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BREAKING: Jacksonville Jaguars Adding Classic Throwback

It turns out that the Jets aren’t the only NFL team with big uni news today. As you can see in the tweet embedded above, the Jaguars are apparently bringing back their original 1990s uniform as a throwback.

I’ve said for many years that the Jags’ 1990s set was a modern classic and should never have been tinkered with. I even listed it as my No. 1 choice on my list of 10 NFL throwbacks I’d like to see.

It appears that that’s finally happening. No word yet on the unveiling date, but I’ll try to find out more.

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    That’s awesome news, my favorite uni of one of my favorite teams, only way they can make it better is this:

    I honestly want them to go back to the 2013-2017 uniforms but with the 2009-2012 helmets. (with the current logo on it of course) Those were peak Jaguars uniforms and also reminds fans of Sacksonville

    Couldn’t agree more. I think I’d play around with the unis a little bit, maybe change the chest patch or something, but by and large those unis and that helmet would be a dynamite combo

    The best is to happen for any team is get to as far away from any garage Nike created. Need these full time obviously.

    lol – I like the current unis because they are clean – no weird number fonts or fussy striping. Those old unis look really dated IMO.

    Not sure I would “meh” at the throwbacks, but other than that I agree with you. I think they have an underrated uniform. It’s not in my top ten or anything but I don’t think they should get as much hate as they do. Only thing I might change is having a jersey patch that represents something more meaningful, rather than just throwing the logo on the uniform again.

    I think the current set is underrated for sure. But 1) the lack of gold, even as a trim color, is a glaring omission; and 2) part of what I like about it is that it looks like a football uniform, and is better than the 2 immediately previous sets, which were garbage – so the current is good in its own right but better by comparison to what it followed.

    Perfect going away present for you, Paul! Really looking forward to seeing these on the field..

    i didn’t realize that the “leaping jaguar” was going to be across the shoulders, with the head on one shoulder and the tail end of the jaguar on the other. Even though I liked the this for the helmet, this shoulder design was awful and I’m glad that they didn’t go with it because of the Jaguar car company.

    Just wrapping my head around the idea that the Jaguars could have a classic throwback, followed by the realization that this fall they will play their 30th season …

    Resident of Jax but a Steeler fan… happy to see these for the community. If they could find a way to “slightly modernize” the original look, that would be a mega win, IMO.

    For instance, that’s their best uni by far, but the current logo is better. Find the right balance and the identity will solidify.

    Paul, I apologize if you covered this in your Substack article, but do you consider any version of their 1990s uniform to be the ‘original’ version of their uniforms, even though the 95/96 uniforms had block numbers, and the 97 uniforms had that black side panel? The 98-08 versions certainly are much closer to those original iterations compared to their 09 overhaul, but do you expect them to use the 98-08 version fully? Or do you expect them to revert all the way back to either the 95/96 or 97 options?

    The ’98-’02 versions are the ones they should use. Before they added all the black elements (pants, jerseys, black numbers on the white jerseys, etc.). I could see them going ’95/’96 just because it was the original (’97 is off the table), but that ’99 season was special and should be celebrated.

    It’s a shame this great looking uniform will be ruined when it’s paired with the ice out socks that certain players on the Jaguars (and league in general) seem to love

    It’s wild that the Jaguars were going to heavily feature silver in their leaping jaguar brand identity and just decided to completely abandon the color by the time the played their first game.

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