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Another Possible City Connect Leak, This Time for the Detroit Tigers

The same guy who found what might be the Mets’ City Connect cap in a Japanese shop has also found a Tigers cap.

This cap, like the Mets cap, has stickers that say “On-Field” and “Authentic Collection.”

Anyone know what the number on the side might be referring to?

Update: I’ve now been informed that the number refers to the years of the team’s founding (1901) and four championship (1935, ’45, ’68, and ’84).

The Tigers’ City Connect uni is scheduled to be unveiled on May 6, with the on-field debut slated for May 10.

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    1901 is the year the team was founded
    35, 45, 68, and 84 are the World Series Champ years

    Those numbers appear to be the seasons in which the Tigers won the bug hunk of metal– er, I mean, the World Series

    The numbers are the year the Tigers were founded (1901) and the years they won the Series (35, 45, 68, 84)

    Why does Nike keep pushing all these “City” uniforms across the MLB and NBA? Oh I know, it’s all about $$$$$. Do longtime fans really want these? Or is it all about people that just buy fashion stuff? Kinda like the MLB caps that aren’t even in the team’s colors.

    My kid’s too young, but my nieces/nephews/buddy’s kids/etc. absolutely *love* merch dump garbage.

    on a 162 game mission to explore the american league, major league baseball, and go where no al central team has gone before…

    Is it me or is the Shitty Connect series getting progressively worse? Not that it was very great to start with. Believe me, the potential is there to make and produce some awesome alternatives. They just have the wrong people in charge. The Whiff rate on these are off the charts..
    Enough of the Black pants !!!
    Enough of the ridiculously unnecessary numbers on the caps!!
    These are the Major Leagues Nike !!
    Not the AA Rivercats of some Independent league. The key is brand Identity. When you see the Mets you think Blue & orange .why not integrate those colors in it ? Detroit has such a rich history. So much potential only to screw up again.

    These are the Major Leagues Nike !!

    Not anymore.
    This is Manfred League Baseball, not to be confused with the institution that died in 1994 and is in a zombie-like existence now. Instead of brains, the Manfred League feeds on cash. By any means necessary.

    Seems pretty random to me. Some are pretty bad, some are really bad. Dodgers is the worst IMO, script on a hat is looks terrible.

    The Dodgers dumped the “Los Dodgers” cap a while back. Last year it was just the standard interlocking LA with the “ink-stained” black blotches on the brim, and they also dumped the blue pants. It’s not a terrible look, just a boring one.

    I can think of a lot worse in the CC program.

    Looks a little bit like the StarTrek font. I think that would look better on the jersey, with an altered monogram “D” or a tiger logo on the cap. This could have been a chance to repurpose the brighter versions of the color scheme they’ve used in the past, but they seemed to have taken the “paint it black” route.

    The Tigers have one of the nicest, coolest, monograms in all of sports (the old-fashioned “D”) and their running away from it here. These city designs tend to have the unintended consequence of making almost every team look more generic.

    I’ve always been disappointed by the Tigers’ cat logos. The animal itself is so intrinsically cool, but most of Detroit’s tiger designs have missed the mark (IMO), especially the version on the inside of the brim in the picture here. I’ve been waiting for them to retire that logo since it debuted, and its been a while.

    It so strange to me when they take what’s basically the only real visual design element and hide it underneath a brim (the tiger head here) or a inside a cuff (Baltimore).

    The other factor is that so many of these designs are like, “Hey check out our radical new design: white lettering on black, with sublimated black details that you can’t really see.”

    I can’t tell what the theme is here, but it’s probably “Motown.” That’s fine, but there’s a lot more to Detroit (and Michigan) than that. They could have done something about Detroit’s urban community gardens, and then donated some trowels or something.

    Well I guess putting the whole name of the City on the cap is one way to Connect. (Missed opportunity to render the whole thing in Old English typeface, though.)

    If the underbrim is any indication the Tigers’ connection to the city is Lions jerseys but with tigers instead?

    I was thinking the same as this feels like the lions ‘grit’ themed font and the blue underbrim. Please correct if I’m wrong

    That’s exactly what it feels like to me, the font reads like the Lions “futuristic” wordmark. They’re probably trying to capitalize on the Lions being the only really popular and good team in town (the Red Wings are clawing their way back to respectability though.)

    For years I enjoyed the fact that the Tigers wore two uniforms – home whites and away grays. No softball tops or other crap. Alas, that appears to be coming to an end and this city connect business never fails to disappoint.

    The Tigers had a lot of nice little touches, like the home and road jerseys being very different from each other, with orange on the road unis (including cap logo) but not the home ones. It was a thoughtful approach that stood the test of time until some Nike exec said “let’s blow this shit up.”

    If the jersey looks anything like the cap, I can’t see how they missed so bad.
    the tigers should be the easiest team. Just say “Motor City” in blackletter and they’ll fly off the shelves.

    I’ve been dreading this release ever since they announced the City Connect program. This has not alleviated an ounce of that dread but merely confirmed it. This is a ‘fashion’ hat, not something that belongs in the major leagues.

    I just want Under Armour to take over the uni contract like they were supposed to so we don’t have to see these crappy unis again

    Get f—ked, Nike. Gene Roddenberry is from Texas, so please explain this font choice. Spelling out the city name in full is a lazy way to “connect” with the city, and not even borrowing from the team’s design language is a great way to disconnect from the team. That number looks ridiculous on the side of the hat. As others have mentioned, the Tigers historically suck at drawing tigers, so that’s not helping. Interested to see the full uni of course, but as a transplant to Michigan I was hoping the hat might be decent (I am one who tends to prefer an offbeat design unless I’m repping my true home team) so I’m a little bummed the hat sucks because I’m not buying the jersey no matter what

    Diehard Tiger fan. To say I hate this is an understatement. Just garbage. Really thought they’d try a Spirit of Detroit cap logo, use the colors of the city flag, and throw “Motor City” on the jersey.

    And the club was really founded in 1894…oldest one city, one nickname club in the American (Western) League. Own that.

    Interesting that these hats emerge in Japan before the uniform is officially revealed.

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