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It’s Time for the 2024 Uni Watch MLB Season Preview!

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Aloha! Paul here, writing to you from Hawaii. Although the 2024 MLB season technically started last week in Korea, Opening Day for most teams will be tomorrow, and that means it’s time for the Uni Watch MLB Season Preview, now in its 26th annual edition! As usual, it’s your go-to resource for everything you need to know about this season’s new uniforms, logos, patches, throwbacks, and sleeve ads, plus stadium updates, deep-cut player-specific info, and a lot more. I can say with some confidence that it’s the most comprehensive guide of its type that you’re going to find!

The MLB Preview is always my biggest and most popular piece of the year, and this year’s will be even more essential than usual, because I’m including detailed coverage of Nike’s controversial template changes. Clocking in at about 7,000 words, it’s not to be missed!

You can read the first part of the MLB Preview by clicking here. In order to read the entire thing, you’ll need to become a paid subscriber to my Substack (which will also give you access to my full Substack archives). Thanks!



Too Good for the Ticker

Spotted this car yesterday in the parking lot at a supermarket in Kona. Who’da thunk there’d be such a rabid Bills fan in Hawaii?

I especially like the Bills-ified version of the islands:

I got to meet the car’s owner, who said he’s originally from Buffalo. And his name is — of course — Bill!



Can of the Day

This one seemed appropriate for today, what with the MLB Season Preview and all.

• • • • •

There will be at least one other post today, but Phil is going to be busy with family obligations for most of the day, so play nice while we’re both away. Thanks! — Paul

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    Not surprised–that is certainly right up your alley!

    I saw one in an antique store a while back and took a photo (link) that I had planned to send to Paul but forgot until I saw it here today.

    Great MLB Preview, Paul! End of an era—congratulations! That is always my favorite article to look forward to each year.

    Not sure if anyone has pointed this out yet, but just one note on the Padres, Blake Snell also wore a single digit number for them—no. 4 from 2021-2023. So, that would be three single digit pitchers in three years with Gore, Snell, and Matsui.

    Those who see him as a lefty believe the logo was specifically based on Harmon Killebrew (even though Killer was a righty).


    The guy who created the Batterman Logo was Jerry Dior (who I met at a Uni Watch party years and years ago) whom Paul has written on several times, said it wasn’t based on any one player. Buf if you flip Killebrew’s stance around…


    Others have speculated it was other player, almost all of whom batted lefty…



    Here are a couple pieces Paul did on this:



    Just like I never noticed the negative space “S” in the Portland Storm logo, so too I’ve always seen Batterman as a righty.

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