Padres Unveil Tasteful, Super-Subtle Uni Ad for 2023

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Ever since it was confirmed last month that MLB jersey ads would be coming in 2023, people have been wondering what the ad patches would look like.

And now we know, because the Padres yesterday announced that they’ll be wearing an extremely subtle and not even slightly […]

Report: No MLB Uni Ads in 2022 Regular Season After All!

Ever since the new MLB labor deal was reached two weeks ago, I’ve been trying to get info on the new uni ad program that’s part of the collective bargaining agreement. Details have been hard to come by, but’s Eric Fisher published a very informative article on Tuesday (although I didn’t become aware […]

What Does the Collapse of Labor Talks Mean for MLB Uni Ads?

As I’m sure you all know by now, the MLB season will not start on time, as the ongoing labor impasse yesterday led MLB commish Rob Manfred to cancel each team’s first two series. With both sides seemingly dug in, further cancellations are possible.

What does this mean for the prospect of ads on […]

As MLB Owners and Union Behave Like Spoiled Children, Uni Ads Become Bargaining Chip

As the negotiations between MLB owners and players have progressed recently, one thing that’s been taken pretty much as a given is that the new collective bargaining agreement, whenever it finally comes together, will include a provision for uniform ads (like the Ford helmet ads, shown at right, that several teams wore for games […]