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Possible New Mascot Spotted Near Uni Watch HQ

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As you may recall, Uni Watch girl mascot Caitlin died back in June. After a period of mourning, I’ve been thinking lately that it’s about time to get a new kitten or two. And yesterday fate put one right in my path.

When I got home yesterday from my daily bike ride, I saw a little puffball lurking around underneath the Uni Watch HQ porch. We have a fair number of strays in the neighborhood, but I’d never seen such a tiny kitten before on our block. She (or he) was crying up a storm — meep!, meep!, meep! I tried to coax her out, but she was skittish, so I ran inside, got some cat food (I still have plenty of it in the house), and put it near her (on a green-rimmed dish, of course). She came out a little bit but still seemed too frightened to go all the way to the food. I had to run a quick errand, so I went and did that, figuring that my presence was probably spooking her.

When I came back five minutes later, I figured I’d find her eating, but the food was untouched and there was no sign of her. Then, after a minute, I heard her: Meep!, meep!, meep! I followed the noise to my backyard, where I found her cowering behind a tree. Once again, I couldn’t manage to coax her out, but I did manage to get some video of her:

Right after that, she ran away. About 20 minutes later I was on the porch with my neighbor Jason, telling him about all of this, and suddenly we could hear her. Meep! Over the course of the next hour or so, she ventured near the porch and then ran away several times, crying the entire time. I’m pretty sure she’s lost and misses her mom, which is heartbreaking.

I had some other things I had to take care of, but I was pretty sure she’d be back. At about 10pm, I went out on the porch and could hear her again. (I’m not sure about her overall health, but at least her larynx seems to be in very good shape.) The food I’d put out earlier was still untouched, so I consulted with Mary, my ex, who suggested that I needed something stinkier than cat food. I went around the corner to buy a can of tuna, but when I got back the Meep!-ing had stopped. I went out again at 11pm — silence.

I’m pretty sure she’ll be back today, and I’ll have the tuna ready for her. If that doesn’t work, I can be patient for as long as it takes to win her trust. I mean, her appearance practically on my doorstep, right when I was thinking it was time to kitten up again, seems like a pretty obvious sign, no? Wish me luck!



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Too Good for the Ticker

The news of Packers logo designer John Gordon’s death prompted a note from reader John Forsyth, as follows:

I made this bookshelf for my dad in middle school shop class, circa 1975. Dad was a career Army officer (pilot, instructor, and then test pilot), so we moved a lot, but our team was always the Packers because dad’s first flight instructor was Max McGee, former Packer player and hero of Super Bowl I.

I still remember how my junior high self struggled to get the cutout shape of the helmet and the logo just right. I think my own children have given me the “So close, Jim” comment a few times regarding this!

I love this! Here’s how the shelf looks while fulfilling its intended function:

So good. Thanks so much for sharing, John!



Can of the Day

Now that’s a nice can, am I right? My compliments to the chef!

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    Good luck. I hope you can gring her/him in and provide all the love he/she deserves!

    As an owner of two cats, I don’t know what I would do if I lost either of them (which I know is inevitable). You were born to be a cat-dad, Paul; I hope it works out with this new little one!

    Good luck, Paul. Yes, little Meep is a very good sign. Put out stinky food (fish), agree, and a bowl of water, too. You have a lot of cat food left, so you could put out another flavor as well. Maybe even a litter box? Be patient and present.

    Great advice for a good Cat Papa…
    Maybe it’s trying to sniff out mommy’s milk instead of food?
    I’m not sure what a healthy equivalent would be for lil’ Meepers but maybe there’s something out there that would be appealing and safe…

    This one is old enough to eat food and probably totally removed from mom’s milk.

    I bet if you have a kid’s little fishing pole or something you could get her past the shyness with just a line and feather.

    Paul: Good luck with the rescue mission. The little one needs a loving home and I know he or she will get it with you. You’ll be doing a mitzvah and honoring Caitlin and her predecessors. On behalf of all the Frank Cats, Joel

    Meep – good name for a cat (especially a Norwegian Forest feline)…just saying ; )

    Love the greatness of the bookshelf…and yes, the gray facemasks!

