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Important News About Uni Watch in August

Today is the final day of July, which means it’s also the final day before my annual August break from this website.  Here’s what you can expect from Uni Watch in August:

  • Deputy editor Phil Hecken will run the site on weekdays and will cover breaking news, fun design-concept projects, and so on.
  • The Ticker will continue to run on weekdays.
  • We will not have new content on weekends.
  • I will be tweeting much less frequently.
  • I will continue to do my weekly Premium articles over on Substack (including one this Wednesday). I do four Premium articles per month, which means there are four “bye weeks” built into the yearly 52-week calendar, and one of those bye weeks will come this month — probably the week after next. But there will still be four August articles. If you’re not already a paying subscriber, you can rectify that oversight here.

I will return to the daily blog on Friday, Sept. 1. Right after that, rather conveniently, is Labor Day weekend, so we’ll probably be closed for that, and then I’ll get fully back in the saddle on Tuesday, Sept. 5.

Speaking of Sept. 5: That will also be the pub date for this year’s Uni Watch NFL Season Preview (which will clearly be a doozy, what with all the new throwbacks and alternates). Like all my Season Previews, this one will run on Substack. Did I mention that you can subscribe here?

Have fun while I’m away, and I’ll try to do likewise. See you back here in a month!

Comments (7)

    I hope you have a great summer vacation Paul. Thank you for everything you do.

    “which means there are four “bye weeks” built into the yearly 52-week calendar”

    – “Off weeks,” not “bye weeks.” A bye is earned or assigned, not scheduled.

    Have a great August, Paul.

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