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An On-Scene Report on the Orioles’ City Connect Launch

Longtime Uni Watch reader Andrew Cosentino, who’s probably the biggest Baltimore booster among our readership, went down to the Orioles’ store this morning (while wearing a Uni Watch T-shirt, as you can see above!) to check out the scene and gauge the fan reaction to today’s City Connect launch.

Andrew got a good photo of this mannequin which provides a better view of the pants and socks than anything the team provided:

He also asked some people in the store what they thought of the design:

  • “I was hoping for something more exciting, but I like them. In the picture online with the black pants, they look pretty cool.”
  • “I like them. I’m glad that they’re black. I wanted a black jersey. I think it’s super-cool that the inside has a pattern. I see a lot of people wearing them open or with inside-out sleeves. I like the contrasting name and number.”
  • “At first, I thought they were bland. I was hoping that they’d do something like the Rockies. However, after hearing the story, I like them. They’re subtle.”
  • “I do like the ‘Baltimore’ across the chest, even if I do prefer it in script font. The hat is great, and also reminds me of the [Negro Leagues’] Black Sox’s simple ‘B’ logo, although not sure if that was the intent based on the notes. And yes, ‘Charm City’ would have been much better.”

Andrew adds, “I asked several employees and they didn’t comment, but I got the idea that they didn’t like them.”

Here are some additional pics that Andrew shot:

Big thanks to Andrew for providing this on-site report!

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    I normally agree with Andrew, but as a Chokie he is wrong on this one. They’re bad, and nowhere near the Nationals CC’s. Still love your keeping the DMV area up to date Andrew!

    Did Andrew offer his own opinion on the uniforms? I don’t see it. He quoted several fans who liked them, and noted that the employees didn’t seem to like them, but none of those are his own assessment. Granted, he seems to implicitly like the hat based on the photo of him wearing one, but that doesn’t necessarily indicate an endorsement of the full uniform.

    The good thing about the O’s one is that they will avoid the identity crisis that the Nats currently have — not being able to decide whether their standard colors or CC colors should be their primary branding.

    First of all, that dig at my alma mater was completely uncalled for.

    Second, BvK is correct. I never offered my opinion. However, BvK is correct that I like the cap a lot. It’s simple yet unique.

    As far as the overall uniform, it just feels so blah to me. They could have gone in SO many different directions. Baltimore has a rich, vibrant history. As a few fans said, I wish they took the same approach as the Rockies. I personally would have loved to see them use the Baltimore flag. Or even put Charm City on the front! It just feels like it falls flat.

    I always know whenever there is news relating to Baltimore teams, Andrew will deliver to the uniwatch masses. Well done, and I agree that the use of just the Baltimore flag would be a unique use, since most uniforms just use the complete Maryland flag.

    Thank you, Frank! It was a lot of fun to attend the event. Even if the uniforms are underwhelming.

    Ok fine I apologize. Sort of. As a ‘Nole that visited the Chokie Stadium and you all mocked the Warchant. That was a game changer for me in terms of hatred that nears Miami and the Gators. At least Clemson fans are respectful.

    The CC uniforms would be so awesome with either orange or white pants.

    Has Andrew ever personally taunted you? If not, your non-apology “apology” is as lame as it sounds.

    Every fanbase has its bad actors, unfortunately. And every fanbase has its upstanding citizens. Everything I’ve ever seen out of Andrew in terms of contributions to Uni Watch – including on these message boards – provides compelling evidence that he’s one of the upstanding citizens. Considering the only one who’s done any taunting in this situation is you, RJ, I’m afraid I’m not seeing much evidence that you belong in that category yourself.

    To quote the groundskeepers in the movie Major League
    ….” They’re still shitty “…

    Why so much emphasis on placing “City Connect” elements on the inside of the jersey, hat that aren’t even going to be seen on the field?

    I think all that really matters to MLB is that they’re seen by the purchaser.

    So are they even trying anymore? 100% we’ve seen better Uni-Watch reader designs than a lot of these CC uniforms.

    So…based on how the team dressed the mannequin:


    they’re REALLY playing up that blue-collar chic, eh? Are they expecting the players to roll up their sleeves and unbutton the top button(s) — thereby revealing the only real color on the uni — to further promote that working-class look?


    It’s not a working class thing. I think the idea is that Baltimore is viewed negatively for the outside but on the inside, is a vibrant, fun, quirky city. Yes, it’s storytelling, but that’s what Nike is saying.