    Love Meep as a name, too (I’d guess Paul is patient about “naming” it just yet)
    ….and it’s cool, really cool, that when you mentioned the bookend’s gray facemask, I thought “lil’ Meepers’ cute face has one, too”
    : – )

    I see what you did there, Chris…

    Time to put on the tinfoil hat. It just occurred to me that the designer of the Packers G logo is John Gordon.

    Is the real reason there’s no B is because the G stands for Gordon?

    Removing the tinfoil hat now.

    Well, as you know cats cannot be coaxed into anything. They are fiercely independent, even as kittens. I hope she will find her/his mom or return to you as you are a perfect cat landlord (I never use the word owner when it comes to cats). Perfect can: great colors, nice lettering. And that Packers bookshelf is very good. We can see how difficult it is at any age to draw that so-called simple G.

    This story I am following. Where matters of the heart are….Luck and fate meet.

    I am putting everything else on hold today to wait for breaking news on this story. Good luck finding each other!

    Very excited to hear about the return of Meep! Thanks for sharing this story that I pray will have a happy ending for the both of you!


    You are very correct…fate has a way of making the cosmic connections that are needed. It would appear that Meep needs you as much as you need Meep.

    I’d suggest a can of kitten food (we call it Kitty Crack, because they can’t resist it).

    As one who has been adopted by a stray cat or four, be patient, be kind, and keep setting out the food, water, and litter

    I don’t know anything about cats or how to bring them into your home but I’m looking forward to further updates!

    The can of the day is amazing. I’m a chemical engineer and I’ve never heard the term “peptized”, it means suspended like in a colloidal solution, which makes sense.

    I don’t know how things might work in your area, but in my city the local animal-rescue group will rent you a trap into which you can put the Meep’s stinky food. You might get the occasional false positive (man, that was one angry raccoon!), but usually they work like a charm.

    Aw, angry raccoons…
    As Ernest P. Worrell said, “C’Mere little buddy, you just need a big Hug!”

    Keeping my fingers crossed that the Cat Distribution System™️ works out for you and your new little friend <3

    Having to “put down” my best friend (and constant feline companion “Polly” for the last 19½ years) two weeks ago, this hits home. I hope this works out for you to once again have the constant joy of a little furry friend in your life.

    Hey, Bro….I hear you…Understand so much, my little chihuahua (14 years) passed on Thanksgiving last year, my little girl Sammy simply had a great life and we had a great run….miss her like it was yesterday…
    Still haven’t let another one adopt me….yet B -}
    Err’body tells me the longer I wait, the harder it is…and they right….
    Hope you can find a friend when you’re ready…
    Gonna be hitting the shelters soon….puppies are a’waiting…..B -)

    Hi Paul,

    It looks like the kitten is very young, so its possible s/hei sn’t ready for real food. It needs either its mother (duh) or what called kitten milk replacer. If you can find its mother (look under porch, under decks etc.). The mother could have been hit or injured. If you can’t find Mom, you can find replacer at pet stores or amazon. It should get nourishment quickly, or can perish. If you can find the replacer, put it in a small saucer; if s/he doesn’t lap it up, it needs to be bottle fed (try heating in microwave 10 seconds. If you can’t do that, an animal shelter will be able to.
    A second much less preferable option is baby food; turkey/turkey broth or chicken/chicken broth (just no garlic or onions – toxic to kittens). If it still doesn’t eat, bring to Vet or shelter.

    Meep is a good name but I like Meepers even more. Good luck, Paul. I hope it works out for both of you.

    The kitty is such a cutie! I hope this works out for you Paul, and hope he/she finds a forever home if it’s ultimately not with you.

    The only time my youngest is even remotely interested in Uni Watch is when you post cat photos or videos. She and I are eager to see ongoing coverage of The Meep Chronicles. Hope there’s a happy ending!

    By the way, I’m jealous.
    In my backyard I get stupid groundhogs and chipmunks, while you get a cute kitty.

    Crossing my fingers and toes for the happiest possible of endings to this story! Eager to hear how it turns out! What a little charmer!

    Paul a beautiful kitten has come by for you. I hope the kitty returns and things go well for both of you

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