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Maryland Terps Add New Yellow Jerseys

They’ve already tried just about everything else, so now the Maryland Terps are adding a new yellow jersey to their wardrobe. (They’re calling it “gold,” but come on — it’s yellow.)

Here are some additional photos, followed by a video:


This uni combo will make its on-field debut when Maryland hosts Penn State on Nov. 4.

(My thanks to Jason Yellin, who was the first to bring this release to my attention.)

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    I do appreciate that the red, white, black, and yellow jerseys all have the same template. Though anything beyond the red and white ones are unnecessary and don’t make me think Maryland when I see them.

    I don’t know what it is, but these just feel so out of place. It’s like a no-contact practice jersey or something.

    Same! I can’t quite put my finger on it, but maybe it’s that it’s being paired with the black helmet and pants, they don’t quite go together and look like they belong with a different uni, which us what a practice uni typically looks like. Not sure what would make it better though. Maybe more white elements in the jersey and a white helmet and white pants? Or just go red helmet, yellow pants, red socks, and call them the Ronald McDonald’s.

    I actually like it better than the all-black set they wore a few weeks ago. I kind of hope Penn State wears their blue jerseys instead of the all-whites for this matchup

    Penn State in Blue would be a big improvement, because Yellow vs. white won’t look good.

    This is an annual match up that should be really good looking, but rarely is because Maryland doesn’t wear their best.

    True. I like the Red/Red/White and Red/White/Red they’re wearing now, and they could mostly stick with that for a while.

    The gold jersey looks great.

    Now all they need to do is add a gold helmet & pants, so they’ll have four interchangeable mix/match options and return to their goal of becoming UA’s Oregon.

    They tried this once. Unfortunately it was on a really shitty chass…er template. This should work much better


    Has Oregon done anything innovative with their uniform since they rolled out the chrome helmets in the rose bowl? Seems like they have rehashed the same idea as many ways as possible since then. At this point I’d prefer they just move to the throwback template.

    The pants and helmet should have a subtle touch of yellow on them. The yellow shirt alone, doesn’t fit. That said, they will look great on the field compared to the drab, boring, generic Penn State uniforms.

    The gold jerseys are a traditional look for the Basketball teams, I have to admit that it looks a little weird when paired with black pants.

    Proud Maryland fan here. (Aside: the unis don’t always fill me with pride…) As a lot of folks know, the Maryland flag is a huge deal to Marylanders in general and at the U. of Maryland in particular. All Maryland uniforms have all four colors of the state flag — red, white, black and yellow/gold — on them somewhere. Most of the time the unis are either red or white with the other colors as accents, but black (NOT BFBS) is common, and as another commenter said yellow basketball unis have been a thing. I have a fondness for the yellow hoops unis (based in part on them having been worn by the late, great Len Bias) but I’m still eciding how I feel about the yellow football jerseys.

    I always remember those 80s era Terps hoop uniforms. I loved them as a kid, they were the first bball team I remember with 4 uniforms & as a young uni-aficionado I thought it was so cool. They were like the Oregon of basketball (even though it was well before Oregon became synonymous with the multiple uniform options). Bias was an incredible player & I always admired the Maryland state flag so of course they became one of my favorite teams.
    The color rotation has not translated well to football. But Maryland has long tradition of using all 4 colors, so while these are not great, this is not out of line.

    Of the color options in Maryland’s flag, primary yellow jerseys have long been my least favorite. The reds and whites remind me of their Final Four hoops runs, as well as the classic Boomer Esiason era football sets. I even offer that Black isn’t just BFBS in their case because it’s right there in that flag.

    Yellow is a great sports color, let’s just establish that at the outset. These uniforms are awesome, and reinforce my point all the Terps needed were a few constraints to turn their look into a thing of beauty. A+!

    I LOVE that yellow jersey (I’m biased because yellow is my favorite color). That should be their only alternate; wear it once a year. Get rid of the black.

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