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Ewww: Tigers Become Latest MLB Team with Sleeve Ad

The Tigers today announced that they’ve sold advertising space on their jersey sleeves to a big-box/grocery retail chain. The team will begin wearing the ad tonight, May 25. Terms of the deal, including its length, were not released.

The ad patch on the home jersey will be white, as shown above, but the one on the road jersey will be dark navy:

Detroit is the 11th MLB team so far to add a uniform ad for this season. The other 10 are the PadresRed SoxD-backsAngelsAstros, Reds, Marlins, Mets, Cardinals, and Atlanta. Several additional teams have said that they’re actively searching for a uni advertiser, so we’ll probably see more in-season announcements in the weeks and months to come.

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    They missed a cross marketing opportunity…

    Frosted Flakes? Tony the Tiger?

    Tony would be GRRRRRRRREAT! What about Little Caesar’s? (If one must have uniform ads?) It’s not as if Mr. Little Caesar’s family owns the Tigers.

    Maybe they thought, Why would I buy some worthless uniform ad? What a waste of money.

    That was my second thought! My first was, is Esso still in business? “Put a tiger in your tank” would be a great sleeve patch for Detroit.

    “You will not have to worry about a dove in your bedroom, the tiger in your tank, or the giant in your toilet bowl”

    You’ve got me thinking now: what advertiser would best fit each team based solely on the team’s identity?

    Angels: angel soft toilet paper or halo cutie tangerines?

    Cubs: snuggle fabric softener, charmin, or golden crisp cereal?

    Padres: dad’s root beer or mission tortilla chips?

    Giants: green giant vegetables or brawny paper towels?

    White Sox: Hanes or fruit of the loom?

    Royals: Burger King?

    Mariners: Gorton’s seafood
    Brewers: Miller beer
    Pirates: Pirate’s Booty snacks
    Rays: Sun Chips
    Twins: Doublemint gum

    Phillies: Phillies Cigars
    Orioles: Dixon ‘Oriole’ Pencils
    Guardians: Home security company of the same name.
    Rays: The “Sweet Baby” barbecue sauce brand.

    As a long suffering Tigers fan this disgusts me as much as the recent swill we’ve seen in the field.

    I think the worst thing about the announcement was the Tigers’ cable network’s tweet about it, referring to it as “specialized uniform branding”. Pardon my language, but that is a fucking ridiculous way to say “ad patch”.

    I will say that, among the things the pandemic killed off that I miss, it’s Meijer being open 24 hours. Many times I’ve made late night trips, going back to my high school days over 30 years ago. Though I *loathe* my local store’s recent reconfiguration.

    Kogels, strohs, kowalski, better made chips or some niche detroit business would have been cool. I guess I should be grateful it wasn’t quicken loans

    Sucks to see that crappy ad patch soil a truly classic uniform. Dreading the day my Yankees join this pathetic club. It’s coming. Also wondering when Yankee Stadium becomes Amalgamated Bank Park or worse. Guessing that’s eminent as well.

    Disagree. If there’s one good thing the Yankees have done in/for baseball, it’s been keeping the corporate crap off the uni (and the “naming rights” to the Stadium); remember, they actually paid to keep the Majestic logo off their unis; I’d say ads on unis are imminent for most teams, but I’d bet the Yankees will be one of the last teams to succomb. That’s not to say they won’t…but I’ll bet they are one of the last teams to do so, if and when they do.

    I believe when they asked Steinbrenner why the Yankees didn’t participate in that turn-the-clock-forward uniform atrocity he stated we did. We will be wearing the same uniform then as we do now.

    As much as I detest the Evil Empire, I am hoping that they pull a ‘Harold Ballard’ and add a uniform ad that is direct-sewn onto the sleeve in white thread, so as to be essentially invisible. And it should be for Kinsman Farm

    The worst thing about these advertisements is we are not talking 70-80 million like some of those premier league deals we are talking a couple of million, small change for a billion dollar franchise to soil yourself.

    What I hate most about these ads is that they are presented like it is an enhancement of the uniform. It makes the uniform even nicer. Ads on uniforms are nice, don’t you see and agree? Disgusting.

    I’m not nearly as bothered by the ads as the average UW commenter, so maybe I’m just not paying attention, but I can’t recall a single team presenting the ad as an “improvement” on their uniforms.

    Why are all teams going with a cheap looking patch? At least sewing the logo into the uni would make it look more “natural” (Lord I hate that I just wrote that).

    Given that the official Meijer logo is red and seeing what some other teams have done in terms of just slapping the logo on there, this definitely could have been worse. At least they agreed to use the team colors.

    Agree with the home patch. Would have been better if the road patch was similar to the number scheme.

    Yeah I don’t understand the effort to have a matching color patch on the home jersey only to not do the same for the road jersey.

    Seems like every Friday another team falls, have come to fearing start of homesteads – when these ad announcements tend to drop.

    It’s a sad commentary on how quickly I’ve become desensitized to the sleeve ads when my 1st thought was “Those aren’t the worst that I’ve seen.”

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