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Atlanta Becomes 10th MLB Team with Sleeve Ad (and it’s a doozy)

Atlanta’s MLB team announced this morning that they’ve sold ad space on their jersey sleeves to a “concrete and cementitious products manufacturer” for the next five years. The sleeve ad will make its on-field debut tomorrow, May 19, when Atlanta hosts the Mariners.

I’d say this one is almost worth it just because we’re all learning the word “cementitious,” which is a sensational adjective that I was previously unaware of.

Atlanta is the 10th MLB team so far to add a uniform ad for this season. The other nine are the PadresRed SoxD-backsAngelsAstros, Reds, Marlins, Mets, and Cardinals. Several additional teams have said that they’re actively searching for a uni advertiser, so we’ll probably see more in-season announcements in the weeks and months to come.

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    Reminds me of my first job, in high school, working at the movie theater. I was a Ticket Sales Representative and also Food Distribution and Satisfaction Transactions Manager


    Why does it have to be so big, maybe the Braves will be like the Mets and reduce it/change colors because its in Pirates colors.

    I’d say it’s highly unlikely that they’re going to change the color. Yellow is an accent color in the tomahawk logo, and several players (including Ronald Acuña) have used yellow accents like cleats, gloves, and pads.

    I 100% prefer the Braves uniform with this particular Quikcrete logo than without it, because its fairly silly and has a cartoonish appearance.
    Also, this seems to be a weird instance where the logo for the Ad does not appear to be a logo the company uses anywhere else! If you look at the actual website, or an actual bag of Quikcrete, the logo is Yellow with a black outline, and the bag portion of this is not used as part of the logo like it is here.

    I can think of other Ad patches I would like more if they were renderings of the product packaging. If the Reds had a bag of Groceries on their sleave rather than just the Korger text, or if the Padres had a little cartoon cellphone rather than the Motorolla “M”, etc.

    How about Mr. Met dressed as a doctor? For that matter, get the mascots involved in all the patches. Mr. Redlegs pushing a grocery buggy (or grocery cart, if you’re not from Pittsburgh), the Friar talking on a phone, etc. I’d much rather look at that on a jersey sleeve.

    That’s actually a great idea, if we have to have uni ads, and would be hilarious to see.

    As much as I hold every baseball uniform ad in equal disdain, Atlanta’s Quickcrete ad is so far my least-unfavorite. Precisely because of the skeuomorphic product image it represents. It looks like the kind of ad you’d see on an old-timey ballpark outfield fence, whereas most of the other sleeve ads debuted so far look more like corporate branding on a mobile app.

    I work as a graphic design artist for a concrete coating manufacturing company, so seeing this ad gives me really mixed feelings lol

    As a Braves fan, I kind of like it. I also don’t really care if teams have ads on the uniforms. Make money!

    Baseball is just another big business. Albeit one that has the ability to act as a monopoly.

    Yesterday’s episode of Ted Lasso is pertinent here… “Just because we own these teams doesn’t mean they belong to us.”

    The hype video that the Braves posted on Twitter to announce this was possibly the most tone deaf aspect of this whole announcement. They spent 2 minutes showing classic Braves highlights as if the people who enjoy those aspects of fandom are going to be so pumped about this. I hate everything about this so much.

    This is the most random and absurd sponsor. Future uni-historians will be scratching their head about this one. Hopefully in the context of “remember those weird ad patches from the early 20’s? Glad they scrapped those after a few years.”

    As an architect (who actually is aware of the term cementitious) I sort of get a kick out of this one. And I like it for the bag of concrete more so than it just being the company’s logo.

    Hey, me too! I’m also an architect who was already familiar with the term cementitious. Nice to meet you, Tom!

    Reminds me that “cement head’ used to get thrown around a lot as a pejorative term, perhaps mainly in hockey circles, but I haven’t heard that expression, really, in many years. Maybe because they all wear helmets now, and there is less fighting and not so many one-dimensional fighters in the league anymore.

    aw great, it’s already bad enough I’m reminded of my job during the tool race, now I’m reminded for my least favorite distributor?

    Man oh man does that look terrible, yellow matches blah blah blah…..doesn’t matter, does not look good. Even if you’re one of the “make money if you can people” you can’t think this patch looks good. My first reaction was to crack up laughing.

    On the bright side, this sponsor gives me a great footwear idea for the suit who made this happen.

    Wow. So ugly. So tacky. But here to stay…with more on the way.
    A few fans complain…a few blogs poke fun…and we all move on. Wash, rinse, repeat. The owners realize this and just keep cashing those checks.

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