Artist Andy Brown Returns, for Baseball Season

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Readers will recall a short while ago I featured artist Andy Brown, who shared his paintings and drawings from PyeongChang, Korea, during the past Winter Olympics. In the lede graf of that article, I wrote, “I was first drawn to Andy through his baseball-related paintings and sketches. . . . → Read More: Artist Andy Brown Returns, for Baseball Season

Talkin' (Japanese) Baseball, Part II

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You folks may recall I had done a post a few months ago with Henry Yu on the Japanese baseball experience, and at the end of the article, I asked if any other fans wanted to share their experiences. I had a back-and-forth with . . . → Read More: Talkin’ (Japanese) Baseball, Part II

Talkin' (Japanese) Baseball

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Over the course of the years, I’ve followed a twitter account that goes by Sons of Johnnie LeMaster (they have a blog, although it doesn’t appear as though it’s been updated recently. But in any event, I’ve corresponded with them (him), and occasionally they (he) have contributed a ticker item or three. . . . → Read More: Talkin’ (Japanese) Baseball

Buckling Up in the Bronx

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In Saturday’s Ticker, which was compiled by Phil, reader Jimmy Lonetti noticed that Yankees pitcher Masahiro Tanaka appeared to be wearing a larger-than-usual belt buckle in a recent ESPN The Mag cover photo (shown above). That jogged a particular memory for me . . . → Read More: Buckling Up in the Bronx