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More Purported NBA City Edition Designs Leak

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We’ve seen several apparent NBA City Edition leaks over the past month, and now it looks like we have some more. The photo above was posted to a message board by a user who said he saw it on Instagram (he didn’t specify whose Instagram account it came from), after which it quickly began circulating on social media.

It appears to show the following:

  • A black/yellow Warriors uniform with “San Francisco” chest lettering and a new (at least to me) “GSW” logo on the shorts.
  • A black/red jersey that probably says “Heat Culture” (which is a catch phrase associated with the team).
  • A pair of purple Jazz shorts. These will presumably go with the team’s mountain-themed City jersey for this season, which was announced last year.

The NBA typically unveils each year’s batch of new City Edition designs in November, a few weeks after the start of the regular season (and just in time for the holiday shopping season), so we’ll presumably see the official unveiling of these designs in about two months.



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    First non-soccer league in NA with ads on the uniforms. Changing uniforms every season. Playing an “in-season tournament,” in a poor attempt to mimic the FA Cup and similar competitions, which way will the NBA choose next to try to be soccer next?

    You forgot the flopping.

    Maybe if they’re tied after a 5-minute overtime they’ll have a free throw shootout?

    Warriors uni is nice enough if it was designated as simply an away uni. It’d be better if it was royal or navy, but whaddyagonnado? Also someone please burn the wishbone collar tailoring template with radioactive waste. I can’t take it any more. I’m almost in love with the GSW logo. It’s got an old fashioned, fancy-pants style to it that sets it far above the “included with Microsoft word ‘98” font treatment they’ve been relying on for too long. I’d just like the G to have a tiny bit more flair so it fits in with the S and W better. There seems to be yet another new logo on the waist band as well. Sort of a “spokes of a wheel” looking thing. If it is indeed specific to this warriors uni, I’m curious to know what it is.

    Someone on Reddit speculated that the “spokes” logo is the Fisherman’s Wharf sign (link). While the wharf is pretty iconic here, outside of the Bay Area it’s not pretty well known. And locals know it’s a tourist trap, so idk if an obscure sign that only locals would know is iconic enough to be put on their uni. The waistband could be nautical rope or the cables on the Golden Gate Bridge or Bay Bridge. The shorts logo could be based on the old Muni logo (link), and the chest font could be based on the old Muni tokens (link)

    All of that seems like a reach. I’m from the SF peninsula, and none of that occurred to me on first or second inspection. But I don’t put it past Nike to get real vague with their homages. Still a decent uni. Would take the GSW roundell all day over pretty much anything they have currently.

    Interesting that the old Jazz color scheme (blue/yellow/green) is featured again in the top right corner. They just went away from it with their “we’ll always have purple(!)” black and yellow set.

    Loving ZeroPruf anti-free (with hyphen). Makes me wonder when companies stopped hyphenating that word. Also, I was a kid in the late 60s and when I saw a skull and crossbones, I knew to not mess with that stuff. No disrespect to Mr. Yuck.

    In 50 years ppl will look at old footage ant not know who’s playing based off uniforms. It’s sad

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