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Think Pink: MLB Releases 2024 Mother’s Day Caps

MLB’s annual holiday merch dump has begun, as the 2024 Mother’s Day caps have just been released.

This year’s motif is pretty simple: The teams are wearing their usual cap designs, but with the logos rendered in pink. Here’s the full set, followed by a closer look at each team’s design:

Of note: The Mariners’ design is their Sunday throwback. They haven’t been able to wear that uniform so far this season because of supply delays, but it will apparently be available to them by Mother’s Day, which is May 12 this year.

In addition to the pink logo, each cap has a pink underbrim and a pink-ified version of the MLB logo on the back:

The caps for Armed Forces Day (May 18), Father’s Day (June 16), and Independence Day (July 4) will presumably be released soon.

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    Wow, that Orioles hat is terrible. Should’ve gone with the O‘s logo or City Connect B

    The pink is really pale compared to previous versions, and for the Yankees I have no clue why they went two-toned. I fear the Yankees hats are just gonna look like a too large logo

    A bunch of teams have that pink/white combo though, not just the Yankees.

    Orioles, Blue Jays and Brewers cap just look like a big pink blob. And I assume the Blue jays will be wearing Canada Day caps this year?

    Curious if the Mariners do not receive their sunday alternates, if they will still wear the royal blue mother’s day cap.

    Of note: The Mariners’ design is their Sunday throwback. They haven’t been able to wear that uniform so far this season because of supply delays, but it will apparently be available to them by Mother’s Day, which is May 12 this year.

    Based on this years supply chain cluster-eff, that’s being very optimistic. At this point, I could just as easily see them wearing the cap with the regular uni’s.

    These are terrible and any that are not a one or two-letter logo (Orioles, Brewers, etc) are worse than terrible. I see lots of people at games wearing merch dump merch (City Connect, throwbacks and so forth) but I’ve never seen anyone wearing a Mother’s Day cap, or Father’s Day cap for that matter. Do these really sell?

    I’d say they do. I mean these holiday hats are usually sold out with the exception of teams like the A’s usually being the only ones that seem to not sell.

    Serious question, at least for any cap-heads.

    Does anyone really buy these (especially since they have a new one every year)? I realize caps are as much if not more a fashion statement than anything else, but who are then intended purchasers? Do cap collectors have to own one (just cuz) or is this maybe targeted to females?

    I don’t go to that many games in person anymore, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen one worn at the field; I’ve also never spotted any of these in the wild.

    I bought an Astros Father’s Day hat a few years ago when I had my first born. I’d wear it all the time because it represented me finally becoming a dad. It’s since gotten too small to wear, but I refuse to get rid of it. I plan to get this year’s version and wear it to honor my second (and final) child who was born during this past offseason. I don’t know how well the various specialty/holiday hats sell compared to each other (that would be interesting to see data on), but I’d imagine my reasoning for buying them being the main one for selling these every year.

    I used to collect Rockies hats. When they started coming out with the first few waves of specially hats, I had to have them. When prices got absurd, I cut back to BP bats and ones with unique patches. The designs have gotten watered down so badly and the price is so high, it’s been a few years since I bought a new hat. When I’m at Rockies games, I see a good share of the special designs.

    I actually bought the Rays Father’s Day hat last year because I was impressed that the FD color scheme was perfectly matched to have their Columbia blue as the main color and yellow as the accent better than the plain white logo (could’ve lived without the side patch but it’s standard New Era, so I’ll deal). Wish they’d make it an alternate cap; it was that impressive. But if they’re all power blue this year I’ll pass on this run.

    Pink Blob for every team, followed by Blue Blob and Camo Blob. At least they are not see through.

    I’m ok with these, it could’ve been a lot worse, keeping the team caps just changing the logo color isn’t the worse they could do . Looks like the armed forces hat design for 2024 has been leaked as well with the Charleston RiverDogs having a photo online if you Google it.

    Are the A’s really the only team that isn’t wearing black, red, or blue? This is sad.

    I believe the A’s have been the *only* team with any green on their standard home/away jerseys since the Rays updated their uniforms (and ditched Devil) after the 2007 season.

    Is the Mariners Sunday cream option considered a Throwback or a Fauxback?

    A throwback must be identical to the uniform that was used on the field.
    The Mariners throwbacks were pure white, not cream.
    A Mariners staffer said that the current version is “similar” to the original.

    Couldn’t MLB accomplished the same result by handing each teams equipment manager a pink marker?

    But then the “official on field hat” could not be sold to make money. This is the main reason for these hats.

    They should have done away with the white completely or used a team color in the outlines so that they don’t look like washed out blobs

    Looks like on the Twins cap, only the star is pink, with the dominant element- the M — still white. And I seeing that correctly?

    Per Phil’s question, I’ve never purchased a Mother’s Day or Father’s Day cap. But I usually love the Independence Day caps and purchased two military appreciation caps over the years.

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