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Mets Announce City Connect Unveiling Date, Hint at Purple Design

While I was off watching the eclipse (more on that tomorrow), the Mets announced that they’ll be unveiling their City Connect uniform next Friday, April 19.

I broke the news back in January that this uniform would make its on-field debut on Friday, April 26, when the Mets host the Cardinals. But we didn’t know until now when the unveiling would be.

So far, there have been no leaks of this design. But if you watch the video above, you can see the team’s familiar “NY” logo rendered in purple, which could be a sign of my personal apocalypse what’s in store. It’s worth noting that the subway line that goes to the Mets’ ballpark is the 7 train, whose icon is purple. I’d be willing to bet that that figures into the design in some way. (If anyone knows more, you know what to do.)

The Mets will be second of nine MLB teams to unveil a City Connect uniform in 2024. The first was the Phillies, whose miserable CC design was revealed last Friday; the other seven, and their on-field debut dates, are as follows:

  • Rays – May 3
  • Tigers – May 10
  • Guardians – May 17
  • Cardinals – May 25
  • Blue Jays – May 31
  • Twins – June 14
  • Dodgers – June 21
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    Paul, according to ESPN, the release dates of the remaining seven City Connect designs are as follows:

    Rays – May 3
    Tigers – May 10
    Guardians – May 17
    Cardinals – May 25
    Blue Jays – May 31
    Twins – June 14
    Dodgers 2.0 – June 21

    So if they go with subway logos, font, etc., Nike will just be copying the Nets (which I really liked), and thus ripping itself off?

    They wouldn’t use an old NY Giants uni for inspiration, would they?

    Wait, so the Metropolitans are joining the final Purple Amnesty Day celebration next month? Way to go, Mets!

    I like to think the Mets knew you were entering semi-retirement soon, Paul, and so they decided to make this as a parting gift lol

    IYK — YN

    Ok, does this mean, “If you know, you know?” I’m not that hip to the texting abbreviations!

    Gotta be a train reference. Sounded like a train. Once the NY turned purple, the rest of the photo turned black and white.

    Curious to see what they come up with!

    Does it ever feel like MLB is trolling you specifically, Paul?

    In related news, the Help Paul Pick a New MLB Team To Root For Project begins April 20.

    It almost feels like Nike is leaning into the hate and trying to outdo themselves with each remaining design. Like why not just put “WINDY CITY” on a purple Mets jersey at this point?!

    Just in time for the final Purple Amnesty Day! Maybe someone in the Mets marketing department #getsit.

    John McGraw often had the New York Giants wear violet. That might be another reason for the color.

    I envy Twins fans, they don’t have to deal with their puke-inducing cash grab until mid-June.

    I had to check the date because the Mets unveiling a purple City Connect about a month before Paul leaves Uni-Watch, man I thought for a second it was April 1. What are the odds.

    All I’ll say is I’m horrified and if Nike is going down this route we better get full 1916 Giants plaid

    Everyone is stuck on the 7 line logo being purple but I think it’s more likely that they’re leaning into the Queens connection – purple being a royal color and all. Plus a friend points out that the teaser video focuses on the Queensboro bridge across which the 7 does not travel.

    There’s no chance it’s not related to the 7 train. It’s the exact shade of warm slightly pinkish purple the 7 bullet uses and the 7 train is so closely associated with the Mets. Look for instance at the very popular semi-official Mets fashion apparel brand “The 7 Line.”

    The Mets always find ways to let their fans down but this one seems to be particularly aimed at one fan…

    Apologies for your loss (on select dates throughout the season Paul).

    But it could always be worse. You could be stuck with total crap every game for seven years. *sobs in Marlins*

    As a die-hard Mets fan and someone who buys way too much gear, I can’t imagine these would be tolerable enough to even justify purchasing a cap. It’s a great example of why the better City Connect (and I would say also NBA City Edition uniforms) pull on the TEAM’S history, not the city they play in. The Braves looked great last night. But purple Mets? I’m sure it’ll be terrible.

    Irrational phobia transference: seeing those cars on the outside lane gives me the heebie jeebies.

    There was absolutely conversation had during the design process where somebody along the line plugged into the uni-watch world mentioned “Oh man, Lukas ain’t gonna like this!”

    Call me a conspiracy theorist but I honestly think the Mets did this for you, Paul. Pretty funny!

    This is a question more to do with Nike and MLB as a whole than the Mets CC uniform.

    Why are MLB teams limited to a specific number of uniforms, but NCAA football teams seem to have an endless number of uniforms? Is it because the Fanatics factory cannot churn out uniforms like whoever they use for other sports?

    I hope they can factor in the rat eating a slice of pizza on the subway into the emblem somehow…

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