What Would an MLB Labor Day Uniform Look Like?

Monday was Labor Day, the day when we celebrate the American labor movement. It’s one of our oldest federal holidays, dating back to 1894. But as usual, Major League Baseball — a league that routinely trots out special uniforms or at least patches for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Armed Forces Day, Memorial Day, Independence […]

MLB and MiLB Teams Plan Throwbacks for Juneteenth

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The Giants yesterday announced that they will celebrate Juneteenth this Saturday by wearing San Francisco Sea Lions throwbacks. The Sea Lions played for one season — 1946 — in the West Coast Negro Baseball Association. Their jerseys featured a cub, instead of a sea lion, because they […]

A Holiday Weekend — in More Ways Than One

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This is a holiday weekend, but not just for the holiday you’re probably thinking of. Yesterday was Mother’s Day in the Dominican Republic, so many Dominican MLB players — including Tigers second baseman Willi Castro, shown above — wore pink accessories.

Other players who wore pink yesterday […]

C’mon, Blue: Ump Uniform Oddities Continue to Pile Up

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Good morning and welcome back to Ump Watch (now revised from the longer and clunkier Ump Patch Watch), where we continue to obsessively document the world of umpire attire.

As you may be aware, yesterday was Mother’s Day. We already knew that […]