Navy game.

    ESPN did a feature on gameday a few years ago about Kansas St and the Black Lions and how K State trained with them during the offseason. I remember that year one player on O and one on D wore the insignia on their jerseys much like Army or Navy do

    Maybe it has already been mentioned but, is it just me or does the Rex Ryan tattoo that is circulating look like a Rob Ullman design?


    I’ve received nearly a dozen emails today from readers who recognized that as a very Ullman-esque design. I’ve been in touch with Rob and will have more info on this on Monday.

    Meanwhile, this fits in nicely with Rex’s foot-fetish video from a few years back. I say good for him and his wife!

    Sorry, Paul. I didn’t refresh and see your response before posting. I was curious too, so I checked around.

    Please tell me Rex’s tattoo is his wife, in a Sanchez jersey, that is Tebowing! Kind of looks like it, but that would be too perfect.

    Quote of the day in that article:

    It was the worst use of ink by a member of the Jets since the team signed Sanchez to a contract extension that guaranteed him $8.25 million in 2013.

    It’s hard for me to imagine a more goyische mascot than Vikings (well, other than the Razorbacks), so the Vikes flag at Yeshiva is highlaire to this excitable goy.

    I posted this too late in the comments last night, but great piece yesterday on bowling alleys.

    It all reminds me of one of my favourite places, a kind of uni-watcher treasure: Billy Mosienko Bowl on north Main in Winnipeg.




    The mural on the side recreates the famous photo of Mosienko after he set the record for the fastest hat trick in NHL history (21 seconds) – wearing that great Blackhawks jersey of the 1950s.

    It’s supposed to be warm(er) this weekend, so I’ll see if I can drop in and get photos if anyone is interested. I actually had an email about the bowling alley from a reader who wanted to know more about it.

    I’ll get photos inside and out for you, Seattle. I’ll have them up on HBIC this coming week. I’ll fire Paul the link when it’s ready. :o)

    Me, too!

    Plus it’s got that awesome East-European flavor of the Prairie Provinces. from Billy’s Ukrainian surname to those splendid onion domes…

    Funny you say that, Connie. That massive cathedral in the third link is the link. One of the guys on my ballteam invites us for their massive lunches each month when his grandparents are serving. Fantastic architecture, amazing history, and great people every time we go – and I’m as far from Ukrainian and religion as one gets!

    But traditional Ukrainian cooking? Count me in!

    I haven’t followed the Big 12 much this year, but I noticed that K-State’s helmet decal says “Big 12.” If I recall, the standard NCAA football decal used to say “Big XII.” Is this a change I missed?

    There was a spread in one of the yearbooks I researched where the school had two designs: a blue standing buffalo on white AND a white standing buffalo on blue (this is Tempe, AZ, 1969). It would be the last time they would wear white helmets for 41 years.

    All of the other photos I’ve seen of their season simply show the blue helmet, and this was a rivalry game. Tempe had worn white since 1961 but went blue for decades.*

    *1988 and 1990 still unknown (missing yearbooks).

    There were a few cut aways to the Stanford cheerleaders (29:10) in what I have to assume was the pre-“dollies” era. I couldn’t get over the single feather headdresses. Probably standard for the time but odd to look back on.

    No matter how many times it gets posted, I love seeing stadiums getting prepared for the playoffs. Here is a gallery of workers at Lambeau Field getting ready for the game tomorrow night. (Hit the play button in the middle)


    I’ve always wondered how those giant stencils they use for painting on baseball and football fields are made…

    The Packers are one of the only teams to not wear the captain patch for the regular season because they change captains every week, but they do nominate “playoff captains” when/if they make the postseason. They vote for two offensive, two defensive, and two special team players to wear the captain patches throughout the playoffs. Thos players include QB Aaron Rodgers, WR James Jones, LB Clay Matthews, DB Charles Woodson, DB Jarrett Bush, and LB Jamari Lattimore.

    Thank you Paul. I was getting so curious I didn’t know if I could wait ’till Monday to know.

    Wait a minute, what does that say about me? For that matter, what does it say about all of us who have made this a “story?”

    Same thing as the Alamo Bowl – if the real name of the bowl is still in the name, you don’t need to go off on a corporate mockery tangent. It’s much simpler to just call it the FIESTA BOWL! You know, the name that has always been on the bowl, has nothing to do with any corporation and is STILL IN THE NAME!

    Come on, Paul, I understand your concern about the corporate sponsorships, but sometimes you take it a little too far.

    What if he called it the “Snack Chip Fiesta Bowl?” Would that be better?

    Personally, I find the “Definition of Sponsor” Bowl idea to be quite interesting. Especially for the companies that I have no idea what they do (Northrop Grumman, Avocare V100, etc.).

    It’s just entirely superfluous. Just drop the sponsor name entirely and call it the Fiesta Bowl. Problem solved. You’re using the normal name and not giving the sponsor free advertising.

    Kevin – Agreed. If you simply refer to the game as the “Fiesta Bowl”, you ignore the sponser completely. Mocking the name only brings further attention to Tostitos, Allstate,Discover, GoDaddy etc. Sometimes less is more.

    sometimes you take it a little too far

    I see. And how exactly did I take things “too far” today? How did my use of “Snack Chip Bowl” ruin your day? Did you not know which game I was referring to? Did you somehow not realize which teams I was referring to? Were you confused in any way? Please be specific.

