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Wizards and Jazz City Edition Shorts Apparently Leak

We’ve seen lots of NBA City Edition jersey leaks lately (like for the Mavs and Bulls last Friday), but it’s not often that we see a shorts leak. That appears to be the case, however, with the Wizards design shown above.

Pretty hard to read these tea leaves. The three stars are obviously from the DC flag, and the color scheme has echoes of the team’s original colors, but I’m not sure what else to make of it. The diagonal stripe across the groin is certainly, uh, interesting. Anyone have any insights?

While we’re at it, the Jazz’s City shorts have also apparently leaked:

These are not a surprise. In fact, we got a partial glimpse of them in an earlier leak, but this is our first time getting a proper view of them. They’ll be paired with a retro mountain-themed jersey, which we’ve known was coming for more than a year now. (This retro-flavored purple City uniform shouldn’t be confused with the purple 1974 throwback that the team will also be wearing this season.)

(My thanks to Twitter-er @Jay_D1 for bringing these to my attention.)

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    Is it just me or is that Wizards logo different? It doesn’t look like the Washington Monument.

    Yes, it is different from the primary logo, and that’s odd because even in the weirdest city edition the primary art is never altered. Maybe recolored, but never altered.

    wonder if the wizards are money inspired. Like the color shifting ink on bills? The trim reminds me of that for some reason.

    Maybe its about the oxidation color/pattern of statues and monuments around the District. I live here and I have no idea but I’m sure Nike’s storytellers will inform me.

    The Jazz ones are pretty good. Great color, nice work on the gradient-style mountain. I question the striping on the right cuff as it’s a weird match but I might have to see it in motion.

    The Wizards one is awful. Two-tone grey and black? Stars that WANT to remind you of the DC flag but just don’t. The cuffs look they were left outside for a week and somehow molded AND rusted.

    The bottom trim on the Wizards shorts look like someone couldn’t make it to the toilet in time. A leak indeed.

    Everything I wanted to say about these has already been said. But I do like the Jazz shorts.

    The Wizards finally nailed it with the Cherry Blossom design last season only to revert to this monstrosity. As a fan, they have so many other things DC specific they could use (Chuck Brown, Go-Go music, Mumbo Sauce, and of course the awesome flag) but they keep doing silliness like this frankenjersey.

    The colors are definitely a callback to the original Wizards color scheme, but there’s that strange grey/black swath, the oddly rendered logo (what’s with that, it’s not even the same monument!) and the stars on the side.

    I’m gonna hate this, I already know it.

    Utah pushing two completely different color schemes and overall designs period at the exact same time is really confusing.

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