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Let’s Check in With Waffles and Biscuit, the New Uni Watch Mascots

In case you missed it last week, there are two new residents at Uni Watch HQ: Uni Watch boy mascot Waffles (short, wide stripe on nose) and Uni Watch girl mascot Biscuit (long, thin stripe on nose). Many of you have asked how they’re adjusting to their new home.

Answer: They basically run the place now. They’ve explored every nook and cranny of the apartment — including a few where they don’t belong:

Don’t worry, I didn’t close the door on him.

In all seriousness, I was surprised by how quickly they settled into their new surroundings. They were skittish and cautious for maybe a day, but then they basically said, “Yup, we like it here.” One measure of that is that they’ve both taken to sleeping upside-down, literally exposing their soft underbellies, which tells me that they feel safe, secure, and extremely relaxed.

Upside-down Waffles.
Upside-down Biscuit. They really need to learn how to chill, right?

I’ve been learning a lot about geometry from them. Sometimes, for example, they’re circular:

At other times, they’re more linear:

As you can see from those photos, they spend a lot of time relaxing on the sofa. But a few days ago I got a “cat cave” from someone on my local Buy Nothing group, and they’ve been spending some time there:

Naturally, they like the laser pointer:

Also: When I wrote about them last week, I had a little video showing Biscuit making biscuits on Waffles. That is now a regular thing — she does it to him at least once a day. He very patiently tolerates it:

Other notes:

  • They have the most ravenous appetites I’ve ever encountered, especially Waffles. I’ve had to put them behind a closed door when I have breakfast, because otherwise they won’t stop trying to eat my Cheerios. Also, at one point I was eating a pretzel rod and Waffles tried to eat the other end of it! If I even glance at the kitchen, they gather around their feeding area, expecting to be fed.
  • Unlike most other cats I’ve had, they’re not very vocal. But they purr a lot, which is just the best.
  • They enjoy all the usual cat toys — the stuffed mouse, the stuffed fish, the plastic spring, etc. But a few days ago they discovered a bowl of mixed nuts that I keep on a shelf, so now they routinely go up there to take a walnut (or almond, or hazelnut) from the bowl and then bat it around on the floor, which makes a fun racket. Who needs stuffed mice when you have an almond? Fortunately, I live on the ground floor — if someone lived below me, I’m sure the sound would be incredibly annoying to them.
  • Naturally, they leave a trail of destruction in their wake. While I’ve been writing this post, they tipped over a small table with two plants.
  • They’re surprisingly quiet at night. Usually, they sleep with me, which of course I love.
  • They’re total buddies, following each other around, cuddling, snuggling. It’s rare to see one of them doing something without the other.
  • It’s difficult to get really good photos of them because they’re black and white. So either the white areas look blown out or the black areas look blotchy, especially around their eyes. Hmmmm.
  • They’ve been sneezing a bit — an upper-respiratory infection, which is common for kittens. But they’re due for a vaccination next Tuesday, and the vet says the respiratory thing can wait until then as long as they don’t show any other worrisome symptoms. Fingers crossed.
  • I’ve totally lost my heart to them. They seem to like me too.

I think that’s it for now. I’ll continue to post periodic mascot updates as events warrant!


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    Since they’re Biscuit and Waffles does that make them The Breakfast Club? We had a mostly black cat who had white stripes in her chest and, well, crotch. We named her Bikini.

    I like the Ying Yang pic of the pair. I’d like to have a cat cave my size to nap in myself.

    They are too cute, Paul. We adopted brother/sister kittens (both gray and white) last summer — and then a third non-related orange tabby about a month after that (unplanned). The siblings still sit with each other on occasion, but brother often before too long always wants to start wrestling. Sometimes sister is in the mood…sometimes not. But overall they are a hoot to watch play, run around, and pounce on each other, all in good fun.

    I think we have the same scratcher that’s next to your fireplace. Now that they’re bigger it also makes for a good pedestal. We also have a “sock” kind of like your cat cave, only it has less structure to it. They’re on top of it as much as they are in it. What they really like though? The giant brown paper lawn bag we gave them. (It just screams “class.”)

    Our slightly older, plumper cat (may be 5-6yo, we’re not quite sure) isn’t always amused by them, but tolerates them on the whole.

    We technically had five before my younger child moved out; they took their limited-mobility cat (who stayed mostly in their room) with them.

