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Mother’s Day Recap Becomes Cap Logo Obsession

The video embedded above pretty well captures the absurdity of yesterday’s MLB Ma’s Day uniforms. This year, thankfully, they didn’t go with pink-trimmed jerseys, but that just made all the other pink attire (caps, undershirts, socks, cleats, and various accessories) stand out in higher relief, because it didn’t match the teams’ color schemes. The . . . → Read More: Mother’s Day Recap Becomes Cap Logo Obsession

EXCLUSIVE: NBA Christmas Unis Returning in 2018

Lots of people, myself included, were surprised when the NBA didn’t have Christmas Day uniforms this season, a development that was widely attributed to Nike’s resources being stretched too thin as the company took over the league’s uniform program. That won’t happen again next season.

According to a source who I trust, the Christmas . . . → Read More: EXCLUSIVE: NBA Christmas Unis Returning in 2018

MLB Releases 2018 Holiday Merch — Er, Uniforms

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MLB revealed all of the 2018 holiday uniforms yesterday (much earlier than in previous years). honcho Chris Creamer had an advance on this one and did a really thorough job covering the basic info, so I strongly recommend that you start by checking out his report.

. . . → Read More: MLB Reveals 2018 Holiday Merch — Er, Uniforms

NBA Honors MLK

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The NBA commemorated Martin Luther King Jr. Day yesterday, as players throughout the league wore “I Have a Dream” shirts during pregame warm-ups. Naturally, I could have done without the NIke maker’s mark, but whaddaya gonna do.

Here’s how the shirts looked on the . . . → Read More: NBA Honors MLK