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Are the Mets Planning a Matte-Finish Batting Helmet?


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The Mets posted a fairly cringe-inducing video on social media yesterday (shown above), and several Uni Watch readers noticed that it briefly shows infielder Mark Vientos wearing what appears to be a matte batting helmet. Here’s a screen shot of that:

This screen shot also provides a good view of the see-through pants and the new front number font.

In addition, there’s an extremely brief glimpse of some items on a table — items that look like they could be additional matte helmets:

Now, even if these are indeed matte helmets, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the Mets plan to wear them on the field when the regular season starts (they’ve been wearing the standard glossies during their spring training games). Maybe they were just seeing how they look and will ultimately decide not to use them. But the mere fact that they had some of these helmets manufactured says something.

The Mets have never used a matte or flocked helmet. In recent years, their glossy helmets have been augmented by a metallic-finish version of their “NY” logo:

As a Mets fan myself, I’m not yet sure what I think of the potential matte headwear. I think matte helmets look really good for some teams, not as good for others. If the Mets were going to try this, I’d think I’d prefer to see them do it with their road uniforms (much like the Yankees, who go glossy at home, matte on the road). Hmmmm.

I’ll say this, though: Whatever you think of matte helmets, they’re a rare example of a uni trend that’s all about the aesthetics and has nothing to do with merchandising.

Actually, now that I think about it, that raises a question that’s never occurred to me before: Do teams with matte helmets also have matte helmet sundae cups at their stadium concession stands? Anyone know?

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    As long as they don’t go back to a two-tone helmet, I’m good with it LOL

    Ha, I was gonna say the opposite! Of all the BFBS shenanigans the Mets pulled in the 90’s and 00’s, the two tone helmet with the blue “Horns” (for lack of a better word) was one of the only things I liked!

    Id rather they go with a 3D printed logo, but it makes a mostly harmless fauxback.

    Matte helmets might look good on the Mets, better than that shiny gold NY.

    They’re probably waiting for Nike’s weight analysis on the new finish before adopting it. They wouldn’t want to throw away all those sweet performance gains from the printed patch.

    My Giants have gone with matte helmets for years now. I just wish they’d get on board with the 3D logo trend now.

    As a general matter I am in favor of matte helmets, as they look more like the corresponding cloth caps. I think if the Mets made the switch I’d be OK with it.

    My guess is the lighting on set would show in the reflection of a gloss helmet and not match whatever scene they’re filming. Assuming the film crew is trying to eliminate any extra work in post.

    This is an interesting analysis! But if it were true, wouldn’t we routinely see matte helmets in these “behind the scenes” pics and videos?

    It also could be because of the green screen. Speaking from limited experience, it can be tricky and definitely extra work to get the green hues removed from those reflections. Promos shot in other scenes (such as stadiums, etc) probably wouldn’t have distracting or unnatural reflections. But green reflections would look particularly bad.

    In the Blue Jays’ case the real helmets are matte, the ice cream helmets are glossy. Me and my kids have done extensive research in this particular area.

    Very good, I love your joint research! I found a (shiny) Mets plastic helmet that miraculously fits my 7 3/4 size head here in my Dutch village on a giveaway table. I hope it was not made for containing icecream for one person, as it would feed a family of six…

    The ice cream helmets are more cat-sized than human. Now a nacho helmet, once washed out, that’ll fit a decent sized human adult.

    I don’t have a good take on matte helmets, they definitely feel like a very much case by case basis on if they work or not. I know I do not like them on football helmets, but don’t mind them with baseball, depending on the team. As a Phillies fan I don’t think I’d like their helmets in matte finish, maybe the matte works better with darker colors like navy and black, than with lighter colors?
    I also think it is really just a matter of what we are used to seeing. If teams had historically gone with matte finish batting helmets, and then introduced glossy options we’d probably be asking the same about the glossy finish.

    I like both matte and glossy. What I got real sick of was all the pine tar or whatever it was that made the helmet look like crap. Some looked like they took a blowtorch to them.

    Your right, matte looks good on some teams; those in little league! When your a pro, you should shine!

    “If the Mets were going to try this, I’d think I’d prefer to see them do it with their road uniforms”

    I’m probably more in the pro-matte helmet camp (I like the idea of at least trying to match the finish with that of the wool cap) than most — so I’d definitely like to see the Mets try a matte (or even satin) finish; that being said, I do think matte helmets may work better on a case-by-case basis than a universal thumbs up. And since the Mets only wear gray roads (thankfully) they wouldn’t need to pack several sets of buckets for road trips.

    I’d actually love for a true “flock” finish to return to helmets.


    It would be tremendous if teams could affix an embroidered / stitched logo too


    Not sure why a helmet needs to look like a wool cap? I’m 66, and I have no memory of players batting without helmets. Helmets have always been a part of the game for me, and I love the distinct look they have. I guess I like a good shiny helmet for the traditional teams I remember as a kid, like the Dodgers and Yankees, but the matte can also look great.

    The Nationals City Connect helmet has a matte finish, the sundae helmets are not. They are shiny! (Photo inbound!)

    I do not like the matte helmets. I prefer the helmet, just as it does in its structure, to look different from a cap.

    The Pirates still have matte helmets (I think), but their sundae helmets are glossy.

    You’re not.

    And not because they’re conceivably heavier. I just prefer decals, which are far less likely to fall off.

    I love matte helmets for baseball,. There’s something perfectly old-time about them that makes them apporpriate to me,

    I prefer the glossy helmets. They seem to be OK for the teams with dark color helmets. If the Mets are going in this direction, I’d like to see them in a satin finish, not matte.

    Always loved the glossiness of the Mets helmet, but I could get to like a matte road helmet. The home unis are way too bright and colorful for a matte helmet. Was not aware of the “copper” NY logo but it’s really bad.

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