    We had four cats for about a decade, until a couple passed 6-7 years ago, then we picked one up (stray from YC’s work — they work at a vet). That’s our chunky girl, Mavis. We lost another (Cookie) unexpectedly two years ago, and said goodbye to another (also Biscuit!) early last year (age). Having just one was too quiet, so we adopted a bonded pair — Yoshi (g) and Kirby (b) (formerly Toad). Then came Chai — also from YC’s work. So now we’re back at that comfortable four.

    Loved the video you shared the other day with waffles not taking no for an answer because he wanted the prime rib. Ha ha ha. Could ya blame him? Looked delicious!
    I am always amazed at the reflexes of a cat. One of them took a swat and pounced right on top of that laser. Wow absolutely amazing!

    A suggestion: a uni-pets section ou special day, so we could submit our photos. Animals always brighten our days.

    “When a man loves cats, I am his friend and comrade, without further introduction.”

    Biscuits on waffles! That sounds like a carb-heavy and fantastic diner or dish! Quick, somebody make a UniWatch pop up restaurant!

    I bet they’ll get more vocal the longer they’re there. Mine were eerily silent when they first got here as 6-month olds. Now I hear them all the time, especially when they’re not in the room, or when a door is closed. Surprisingly, I think they meow to each other when they’re in different rooms and want company, something I didn’t expect given that meows are usually reserved for humans.

    Now if only waffleboard would make waffles some kind of uni themed board. Perhaps a scratch pad, napping spot, indo board play device, or perch? Waffleboard’s Waffles Board!

    What good kittens! Also, I find that a pair of cats can be less of a problem than one–they’ll often entertain each other rather than looking for trouble in search of entertainment.

    Hey Paul,

    I am very happy to hear that you home is once again filled with feline love! I do like the idea of a once a year Uni-Pets section. I regally put a jersey on my little doggie for Tampa Bay Lightning, Carolina Panther, or Manchester City matches. The Manchester City kit I even put together myself since I could not find one online. Rosie is now the envy of all at the local Tampa Bay Manchester City Fan Club, when we met for matches!

    Please keep the updates of B&W coming!!! Maybe you can include a photo on them in the Weekly Uni Blog Recap (WHICH I LOVE).

    All the best,
    -Steve F. ♥️

    This idea!
    I like the recap, hope to read it Saturday morning, but that’s Caturday so I’m distracted by my cats.

    That is an awesome share! Cats are GREAT! Glad they are getting to stay together and play. :)

    My wife and her daughters were not “cat people” when we first started dating (they were 10/15) and I had two cats that were wonderful. Now my oldest step-daughter and her husband have two cats that they take EVERYWHERE with them (even have a stroller for walks in the park). My youngest step-daughter and her boyfriend just built a house with cats in mind (cat walks on the beams in the ceiling, elevated lookout areas). His family takes in rescue animals as well.

    Keep posting about Biscuits & Waffles. These are very fun posts :)

    Re: Toys – If you don’t have any I recommend picking up some ping pong balls. My brother/sister duo recently turned 10, and the ping pong balls are still a crowd pleaser.

    They look like the purr-fest pair … and purr-fest pairing with Paul.

    I’ll see myself out …

    Do I sense a “History of cats on uniforms” special post coming soon authored by Biscuit and Waffles?

    If it ever comes down to, “am I going to cover another leak of an awful NBA fifth jersey, or write about Waffles and Biscuit?” I hope you’ll make the right choice and give us more kitten content.

    Please keep the Biscuit and Waffles updates coming!! With the way things are in the world right now, we need way more uplifting content like this.

    Keep the updates coming Paul! We had two black & white boys: Larry & Moe. We lost Moe after only a couple of years and had to put Larry down this past April and he was “only” 12. It broke our hearts. So after a trip to France to ride near and watch the Tour de France in July, we adopted Jonas (named for TdF winner Jonas Vingegaard). And this being Uni Watch: Jonas has a yellow (jersey) cat harness to take trips outside safely! So we too are enjoying new, fun, destructive cat life!

    not sure why i’m just realizing this now, but my neighbors have dogs named Waffles and Biscuit. They’ve had Waffles for a few years, and just recently adopted Biscuit. Great minds, right?

    Cats are the best. We have an orange cat named Butters and a tuxedo named Biscuit. Did the same thing with one being plural and the other singular. Not sure why we did but it just sounds right.

    Hi Paul
    So pleased for you. We have two cats (not quite as bonded) and love them dearly as well.

    Thank you for sharing these sweet babies with us. I have never had a cat but would love one. I’m not at a place in my life where I can take care of anything new but when I am at that place, I would really love to adopt bonded cats.

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