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Category: Advertising and Sponsorship

Ghosts of Christmas Ads Past

The December issue of Boys’ Life, along with the Sears Christmas Wishbook, formed the basis for any serious Christmas List preparation

If You Lie Down with Dogs: Crypto Deals Turn Ugly for Teams, Leagues

A sketchy industry, a market crash, a few ad patches and naming rights deals — what could go wrong?

Say It Ain’t So: Ole Miss Sells Space on Helmet to Uni Advertiser

We’ve all been so focused on uni ads in the pro leagues that we haven’t thought much about it happening in the college ranks. But now it’s happened.

Seven, Shmeven: Bruins Piss on Espo’s Retired Number With New Uni Ad

The latest reason to hate uniform advertising.

Got Milk? Leafs Add Dairy Patch to Uniforms

Toronto is the 10th NHL team so far to announce a uni advertiser for 2022-23

It’s Official: Motorola Leads the League in Uni Advertising

The tech brand now has its logo on the uniforms of 3 NBA teams (and they used to a 4th!), plus they’ll be on at least one MLB uni next year.

Local Black-Owned Coffee Shop Gets Free Ad Spot on Devils’ Road Helmets

For the second consecutive season, the Devils’ primary helmet advertiser is donating its spot to a local Black-owned business, free of charge.

Report: NHL Expects About Half of Teams to Remain Ad-Free This Season

The NHL uni ad situation could be a lot better — but it turns out that it could also be a lot worse.

Répugnante: Habs Become Latest NHL Team to Unveil Ad Patch

The league’s most storied franchise has chosen to sully its famous sweater with an ad for a bank.

Gross: NHL Ad Patches Start Appearing — But One Team Won’t Be Wearing Them

The NHLPA Rookie Showcase provided a good look at how the ad patches will look this season — but at least one team is choosing to remain ad-free.

Padres Unveil Tasteful, Super-Subtle Uni Ad for 2023

Click to enlarge Ever since it was confirmed last month that MLB jersey ads would be coming in 2023, people have been wondering what the ad patches would look like. …

Report: No MLB Uni Ads in 2022 Regular Season After All!

Ever since the new MLB labor deal was reached two weeks ago, I’ve been trying to get info on the new uni ad program that’s part of the collective bargaining …

What Does the Collapse of Labor Talks Mean for MLB Uni Ads?

As I’m sure you all know by now, the MLB season will not start on time, as the ongoing labor impasse yesterday led MLB commish Rob Manfred to cancel each …

As MLB Owners and Union Behave Like Spoiled Children, Uni Ads Become Bargaining Chip

As the negotiations between MLB owners and players have progressed recently, one thing that’s been taken pretty much as a given is that the new collective bargaining agreement, whenever it …

A Cautionary Tale: How Hockey Jersey Ads Came to Finland

Click to enlarge As we all know by now, NHL uniforms will start carrying advertisements next season. But in some parts of the world, the idea of hockey teams wearing …