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The Latest Addition to Uni Watch HQ’s Decor

I’m very fond of die-cut stand-up cardboard signs, and I recently scored this one, which was advertising a product to egg farmers, for just $12 on eBay. Here are some of the things I love about it:

  • The egg basket illustration.
  • The phrase “Helps stop laying slumps.”
  • There’s something about the word “rickets” that’s always amusing. (Apologies to anyone who’s been afflicted with rickets.)
  • There’s also something amusing about chickens getting the sniffles. (Apologies to any chickens who’ve been afflicted with the sniffles.)
  • The “O” in “Stop” has a little chip, like in the old Thor logo.
  • The overall mix of pop culture, pop art, and science is just Perfect.

I’d never heard of Myzon before, but it seems that they had a knack for unintentionally entertaining advertising (although I don’t plan to buy this one):

Anyway, that’s the latest from Uni Watch HQ. May your weekend be free of laying slumps!

Comments (9)

    Sent to a chicken farmer friend of mine. Their response

    “Speed-up Factor” = Amphetamines, speed, uppers, etc…

    I raise chickens (about 80 in my flock) and there are all sorts of “experts” who will tell you how to get more eggs from your birds or how to get them to produce during times of slow down, err slumping (less daylight, molting season, etc…). It’s probably not much different than other groups of so-called animal experts in that the advice ranges from mildly amusing but wrong, to downright dangerous!

    I love the anatomical chart on the second ad. One of our backyard hens, Billy, had a badly impacted crop that went sour a few years ago. We tried all kinds of things, from massaging the crop to feeding her oil, and thought for sure she was a goner. She survived, but through it all, as sick as she got that week, she never stopped laying.

    I think the only other time I have ever seen the word “rickets” in print was a Bloom County cartoon that illustrated a “telephone” sequence where someone misheard and repeated “Opus caught rickets from cats.” So that is burned into my brain.

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