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Just When You Thought the British WBC Uni Couldn’t Get Any Worse…

As we all know by now, Great Britain’s uniforms in the World Baseball Classic are a bad joke. But that joke had a new punchline tonight, as the first “T” fell off of British pitcher Ian Gibaut’s jersey, somehow making a minimal design even more minimalist.

Here’s the moment when the wayward letter finally couldn’t take it anymore and abandoned this sorry excuse for a uniform:

While Gibaut may have given the little fella an assist, the “T” was clearly already on its way to jumping ship before Gibaut provided the final push. Huzzah!

The “T” is now free to lead a rich and fulfilling life, unburdened by being part of the worst jersey ever. Here’s hoping the rest of the letters follow this brave example.

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    Other problems with WBC uniforms. Not just Great Britain. Dissatisfied with my country’s look. Canada went with stripes partway down leg. Small letters and numbers on front. A red and white uniform yet batting helmet has a black bill.

    Canada’s unis are pretty bad. Interrupted striping irritates the shit out of me for some reason.

    Nike clearly gave the WBC design project to a team of interns. Boring, uninspired uniforms. Do better, Nike.

    Boring? How very dare you! We prefer ‘understated elegance’. Anything garish would be considered distasteful and arrogant.

    Looks like they picked up a bunch of used stuff from Play it Again sports.

    I’d still take these over the USA jerseys in a heartbeat. A font that was trendy 20 years ago, with America’s breakfast meat sandwiched in between.

    Laugh at ’em if you want, but I love don’t hate the simplicity of the the British uniforms. There’s enough garish garbage out there. This is a nice change.

    Paul, I’m not sure the strikethrough came through in may comment. If it didn’t please fix.

    Seems funny to me that people will wax poetic about Penn State’s plain uniforms or the Yankees road unis but here, for a uniform that is similarly plain, GB is being excoriated. Makes no sense to me and see like a bit of a double standard. I think Penn State looks like a practice, don’t mind the Yankees road look, and I don’t mind a WBC uniform that is flashy, even if its one-off nature can’t be called classic. If anything, the letter falling off says something about Nike quality. Glad my school doesn’t use Nike and I don’t have to do business with that company.

    No way can one compare GB’s unis to PSU or NYY. It appears as though swooshie just found some blank gray/red (and presumably white) jerseys and ironed-on “GREAT BRITAIN.” PSU/NYY aren’t so much plain as they are understated/restrained. GB’s are neither. They’re just plain awful.

    Not everything has to be so “us vs them”. Two things can be true.

    Yes the USA logo stinks (5 stripes on the “flag”?) and the S is the main reason why. And the hat logo is stuck in the 90’s. But GB’s uniforms definitely look like someone bought iron-on letters from hobby lobby and whipped them up in 5 minutes. The fact that the letters are falling off, as cheap iron-on letters do, doesn’t help to elevate them.

    And yes, while a little more about the result of the game would flesh out this article and make it a bit more interesting, it is a sports design blog, not a sports blog. That’s just the breaks.

    Is there some reason Britain’s uniforms are designed that way, in a very non-baseball style font and stacking? Is there something particularly British, British sports, or British baseball about that design that would explain it? Just about every youth baseball jersey I have seen looks more baseball than that.

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