    I just think that going through the effort of mocking the corporate sponsorship isn’t always necessary. Just avoid the issue entirely and call it the Fiesta Bowl.

    Oh, it wasn’t too much “effort” for me, I assure you. But I appreciate your concern for the strain it might put on me.

    As for “avoid[ing] the issue,” I’m not interested in doing that. On the contrary, I’m interested in confronting the issue. You may think that isn’t “necessary,” but I do.

    You still haven’t explained how I “took things too far” today. Basically, how does substituting two words (“Snack Chip”) for one word (“Fiesta”) cause such problems for you? How does it constitute “taking things too far”? Please be specific.

    You know, for a guy who supposedly hates corporations sponsoring everything you sure do have a ton of advertisements. Especially that stupid pop up one. Come on man.

    Can I start calling it the Merchant’s Tire and Auto Center Watch now? I enjoy this blog but sometimes you’re just too much. It makes me want to visit much less

    Apples and oranges, Clint. I have never once said I’m opposed to advertising or that I hate corporations. I’ve said (and will continue to say) that I’m opposed to advertising and corporate influence where they don’t belong.

    Advertising as a means of supporting a media enterprise — especially a media enterprise that gives away its content for free, like Uni Watch does — is a business model that goes back centuries. (Similarly, I have never criticized advertising on television, because television gives away its content for free. Same concept.)

    The bowl games, however, already have tons of revenue streams. They sell tickets, they sell the broadcast rights to the game, they sell overpriced food and drink to the people attending the game, etc. They don’t need sponsorship money; they just WANT sponsorship money. There’s a big difference between profit and greed.

    So if you want to refer to Uni Watch as “Merchant’s Tire and Auto Center Watch,” you’re welcome to do so. But you’ll be doing so based on a faulty premise and a false equivalence. And if this issue makes you want to visit the site less often, that’s entirely up to you, but I’m still going to write what makes sense to me.

    i was wondering if oklahoma christian, my alma gets a pass on your gray for gray sake code because our official school colors are maroon and gray. i think they look sharp and that they should be the full time home uni’s. but i still want to know if the master gives them a pass, sorry i couldn’t find a good photo to link

    Wisconsin and Nebraska are going to wear uniforms similar to the ones the NBA teams wore on Christmas.(Both Adidas schools) The article says the teams will only wear these uniforms when they play each other.


    Just as an aside because I feel I need to get this in here, I’ve met Jim Criner a couple of times when he was the head coach of the WLAF/NFLE’s Scottish Claymores, and he is hands down one of the nicest guys you could ever hope to meet…

    The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette today has a feature on a new exhibit at the Toonseum, the animation/cartoon museum here in the Burgh, that may be of interest to Uni-Watchers: “Pittsburgh Scores! The Pro Scoreboard Art of Kensington Falls Animation.” Kensington Falls has done the animated shorts played on the scoreboard during Pirates, Maulers, Steelers and Penguins games.

    Holy crap, the collar on the Nike jerseys just keeps getting larger. If they keep this up, it’s gonna be touching the waist by the 2014 season.

    Twitter is afire with news that Chip Kelly will be the new head coach for the Cleveland Browns at the moment. I think Nike is going to make the Browns the NFL’s version of the Ducks , uni wise soon. I do not like it, but I see it happening.

    ” I think Nike is going to make the Browns the NFL’s version of the Ducks”


    While I’m pretty sure the Browns are going to undergo a uniform remake, I wouldn’t take any bets that it will be anything more than a few tweaks. There’s far too much history and love for those unis, in Clevo and elsewhere, for much tinkering to be done — even Nike knows this. The Seahawks are a completely different story.

    Of course, it’s up to Jimmy Haslam, not whoever becomes the new coach (although the coach, particularly if it is Kelly, may have some say) to decide what the unis will be.

    I’d say we’ll see the return of the orange pants before we see a logo on the hat or anything too radical.

    I hope you are right Phil. I believe Haslam has said he will not mess with the helmet, and that is good news to me!

    On November 18th, 3:53p, I left this comment here on the Uni Watch blog:

    I saw a AHL game in person last night (i.e.: November 17th, 2012 –MBE). Manchester Monarchs v. Bridgeport Sound Tigers. My phone camera isn’t good enough to take quality hockey pictures, but I noticed two odd things about Manchester:
    They have a player, #5, Vince LoVerde, whose NOB is entirely all-caps, but “mixed case,” i.e.: the L and V are the two biggest letters in his name. I would have expected an all-cap LOVERDE (with or without a space) or maybe even LoVERDE (with or without a space).
    Slava Voynov (#76) had the Reebok vector logo on his jersey, while everybody else had the Reebok wordmark.

    As it turns out, the Bridgeport Sound Tigers’ photographer follows me on Twitter, so I flipped through his galleries to see if I could find pictorial evidence of what I saw. Gold mine.
    Here’s is Vince LoVerde’s “all-cap mixed case” NOB, which was unlike any of his teammates and unlike anything I’ve seen before:
    And here is Slava Voynov, on the far right of the picture, with a Reebok vector-clad jersey instead of having the new Reebok wordmark (theory: old jersey for a relatively last-minute team acquisition thanks to the lockout)

    I have seen pics of teams with some leather and some plastic helmets. Indiana. Ohio State has had some silver and some gray ones at same time. So nothing totally opposite.

    I knew about Washington doing so.

    “Hats” “shirts” and “britches” are all fine descriptors of the uniform.

    But the all-white is an absolutely gorgeous look!

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