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Our First Look at a Mets Road Jersey in Nike’s New Template

Reader Brad Houser spotted this eBay listing for an “authentic” Mets road jersey rendered in Nike’s new tailoring template, so let’s take a look.

First things first: Despite the seller’s claim, this is a replica, not an authentic. That said, we can still learn a few things from it. Let’s start with the front view:


  • The placket break is ever-so-slightly different, but the changes are unobjectionable.
  • The new “New York” lettering looks smaller, but I think that’s just because of the angle at which the photo was taken.
  • The new numerals are a bit thinner. I actually prefer the new version.
  • Obviously, there’s also the narrower headspoon and the sun collar, but you knew that already.

Now let’s look at the back:

Ugh — I really hate the new rear-jersey format. Yes, the MLB logo is too low, but what really bugs me is the NOB lettering, which now looks so dinky (which is exactly what I said when we saw this template in the 2023 MLB All-Star Game).

In case you’re wondering, the Mets’ first road game this season is scheduled for April 5 in Cincinnati, so that’s presumably when we’ll see this design make its on-field debut.

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    Hi, Rob. I’m not saying you’re wrong, but aside from the Nike logo (which doesn’t look off to me), what about the jersey looks so obviously fake to you?

    Again, not saying you’re wrong – just want to see what you see.

    Its 100% legit, the Nike logo is embroidered on the new replicas instead of being heat pressed.

    The embroidery on the swoosh is actually why I think this might be a knockoff. The stitching on the bottom of the elongated part of the swoosh (best way I can describe it) looks to be uneven. This could just be because the image quality isn’t the best, but I have a couple of fake NBA jerseys and they have the same issue.

    I like the old Road jersey better Why don’t the just leave things alone The old one just looks good

    Agreed, that swoosh is off, longer and thinner than usual, also find it odd that the back part of the collar is folded over, hiding the tag, or pressed “tag” that is there, which is often a tell with fakes.

    Every single one of these Nike jerseys (Uniforms) are shit. Each time I see a new update on one, it reminds me of the all-star game in the 80’s when Lou Whittaker had to buy a replica jersey, and use a magic marker to draw his number on the back.

    The MLB logo being put below the headspoon or headspoon seam is 110% the worst part about this template. It bugged me immediately when those first Royals jersey prototypes leaked however long ago, and it continues to bug me just as much today. It looks like a knockoff jersey that didn’t know where the authentic ones put it. Every other change is white noise to me over that glaring visual scar on the back.

    Could the smaller NOB be to accommodate longer last names, which are becoming more common with the hyphen generation?

    I suspect so, but I’m disappointed that Nike (and Majestic before them) seem to not even be considering condensed fonts, which were standard in the ’80s and ’90s.

    I actually prefer the smaller NOB font as it lets the numbers stand out more, but that horrible MLB logo below the collor just throws everything off. It doesn’t need to be there.

    I sure hope this is a fake. The “NEW YORK” letters are most definitely smaller than current (optical illusion aside, you can tell they’re smaller by looking at their distance from the buttons). Also, the “W” now slightly overlaps the headspoon, and the “Y” appears bisected, whereas previously it sat beneath the upper right fork. Back NOB looks like shit too (but we knew that already).

    I think that chest word mark actually is smaller. I noticed it on the rendering Paul posted from the style guide recently. As a Mets fan, when I saw that I said “uh oh”. I sincerely hope I’m wrong. The smaller head spoon and placket and now smaller lettering (potentially) is really ruining my favorite Mets jersey for me.

    It absolutely is smaller. Look how much higher the 34 is on the right photo. Compare it to the buttons.

    those numerals look very very fake. I see no stitching on either side whatsoever. Otherwise I’ll other complaints I agree with. Major step backward by Nike.

    The Nike replicas have always done that.

    The Majestic replicas heat-pressed the names and numbers on, but also stitched the outer layer to the garment, and had faux stitching on the inner (kiss cut) layers. Then later they did away with the faux stitching and “drew” stitches on.

