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Category: Typos/Glitches/Wrong Uni/Etc.

Dude, Where’s My Headspoon? MLB Fiasco Continues to Amaze

Something was missing from Diamondbacks shortstop Kevin Newman’s jersey last night.

Oops: Typos in Kobe Statue Are Lakers’ Latest Mistakes

For such a storied franchise, the Lakers sure make a lot of goofs when commemorating their history.

Phoenix Suns Player Royce O’Neale Wears Uni Number Upside-Down

Eagle-eyed fans spotted the miscue.

Wemby Watch: Rookie’s NOB Typo Adds to Spurs’ Misfortunes

As if an 11-game losing streak weren’t bad enough, San Antonio sent their celebrated rookie onto the court with his name misspelled.

Pats Still Having Players Suit Up in Wrong Number Font!

For the fourth consecutive year, New England can’t keep its fonts straight.

Bud Isn’t Wiser: Beer Ad Misspells Memorial Day Tribute

Nothing says “sincere tribute to the fallen” like a typo.

Just When You Thought the British WBC Uni Couldn’t Get Any Worse…

The jokes just write themselves.

The Mystery of the Nets’ Missing Jersey Stripe

One of basketball’s classic uni designs was often afflicted with a little-noticed flaw.

Oops! Aggies Receive Technical for Leaving Jerseys at Hotel

Texas A&M got T’d up after an absent-minded team manager committed a serious gaffe.

‘T’ Minus: Nets Player Victimized by Wayward Letter

Nic Claxton’s uniform looks a bit different tonight.

Oops: Thunder and Grizz Both Show Up Wearing White

Good morning, and happy Pi Day! I’ll have more on that later in today’s post. Meanwhile: Bizarre situation last night in Oklahoma City, as the Grizzlies and Thunder showed up …

Monday Morning Uni Watch: Wild Card Edition

For all photos, click to enlarge Good morning! How ’bout those 49ers? That was one sloppy game, with both teams doing their best to give it away. But as a …

Pats Continue to Lead the League in Jersey Blunders

For all photos, click to enlarge On the left is how Patriots quarterback Mac Jones’s white road jersey is supposed to look. On the right is how it looked during …

Protect the Shield: The Strange Saga of the NFL Logo on Patrick Mahomes’s Pants

For all photos, click to enlarge Good morning, and greetings from Uni Watch HQ. Arrived back here yesterday afternoon. My North Carolina trip was sensational, but it’s good to be …

Untold Uni Story: The Day the Colts Had Two Greg Landrys

Hmmm, what’s going on here? Did the Colts find a way to clone backup quarterback Greg Landry during a 1980 game against the Jets at Shea Stadium? Nope, but it’s …