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Old Swedish Magazine Features Incredible Hockey Photos

There’s a Facebook group devoted to the old Swedish sports magazine Rekordmagasinet, and reader Will Scheibler occasionally sends me cool hockey and bandy photos that he finds there. The one shown above, which Will sent me the other day, is a real beauty, no?

And if you think that uniform has a bold design, check out these next two:

I went through the Facebook group and culled a bunch of cool photos that had been posted there over the past couple of months. Then I put them into this gallery — enjoy:

That’s some good stuff right there. Big thanks to Will Scheibler for pointing me toward it.

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    The uniform design is very nice, but there’s also something about the arena lighting and photo exposure from hockey photography of that era that is spectacular.

    Here’s just one example:


    Yes! I recall the magazines of that era, with the pages printed on pulp and the color inserts. Imagine the thrill of the Expansion Six days, and seeing hockey uniforms in exotic colors like orange, green, purple….

    Bloody gorgeous!
    Uni-Designers of Today—gaze upon what a world without your banal tastes and corporate restrictions could look like. Thanks Paul–so fun

    Holy moly – hockey with a swinging 60’s vibe. I do wish the North American hockey would embrace the dark jersey / light coloured pants ( i will never call them breezers ) look. Light coloured gloves are always a tasty touch too. very interesting here is to see these teams without being plastered with sponsors too. great stuff

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