    So you don’t find the rolled up sleeves and open collar to be a blue collar trope?


    I personally don’t, but that’s just my impression. I think the collar would have been blue if that’s what they were going for. Their detail about the inner collar tells a different story. “The greyscale exterior represents the surface level view people have of the city. Look deeper and you’ll find the colorful interior, inspired by Baltimore’s arts culture, that highlights the vibrancy of the city.”

    The same can’t be said of the “Baltimore” font, which is a clear blue collar trope. “The speckled details and imperfections represent the shared grit the Orioles and the Baltimore community process.” Grit feels like a synonym for blue collar.

    Why hide the fun, quirky stuff? Why not put it on full display and celebrate it? Do Nike designers really think people are going to look at the design on the inside of the collar and think, “wow, I never realized Baltimore was so vibrant!” I think it’s more likely they’ll look at it and wonder why the team ripped off the Autism Awareness logo.

    Baltimore IS cool. It does have an amazing history and tremendous diversity. If that’s the message they’re trying to convey, why tuck it away on the inside of the jersey? You shouldn’t need to read Nike’s marketing materials to understand the story behind the uniform.

    I completely agree with all of this, Judy! As a proud Baltimorean, I wish they went with something more exciting. And if you have to read Nike’s story to make it make sense, that’s not good. The uniform should speak for itself! It shouldn’t need an explainer. I just don’t think that this specific element is blue collar related.

    Maybe the plan is to wear the jerseys inside out like Will Smith did with his school uniform jacket on the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air? LOL

    As an old Baltimore curmudgeon, this is another example of an outsider, Nike, trashing our city. Forget Charm City. That was a marketing tool ill conceived during the great Schaffer administration. Mobtown is a city of characters. Zappa, Poe, Ric Ocasek, Joan Jett and John Watters and his menagerie among who have lefted their unique mark with a crabtown touch. The cap without orange is like a day without sunshine. Heard that somewhere. Do it over correctly.

    Why not just have normal sleeve stripes/trim rather than do the silly inside out thing?

    It reminds me of the episode of Seinfeld where Jerry reverses his leather jacket to protect it from the rain.

    You’re so welcome! Removed from the criticism of the uniforms, if was a really fun even to attend.

    If I didn’t have to work, I would have hopefully bumped into you at the unveiling! Thanks for the coverage

    You’re so welcome! I already said this a bunch of times in the comments, but even though the uniforms are underwhelming, it was still a really cool event to attend.

    I can imagine! I went to a uniform unveiling for the University of Colorado football team years ago (2015, I think?), and it was a blast. Thankfully, the uniforms were pretty decent (other than the Nikelace on the collar). The hype and hoopla surrounding it makes it a lot of fun. Thanks for giving us the ground-level view, Andrew!

    Nike sucks….they’ve been a poison for every uniform to have been cursed by their touch…
    They think that progressive uniforms are always an improvement…until they prove that theory wrong by their own designs….eh?

    I like the simplicity of the cap, but $49.99? Damn. Before long 59FIFTY won’t just be the brand but also the price.

    The cap is really nice with the multi color sweatband (looks good on you, Andrew) but 50 bucks? That is steep.

    Also interesting on the picture with Andrew: the orange line under the B on the screen behind him. It would have been nice to include this orange line on the hat and/or the sleeve of the jersey. Seems like an afterthought after the hats and uniforms were already finished: wait, underline the white B with an orange line.

    “At first, I thought they were bland. I was hoping that they’d do something like the Rockies. However, after hearing the story, I like them. They’re subtle.”
    It’s nuts that the stupid “story” makes someone like them. They’re either good or bad, regardless what idiotic story they come up with.

    Thanks Andrew!

    Just seeing you standing on those bricks has me longing for another trip! I love Baltimore so much.

    I like the Baltimore script but really like the cap. O’s have needed a B cap since what 1964? This cap looks great and should be part of their road uniform

    Thanks for the report. There was mixed reaction, but was merch flying off the shelves? This is all about sales. Did he witness a lot of purchases…or were folks looking and moving on?

    Wasn’t attempting to issue a groundbreaking statement, but thanks for the smug reply. Now back to my question—and purpose of my post. Did he witness a lot of sales in the team shop?

    I saw a lot of sales! On the day that the store opened (5/22), every single person that I saw made a purchase.
    On the day of the game itself (5/27), it felt like everyone in the store bought something. I didn’t see a lot of browsing without buying.

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