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2024 MLB All-Star Game Logo Apparently Leaks

The 2024 MLB All-Star Game will take place next July at the Rangers’ ballpark. To my knowledge, the game’s logo has not yet been officially announced, but the logo design appears on some licensed apparel that was listed today on

As you might expect for a game being hosted by the Rangers, the logo is Texas-themed:

Not bad at all. So the Rangers will presumably wear this logo as a jersey patch next season. Since they also wear the Texas State flag as a sleeve patch, that could make for a very patch-intensive situation if/when they get a sleeve advertiser. But they have plenty of time to figure out how to handle that.

(My thanks to Justin Walker for bringing this one to my attention.)



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    Not bad!

    Now for the speculation as to the unis… mono-red vs. mono-blue?

    Keeping with the Rangers bipolar color coordination, how about red tops/blue pants vs blue tops/red pants?

    I predict that Texas will add a ad and put the all star patch on the sleeves and the Texas flag on the baseball cap or chest.

    What? A logo for a game in Texas that is shaped like Texas? Surely such a thing is unheard of!

    They also used a star — so many surprises!

    (That said, I actually really like this.)

    I’d guess they’ll drop the flag patch in place of the new ASG logo, Mariners did this this year. Mets did it in 2013, I’m sure others have (I know Expos have).

    It’s one thing to drop your team-logo patch; it’s another for a Texas team to drop the Texas flag patch! (Yes, I realize the ASG patch will be Texas-themed/shaped/etc., but still.)

    Fair enough. I would’ve somewhat hoped for the ASG logo to be more based around the flag to make it easier. It’s why I loved the 2013 ASG Mets logo, it blended in so perfectly with their logo and fit perfectly on their uniform.

    It’s not bad, but that southern Texas tail bothers me. It looks too pointy.

    I like how the star between ALL STAR is the same star from their 1994 – 2002 primary logo.

    Having personally experienced the situation when my brand logo was leaked by one of my employees, I can understand the impact it can have. Similarly, the leaked logo for the 2024 MLB All-Star Game, though unintended, gives us a glimpse into the upcoming event. Just as the leaked logo sparked anticipation and discussions, it highlights the importance of maintaining confidentiality and ensuring official announcements are made at the right time. While leaks can sometimes generate excitement, they can also disrupt planned strategies. As a result, it’s crucial for organizations, including sports teams, to carefully manage and control the release of important branding elements.

    Not a bad logo but also not surprising or innovative. It misses a white outline all around the logo to make it pop on red and blue backgrounds, but I like the turquoise they use for the state outline.

    It’s a nice logo. Texas has so many things they could highlight, but when you’re 49th in education, you go with what everyone knows about Texas. Maybe we will see a powder blue vs. a Red and Navy team. I am interested in seeing how they shoehorn the star into the American and National league scripts.

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