Ewwww: MLB Umps to Start Wearing Ad Patches in July

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Welcome back to Ump Watch, where we continue to cover the wide world of umpiring attire. Sadly, the latest news on that front is of the gross variety, as MLB yesterday announced that umps will soon begin wearing advertising patches for a cryptocurrency exchange. […]

How the Financial Sector Got the WFT to Change Its Name

When the Washington Football Team decided last summer to retire its longstanding team name, there was a lot of talk about how shareholders and investment firms had pressured the team to make the identity change. But what does that mean, exactly? Who were these shareholders and investment firms, and what sort of pressure were […]

And So It Begins: NHL Takes First Steps Toward Idiocracy

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The NHL officially entered the world of uniform advertising yesterday, as the Devils, Capitals, and Predators announced that their inaugural helmet advertisers will be, respectively, an insurance company, a bank, and a tire manufacturer (as seen from left to right above).

Let’s shift into […]

Less Is More: A Look at the NBA’s Ad-Free Three

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The 2020-21 NBA season tips off one week from today (I know, it’s crazy — feels like we were just crowning the Lakers), and preseason games have now begun. And lo and behold, those preseason contests have revealed something magnificent: Three teams — the Bucks, Kings, and […]