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Report: Phillies to Debut City Connect Uni in April

Phillies beat writer Todd Zolecki is reporting in his latest newsletter that the team’s new City Connect uniform “will debut in April.” That’s first we’ve heard about a time frame for this uniform.

Although the CC uniform has not yet been officially unveiled, a design purported to be the jersey (shown above) leaked on eBay in late January. There’s been no sign so far of the cap or the pants.

Zolecki didn’t give any info about the specific debut date, but CC uniforms often debut on a Friday and are then worn throughout the ensuing weekend. With that in mind, here’s the Phillies’ April schedule:

As you can see, the Phils have two weekend series in April — one against the Pirates and one against the White Sox. So I’m guessing that the CC design will debut during one of those series (and, if the typical protocol holds, will be unveiled several days before the on-field debut).

The Phillies are one of nine MLB teams getting new CC uniforms this season. Here’s the rundown:

Of those nine teams, eight will be joining the CC program for the first time, while the Dodgers will be replacing their previous CC uni with a new design.

(My thanks to Christian Berumen for bringing the Phillies news to my attention.)

Comments (32)

    I hope that these leaks are way off none of that jersey on the leak screams Philly to me

    Funny, seeing how the jersey is literally screaming “PHILLY!!!”

    Me thinks the shirt doth protest too much…

    MLB, and Nike have failed with city connect just like they failed with color rush in the nfl. You had an opportunity to grab a city by the horns and now you will if these are it fall flat on your face.

    The Nats cherry blossoms city connect has gone over well in and around DC. I’m not crazy about it personally, bit others dig it.

    I would say that SOME of the designs failed. Dodgers, I’m looking at you. But some of them have been fantastic. I think the Marlins, White Sox, Rockies (with the white pants), Nationals, Pirates, and Mariners look great!

    Unlike William, I am a fan of the Nats CC uniforms. And here in Wisconsin, Brewers fans seem to love the Crew’s CC stuff. I see Brewers CC merch all the time. Just yesterday I spent several ends of a curling game trying to figure out what hat a guy on another sheet was wearing; turns out it was the baseball grill logo from the Brewers CC set.

    And, loath as I am to admit, the whole CC thing seems to be connecting with fans. Last month I was abroad, and a group of Americans sitting near my table in a restaurant got to speculating about a jersey they saw a man wearing through the front window. It was the Twins “Twin Cities” alt, and this table of Americans seemed to believe they were seeing the new Twins City Connect jersey. I was as shocked by the apparent awareness of the CC program as a distinct phenomenon as I was to see a Twins alt jersey being worn by a passerby in a foreign country!

    I think they’ve been hit or miss. This one is a miss. The better ones I can think of off the top of my head, Nationals, Astros, Pirates, Diamondbacks. I’m a Red Sox fan and I hate ours’, I’m glad it will be worn less frequently this season.

    Every one will some day and then we won’t be able to tell them apart

    This is a beer league softball jersey. Doesn’t belong on MLB diamond.

    As an A’s fan, the sole benefit of John Fisher being the patron saint of failsons is the league’s refusal to include the A’s in the City Connect program.

    That being said, John Fisher can go @*!& himself.

    Putting out an Oakland-centric city connect jersey right now would be next level trolling.

    P H I I L L Y…

    The next Swooshketeer Paul interviews should be the one who can explain why they find nothing wrong with disRESPECTing THE PLACKET.

    I’m still at a loss how this connects with Philadelphia in any meaningful way.

    Some will say the love logo on the sleeve or the fact that it has the colors of the city flag either way I think that’s an abomination

    Every time I see a jersey like this, I remember the comment of a friend of mine — a costume designer — about a rotund individual wearing tight-fitting workout clothes: “Spandex is a privilege, not a right.”

    I think the uniform design equivalent should be: “Use gradation for a reason, not just because you can.”

    Just had a thought: Maybe if they wore sublimated colored pants then they would stop being transparent.

    This is probably a look Bryce Harper thinks is cool. You can take the boy out of Vegas…

    Going to disagree with you.
    No sane person thinks this is cool.
    Bryce is pretty stylish and this is the opposite of stylish.

    Would it have killed them to bump the chest insignia over a quarter inch to avoid splitting a narrow letter across the placket? Attention to detail completely absent!

    This is a horrible jersey with a horror movie inspired font but that does not upgrade it, unfortunately.

    Does Nike do market research on these things? Does any one like these city connect jerseys? Shame Phils had to scrap one of their uniforms to wear this junk

    PHUGLY. The Nats are pretty cool. Phhly looks like a softball league beer jersey. Hideous.

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