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Category: Advertising and Sponsorship

Bud Isn’t Wiser: Beer Ad Misspells Memorial Day Tribute

Nothing says “sincere tribute to the fallen” like a typo.

Ewww: Tigers Become Latest MLB Team with Sleeve Ad

The number of ad-clad teams is now up to 11.

Report: NFL Won’t Have Uni Ads on Roger Goodell’s Watch

The much-maligned NFL commish appears to be on the right side of the uni ad debate.

Mets Replace Stupid Sleeve Ad with New Stupid Sleeve Ad

Less than a month into the season, the Amazin’s have revised their sleeve advertisement.

Reading the Tea Leaves: O’s, Phils Appear to Be Close to Uni Ad Deals

It’s hard to be 100% certain, but Baltimore and Philly both appear to have something up their sleeves.

Release the Ad: Kraken Partner With Indian Tribe for New Patch

The deal marks the first time an Indian tribe has bought a non-casino-related ad patch on a Big Four pro uniform.

Reds’ Uni Ad Is the Worst One Yet — But Not for the Reasons You Might Think

MLB’s latest uni ad has a really unfortunate twist.

What We Talk About When We Talk About Uniform Ads

Why do so many reporters fail to describe uni ads as “ads”? I decided to ask some of them.

Astros Announce Uni Ad (ewww) and Gold Champions’ Uniforms

Another day, another advertisement on an MLB uniform.

Ewww: D-backs Become Latest MLB Team to Add Uni Advertisement

It’s so subtle, you barely see it, am I right?

Ghosts of Christmas Ads Past

The December issue of Boys’ Life, along with the Sears Christmas Wishbook, formed the basis for any serious Christmas List preparation

If You Lie Down with Dogs: Crypto Deals Turn Ugly for Teams, Leagues

A sketchy industry, a market crash, a few ad patches and naming rights deals — what could go wrong?

Say It Ain’t So: Ole Miss Sells Space on Helmet to Uni Advertiser

We’ve all been so focused on uni ads in the pro leagues that we haven’t thought much about it happening in the college ranks. But now it’s happened.

Seven, Shmeven: Bruins Piss on Espo’s Retired Number With New Uni Ad

The latest reason to hate uniform advertising.

Got Milk? Leafs Add Dairy Patch to Uniforms

Toronto is the 10th NHL team so far to announce a uni advertiser for 2022-23