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Ewww: Brewers Become Latest MLB Team with Sleeve Ad

The Brewers today announced that they are selling space on their jersey to a financial services company. The advertisement, which you can see in the photo above, will make its on-field debut tonight. Here’s how it looks on the team’s other jerseys:

As you can see in the photos, the ad’s position will alternate based on the player’s handedness, to maximize TV exposure.

Milwaukee is the 16th MLB team so far to whore out their uniform to an advertiser, which means the ad-clad teams now outnumber the ad-free teams. The other 15 teams with sleeve ads are the PadresRed SoxD-backsAngelsAstros, Reds, Marlins, Mets, Cardinals, Tigers, Guardians, Yankees, Blue Jays, Giants, and Atlanta.

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    “We’re proud to have Northwestern Mutual as our first ever patch sponsor. This partnership also supports a meaningful cause in raising awareness and funds for childhood cancer, an effort that Northwestern Mutual has long championed and the Brewers have enthusiastically supported.” -Rick Schlesinger, Brewers president, business operations.

    Absolutely disgusting to use kids with cancer as an excuse to make money.

    Yeah, not even close to what comes to mind when you see a patch on a jersey. I’ve never thought about the charitable actions the patch sponsor benefits, merely the greed of said sponsor.

    I legitimately thought this was Northwell Health so I thought “the Mets and the Brewers?” I bet the advertisers are happy to get mixed up. I hope they realize it’s not worth it

    It’s not bad enough they added an ad…but they made sure to have it in different colors so as to maximize its offensiveness. (Not in any way defending the Mets, but at least their ad — after the horrible and justified initial blowback — is only one color, so it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb on their blue softball top…and is less noticeable on their bfbs top).

    The contrast, particularly on the road alternate, is gross. Was really hoping my beloved Brewers wouldn’t succumb this quickly.

    Couldn’t wait until next season, could they? Had to get it in there in time for their playoff push, didn’t they?

    F ’em.

    On a side note, I wonder where this would land the Brewers if the Power Rankings were re-done, since they would obviously fall from 9 to likely somewhere in the 20s based on the ad/no ad criteria.

    I was expecting it to be an ad for the Cub Scouts, what with that uniform and all.

    Is there a betting pool somewhere that is doing a “which MLB team will be the last ad-free uniform”? I want to get in on that.

    I rarely watch baseball on TV before the playoffs – baseball is a radio sport for me through the regular season – but the highlights and clips I’ve seen this year really make me wonder about the whole thing with alternating ad placement so that the ad on a batter’s uniform faces the center-field camera. No matter how large and garish the ad, it never seems to look like more than a smudge of color to me on a center-field camera. On a TV screen, I don’t see the ads as ads at all. I tend to think that if I were an advertiser, I’d probably not bother with a sleeve ad at all. Give me the front or back of the jersey somewhere. But if I did go in on a sleeve ad, I think consistency of placement and establishing my ad as a regular, normal part of the uniform like on a soccer jersey would have more value to me than inconsistent placement to face a TV camera that can’t resolve my company logo within the ad anyway.

    Good point – it’s really only the close-ups of the players that we can really make out these damned things anyway.

    Except for Atlanta, though, and their GIANT SACK OF CONCRETE PATCH. It screams at me, so I feel the need to scream back at it – at least, in typing (I’d look like a crazy man if I actually screamed at the TV every time I saw it).

    Not too mention the fact that I don’t think all the equipment managers can keep the handednesses straight (or perhaps some teams have tried reversed handedness for the pitchers?) either way I’ve seen a lot of “wrong side” ad patches this year and don’t think it in any way makes any difference for advertiser intelligibility.

    Would love to see the list of ad-clad teams at the end of these updates be “remaining ad-free teams” instead…especially since we are now past the halfway point with more ad-clad than not.
    Celebrate the ones who Get It…or are just slow in the advertising department!

    Saying they Get It™ just because they haven’t added one yet wouldn’t be accurate, since I’m fairly sure the remaining 14 teams are still shopping for one.

    Hopefully, this will bring in enough money to repair their sad, decrepit, very old stadium instead of replacing it at taxpayer expense. It’s a Christmas miracle!

    I was there on Monday and will be there again tomorrow. My god it’s crumbling to its very foundation after a mere 22 years of existence. You take your life in your hands every time you attend a game. As a Milwaukee taxpayer, we absolutely must write poor near-billionaire Mark Attanasio a gargantuan check immediately.

    If anyone is unsure, the preceding three sentences were steeped in aggressive sarcasm.

    Amen. AmFam Field makes the Oakland Coliseum look like a palace. What a crumbling dump.
    (Sarcasm turned off now)
    Love how Manfred is out banging the drum for a huge renovation (at taxpayer expense, of course). Have been to that stadium multiple times. It’s great. Really enjoy it. There’s something seriously wrong when a 22 year old stadium (with a retractable roof) is considered decrepit. The stadium scam is still alive and well in the U.S.

    Probably not a popular take….but seeing one less “Halo A”on an Anaheim jersey has been a good thing….

    As a Brewer fan and Milwaukee resident, it’s a sad day. At the very least, it’s legitimately a locally headquartered company. But that’s a disgustingly hollow victory compared with the unrelenting scourge of corporate America.

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