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2024 MLB Spring Training Caps Begin to Appear Online

MLB hasn’t yet officially released this year’s slate of spring training caps, but eight of them have appeared on MLB Canada’s online shop. The nicest one is Chicago’s, which is shown above. Here are the others:

I imagine we’ll be seeing the other teams’ designs soon enough.

(My thanks to Kyle Sasala for alerting me to the MLB Canada listings.)

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    Interesting that the NYY cap appears to be the only one that’s basically identical to their current cap. Other than the different material and ’24 side patch (link), it appears to be the same as their regular cap.

    Clearly one of the goals of the ST/BP cap is to increase merch sales, but I can’t see why any cap collectors/Yankee fans/etc. would purchase this (and that’s fine by me). Am I missing something?

    I THINK the patch on the side is enough for the big collectors. Following New Era on Instagram, they seem to be constantly releasing special editions with the only change being an All Star or anniversary logo.

    I get it for the Yanks, but Spring Training should be fun. The Tigers, Mariners, and Cubs all seemed to hit the mark a lot better.

    I once lamented the constant ruining of hats by adding side patches and was fired back at pretty heavily as being “an idiot” who “doesn’t know what a good hat looks like”, amongst other similar insults. Modern hat collectors and enthusiasts seem to love the side patch no matter how pointless, ancillary, unnecessary, ugly, or detrimental to the design I might think it is.

    In the case of BP/spring training hats, however, they are already ruined by the fact that they always seem to be made of old high school basketball uni material. Who wants that cheap looking junk?

    Not to mention they typically use logos that instantly remind me why they are not primary logos.

    When I buy a cap with one of those side patches (because clearance sale), the seam ripper comes right out.

    Counterpoint: the Yankees fans don’t buy the funky designs and that’s the evidence that the Yankees hats need to look just like regular Yankees hats

    Bingo. I’ll admit I was guilty of owning a Yankees cap in random colors, but it was the 1990s and I was a teenager who didn’t know better.

    Yankees fan here. I wish they’d use an alternate logo for these, like the script Y or the old school roundel logo.

    But oh well.

    Probably follows the conservative guidelines also eliminates any Yankee Shitty Connect uni.
    Don’t blame them
    Also notice the 24 side patch appears to be stitched, which is a plus

    Is that the Arizona Diamondbacks or the Atlanta Braves? Arizona colors, Atlanta logo.

    I also thought it was interesting that the ST24 logo looks like it’s embroidered on the side like the reproductions of World Series caps that New Era makes today rather than a patch applied like previous years.

    I thought going back to the palm tree patch it was a printed patch sewn on rather than a direct embroidered logo, mostly due to limitations the trucker hat created.

    Oh sweet! I had that version of the Red Sox hat back in 92 or 95, whenever the one year they wore it was, and have never been able to find another one. Guess i know what i’m buying

    I didn’t notice the patch til I saw the Mariners. Thought it was a Griffey patch. Then I saw it on the others. As a mariners fan, that’s a buy!

    Truckers are bad news for a baldilocks such as myself. I have to fold up a bandanna inside if I wear it in the sun.

    Obvious from the picture which one it is, but seems a bit weird to call it ‘Chicago’s’ hat when clearly that could be two different things… Not sure you’d refer to a Mets hat as a ‘New York hat’? (Spoken as a White Sox fan who often feels irrelevant )

    Not a fan of the Dodgers cap. That “D” doesn’t make me think of the Dodgers.

    I hate those patches on the side. The spring training logo has the MLB patch, so it should be on the back. There is no reason to have two MLB patches on the hat.

    New Era is smart. Very smart.

    When Spring Training is over, they can box those Tigers caps up in Lakeland and ship them to Cincinnati and sell them to Bengals fans in Cincinnati in time for the Pre-Season.

    I’m still angry at Jerry Colangelo for overriding the Arizona fans vote for Scorpions. And it was his idea to have the vote. This would be the perfect hat to have an awesome scorpion on it. Oh who am I kidding, I’d want their main hat to have a scorpion on it.

    I like all of them, even the Yankees refusing to do anything but the side patch. Would have liked a white crown foor the Yankees, for a change, maybe even with navy pinstripes.

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