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Raptors Going for the Gold With Newly Leaked City Edition Uni

The City Edition leaks keep on comin’. This time it’s from Raptors point guard Dennis Schröder (he signed with them a few months ago as a free agent), who was apparently photographed during the team’s Media Day session and then put the image shown above on his Instagram feed.

Let’s take a closer look:

So, basically, it’s gold. Maybe that’s just the latest iteration of their long-running Drake theme, or maybe it’s something else. Anyone..?

(My thanks to Twitter-er @marcomanipon for letting me know about this one.)

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    I don’t think it’s supposed to signify anything, its just been in their colour palette for awhile. Their city edition last year was black with gold trim.

    I think it came out of their design collaboration with Drake. His record label OVO is focused on black and gold.


    I don’t support any of this, I just happen to know it.

    Yeah, I knew all of that (my bad for not putting it in the post). I was just wondering if there was something specifically Toronto/City-ish about the design.

    I’ll add a Drake reference to the text now.

    Speaking as a native Torontonian, there is nothing about any of these latest “City Edition” unis that evokes anything Toronto. They could have called back to the original Toronto Huskies, at least that colour scheme was Blue/White which would match the city flag.


    There could have been some incorporation of the distinctive font type used by the Toronto Transit Commission.


    All in all, I like the gold uni, it’s at least not mostly black like the majority of the Raptors uniforms.
    Now if they paired this uniform with a mostly blacktop style court to make the uniforms really pop, then I could really get on board with these since it seems like Nike isnt interested in anything to do with the City part of “City Edition.”

    Many have said it before but: I love a good uni unveiling/leak but the NBA at the very least is wearing me out. At least half of them are bad/pointless and the ones that are good don’t get to hang around very long. The NBA more than most other American sports leagues fiddles with design, historically. So it wouldn’t bother me if teams were going for a whole new look every 5 years or so, but I’d rather, for example, see the suns valley unis or the jazz red rocks unis become the basis of their full wardrobe for multiple years than have them nixed every single year while we pretend they want to be faithful to whatever it is they call their base home and away set at the time. At least MLB and the NFL have some rules protecting us from too much of this nonsense.

    In a world with a very short attention span uniforms need to be overhauled every 10 seconds to draw attention from the eternally distracted and/or bored scrollers in this world.

    I’d like to see the fabric before passing judgment on this. Is is shimmery? How’s it look on court with good lighting?

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