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Cardinals Announce City Connect Unveiling and On-Field Dates

We’ve known for a while that the Cardinals’ City Connect uniform will be launching in May. Now, as you can see above, we have firm dates: The uniform will be revealed on Monday, May 20, and will make its on-field debut that Saturday, May 26, when the Cards host the Cubs.

We don’t yet have any specifics about the design, although many fans have speculated that it will draw inspiration from the St. Louis city flag and/or make use of “The Lou” (which is hashtagged in that tweet from the team).

The Cardinals are one of nine MLB teams getting new City Connect uniforms this season. Here’s the rundown on the other eight teams:

  • Phillies: Already debuted.
  • Mets: Scheduled to unveil tomorrow and debut on April 26, but there have been several purported leaks.
  • Rays: Unveiling date uncertain; on-field debut scheduled for May 3.
  • Tigers: Scheduled to unveil on May 6 and debut on May 10, but there’s been a purported cap leak.
  • Guardians: Unveiling date uncertain; on-field debut scheduled for May 17.
  • Blue Jays: Unveiling date uncertain; on-field debut scheduled for May 31.
  • Twins: Unveiling date uncertain; on-field debut scheduled for June 14.
  • Dodgers: Unveiling date uncertain; on-field debut scheduled for June 21.

(My thanks to Tod Meisner for bringing the Cardinals’ announcement to my attention.)

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    I believe someone else linked this article from espn with the following reporting of debut dates:
    “…starting with the Philadelphia Phillies (April 12) and followed by the New York Mets (April 26), Tampa Bay Rays (May 3), Detroit Tigers (May 10), Cleveland Guardians (May 17), St. Louis Cardinals (May 25), Toronto Blue Jays (May 31) and Minnesota Twins (June 14). We’ll also get another set this season from the Los Angeles Dodgers (June 21)…”


    This is my reaction to every City Connect release announcement/leak…

    I have lived in St. Louis my entire life. Not once have I heard an actual person use “The Lou” unironically. But corporations and marketing firms will not let it die. I could see a St. Louis City flag design being somewhat ok, but they will ruin it by writing “The Lou” on the chest.

    As a side note (and I’m sure many others have noticed), “The Lou” sounds identical to “the loo,” which isn’t a great look.

    The Cardinals should really have followed suit with the Yankees and said no thanks to this program.

    Not looking forward to this at all… However, let’s have some fun with this. Replace the birds on the bat with Toasted Ravioli . Done

    The Lou? I know the spelling is different, but when you say it, not good. At least Louisville is the ville. But what is up with these stupid generic city nicknames?

    This is an unveiling I’m not looking forward to. I don’t believe there are any substantial positive changes they could make to their basic uniform setup, so it’s hard to see a path to this being a good Cardinals uniform, or anything other than embarrassing. The people of St. Louis have been through enough.

    St Louis has a fine flag, but if these uniforms are mono-red with some kind of yellow and blue squigglies, I might vomit. If it says “The Lou” or has a zipcode on the front….ugh…

    This is one of the most storied franchises in all of professional sports. Save the gimmicks, save the costumes, just be the St. Louis Cardinals.

    It’s too late for that. DeWitt already caved into staining the uniform with blasphemous Stifel junk last year.

    Where are you going? Sorry, I have to go to the loo…Millions of British people (and I guess a few Americans and Canadians as well) use this alternative for the bathroom. What a smart choice to put it on a jersey if it is the case.

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