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Behold the Uni Watch 25th-Anniversary Tour T-Shirt!

In May I’ll be embarking on a five-city tour to celebrate Uni Watch’s 25th anniversary (full details here). It will also be my de facto farewell tour, since I’ll be leaving Uni Watch at the end of May. Since rock bands have tour T-shirts, I figured this tour should have one too.

Here are the front and back designs (created by membership card designer Scott M.X. Turner), followed by mock-ups of the shirt in grey, black, and white:





Pretty sweet, right? These shirts are available now — here’s where you can order the grey, black, and white versions. For each color, there are six different options (basic, comfort, tri-blend, women’s, etc.), so be sure to find the style you prefer. Because this shirt has printing on both the front and the back, the prices are a bit higher, but I hope you’ll agree that it’s worth it for such a cool design.

Again, full details on the tour itself are available here.

Speaking of the anniversary, we also have 25th-anniversary patches, coasters, T-shirts, and pint glasses.

We will have a separate Purp Walk shirt, which is being designed as we speak. Stay tuned.


Comments (18)

    Glad I wasn’t the only one who thought of this. It would have been somehow appropriate by being highly inappropriate.

    With all the purple teams in the cities you’re visiting, I feel like there should be a purple option for the shirt!

    Could the black t-shirt be considered (gulp) BFBS?

    Juuuust kidding, enjoy the tour everyone!

    Unintentional (?) “eye” image created by the logo and route on the map. Paul is like a Big Brother to us, watching the uni-verse? ;-)

    These are amazing Paul! Hoping to get up to the LA one, but happy to help if I can either way.

    Getting Jaws 3-D text vibew

    I’ll just find the guys in the parking lot selling the tye dye versions 10 bucks (2 for 15)!

    I guess the stop in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico just didn’t make the cut. Hopefully you can come here on The Re-Union Tour 2030

    I like that the Baltimore date is printed in purple, for Purple Amnesty Day of course!

    Can you list the brand of the shirts being used? I’d be much more inclined to buy one if I knew.

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