    Nike has completely done away with any stitching on their replicas and just heat press everything on.

    I have noticed that the Cubs replica jerseys seem to have smaller chest emblems than the authentic jerseys. I’ve never paid attention to the name/numbers on the back of a replica jerseys. Both of mine are authentic (and pre Nike mark thank goodness). It’s pretty easy to spot the difference when watching games at Wrigley on TV. Maybe that’s the case with this “replica” Mets jersey.

    I’ve seen the new jersey templates during fan-fests for both Detroit and Atlanta. They all look the same: MLB logo between the shoulder blades, horribly under-sized lettering for NOB’s, and slightly smaller numbers. Detroit famously had slightly larger NOB lettering but no more. They all look like bad take-offs done by a sporting goods store. The looks are getting more and more homogenized.

    The New York being smaller is only cause it’s a replica, previous Nike replicas also had small lettering. I wouldn’t read into too much of anything from this photo.

    Along with all other evidence people have brought up that this may be fake, the numbers aren’t perforated like all of the other jerseys have had

    Could someone ask the seller to send pics of the inside of the jersey, including closeups of (if present) tags, stitching, and of where the letters / numbers are applied?

    These are what usually are dead giveaways, especially on hockey jerseys

    Ugh, it is stuff like this from Nike, the little changes for no reason that ruin stuff, that just make being into uniforms less and less enjoyable. Feels like we’ve been hijacked by Nike and just have to accept they do dumb “template” stuff that is unnecessary and looks bad, AND they also do an awful job when designing new uniforms.

    Kinda like the new football jersey template. The crazy collar thing really only affects the Bills, but looks horribly out of place. The “V” cut on the front is avoidable as some teams seams run horizontal. I’ve been waiting on some crazy reason they have for it?

    I’m really shocked that they didn’t do the perforated jerseys in MLB like they have for college baseball. I would think players would like that. Especially in those hot summer games wearing dark colored jerseys.

    I hope that jersey is real, because it is a major upgrade from their previous look. I much prefer the minimalist, streamlined appearance. Well done, Nike.

    The Mets have always had that mismatched number font (at least on the home uniforms), the back begin standard block and the front being a slightly condensed block, so for the 2 number fonts to match seems odd, like something is off.

    The replicas have never come with those numbers on the front, and since this *is* a replica, my question is: is Nike going to the same route on the authentics/on-field? Are they also switching the number font on the front to be more, well, uniform with the one on the back?

    I assume if that is a new front number font, it will also be used on the home jerseys, thus breaking a 60 year streak of using the old one. I would hate that.

    Checked the Dodgers website since the Ohtani jerseys were probably going to be released with the new template. Not sure if the “vapor limited” is and in-between to the replica and possibly an “authentic” version. But, below, it has a break down of all the “features” of the jersey. I, for one, would wonder how many times you could you could wash/dry these with the heat applied graphics before they would start to come loose? Yet another reason I’m glad I purchased my authentic Cubs jerseys from the Majestic era. Everything is sewn on.


    “Dinky” is definitely the right word for the NOB lettering. How does something like that get through design and production, and nobody actually has that same reaction and do something about it? Ugh.

    I truly don’t feel like we’re yelling at clouds when we gripe about template (chassis?) changes like this. It’s always a matter of opinion, but it’s not a font or wordmark or color scheme or logo or blocking issue in and of itself (although the template does occasionally affect those things). It’s like: why does a team that has no collar trim still have the “sun collar”? Why does the MLB logo need to move down when doing so forces other unfortunate changes to be made? Why make the placket thinner when doing so forces almost every team to rework at least one jersey wordmark? Why make the head spoon transitional curvature noticeably tighter when all that does is draw attention to how jarring the new skinnier head spoon is? It’s just stupid, pointless “technical” choices that have detrimental ramifications on the aesthetic design in other ways.

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