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I’ve Now Started My Final Month of Uni Watch

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It seems like just yesterday — okay, maybe the day before yesterday — that I announced I’d be leaving Uni Watch on May 26. That’s one month from today, which will also be Uni Watch’s 25th anniversary.

When I announced my departure, I wrote that “I want to go out with a finishing kick, not coast to the finish line.” Little did I realize that my final few months would end up being the busiest, most frantic period in Uni Watch history. The MLB/Nike fiasco is easily the biggest ongoing uni-related story of my career, and the recent cascade of NFL leaks, rumors, and unveilings has been bonkers. It’s all been exhausting, but I’m happy to be going out with a bang.

Before I go any further, I want to emphasize that my upcoming departure will not mean the end of Uni Watch. Deputy Editor Phil Hecken will be moving from weekends to weekdays, with longtime reader/contributor Jim Vilk handling weekends. I know the site will be in good hands under their stewardship.

But I’m still here for another month. Here’s some stuff you should know:

1. You Should Buy Tickets for the 25th-Anniversary Party in NYC on May 26

May 26 is Uni Watch’s 25th anniversary, and will also be my final day. To celebrate, the great hockey-rock band the Zambonis will be playing at the Bowery Electric in Manhattan, along with comedian/accordionist Dave Hill. There’s a decent chance that this will sell out, so I urge you to get your tickets here. All the coin goes to the band, not to me.

2. You Have One Month Remaining to Order Membership Cards

May 26 will also be the final day for membership card orders, so move fast if you want one (or more than one).

A few people said they want the honor or distinction of ordering the “last membership card ever.” I was thinking of maybe doing a silent auction so people could bid on that. In addition to getting the final card, the winner would get my laminator, X-Acto knife, and cutting mat that I’ve used throughout the membership project — “game-used” Uni Watch gear, so to speak. I could even autograph them if you want! What do you folks think of that?

3. Purp Walk ’24 Is Three Weeks from Today

The final Purple Amnesty Day is fast approaching. In case you missed it, we have a big slate of activities planned for May 17 in Baltimore. Full details here.

4. Don’t Forget the Rest of the 25th-Anniversary Tour

Sunday, May 19: Minneapolis

The tour’s midwestern stop will be in the Twin Cities, where we’ll be gathering at Gluek’s from 2-5pm. Gluek’s comes highly recommended by longtime Uni Watch pal Jimmy Lonetti (aka the Throwback Mailman), who has also agreed to host a pre-party gathering at his D&J Glove Repair shop from 11am-1pm.

Tuesday, May 21: Los Angeles

We’ll gather at Tony P’s Dockside Grill at 7pm. Still working on possible extracurricular activities.

Thursday, May 23: New Orleans

Ah, the Big Easy. We’ll gather at 7pm at Avenue Pub. Sorry, no extracurricular activities for this stop on the tour, because I’ll be spending my free time catching up with some close friends.

If you’re planning to attend any of these events, you may want to consider getting one of our super-cool anniversary tour T-shirts (available in several colors and styles; full ordering info here):

And that leads us to…

5. We Have Other Anniversary Merch

The patches shown above are available here, and we also have anniversary coasters and anniversary pint glasses.

6. My Final Week or So Will Be Frantic

I’m not sure what blog content will be like while I’m on the road. With all the travel and live events, I won’t have much time for writing, and I don’t want to lean too hard on Phil. So it’s possible that content will be very light that week — we’ll see. Thanks in advance for understanding!


I have to say, the thought that I’ll be leaving Uni Watch in a month feels surreal — not just because it’ll be a major life shift, but also because the past two months have involved so much breaking news that I’ve been writing and reporting full-throttle. I’ve been so immersed in Uni Watch that I haven’t really had time to think much about what life will be like after Uni Watch. I mean, I’ve thought about it a bit, but I haven’t really laid as much emotional groundwork as I expected to have done by this point. I feel a bit unprepared, like I haven’t studied hard enough for an upcoming exam.

But I know it’ll all work out. Thanks for coming along on this ride. Let’s make this last month a good one, yes? Yes!



ITEM! Ranking the NFL Uni Changes

After the flurry of recent NFL uni news, I’ve ranked all the latest developments (for seven teams, not just the four shown above). And you know, while some of these moves aren’t as good as they could have been, I also think six out of the seven were upgrades, so that’s a plus.

You can read the first part of the article here. In order to read the entire thing, you’ll need to become a paid subscriber to my Substack (which will also get you access to my full Substack archives). My thanks, as always, for your consideration.



AMA Reminder

Under our normal schedule, my next quarterly installment of “Ask Me Anything” would be in June. But since I’m leaving Uni Watch before then, I thought it would be good to do one last AMA session in May.

Like my other AMAs, this one will run on Substack but will not be paywalled. So if you have a question for me — about uniforms, about sports, about Uni Watch, about the end of my 25-year run of uniform writing, or anything else — email it here. One question per person, please. I look forward to seeing your queries!

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    I’m a little bummed the farewell party is Memorial Day weekend, as it throws a wrench in attempts to attend. I still enjoy, as another reader pointed out, the farewell / 25th anniversary tour stops in purple associated cities. Just a fun uni quirk to end things with.
    Glad we still had Paul here for the MLB uni fiasco, probably the most mainstream attention I can recall for uniforms.

    Ok, maybe I missed that farewell tour/purple cities association!

    Will Paul reveal that……..he actually LOVES purple? HA!

    I’m embarrassed to admit my first thought was “How is L.A. associated with purple???”

    A countdown clock / calendar in the best uni-fonts possible would be a nice touch!

    After all those “Best player to wear XX” articles, this would be an ideal time for this.

    And auction action everything!
    Sell your pens, papers, hats, cat prints! Everything must go!

    Shoot, I just realized that you probably won’t be doing a travelogue post about your tour because you’ll be gone!

    I haven’t decided how to handle that. Will I do individual reports on each event? One big roundup? We’ll see. It’s possible that I’ll do a travelogue that runs after 5/26.

    We’re about the same age, Paul, and I’ve been retired (with some part time work) for three years. While you aren’t retiring, this will be a similar life change for you. I just want to sat that while things will seem a bit strange at first, you will eventually figure out how you want the coming years to unfold, and it will be very satisfying. Good luck on whichever new path you chose – I’ve been with you for all of those 25 years.

    One of the many little things I’ll miss about Uni Watch Classic – the use of the old-timey columnist-style “ITEM!”

    “Accordionist” Dave Hill? No, man. Dave is a face melting guitarist. Long live the Goddamn Dave Hill Show on WFMU: HOME OF THE HITZZZZZZ!

    I started reading this site as a young man in his early 20s, now I am a few months from 40. I took part in the old Stirrup Friday’s, got the membership card, and in an odd way it played a role in the start of my sports podcast. I’m going to miss the wit and wisdom you bring to the overall Uni-Watch experience. I wish you the best for this final month, and nothing but the best for your impending retirement. Cheers!

    It means you’ll be coming up to Westchester for a long weekend of staring at the Hudson River at some point. Right?

    Thank God. Good riddance. Maybe there will be a focus on uniforms and not socks, or what some a-hole had for dinner, or what crappy part of the country he went on vacation to.

    Already been busy with the MLB fiasco and now today the NFL is allowing guardian caps to be worn in game! One hell of a pre-retirement!

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