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Category: Holidays

A Uni Watch Look at Yesterday’s MLB Father’s Day Uniforms

The holiday attire ranged from the standard to the unexpected.

MLB Releases Stars/Stripes Caps for Independence Day

Two of the teams’ caps had previously leaked, but now they’ve all been officially released.

Tigers Going Extra Mile with Memorial Day Cap Inscriptions

Detroit is taking an extra step to honor the fallen.

MLB Officially Releases Father’s Day Caps

Earlier this week we saw three of this year’s Father’s Day caps. Now the full set has been unveiled.

MLB Father’s Day Caps Appear to Leak on Retail Site

As usual, the holiday caps features lots of light blue — but not as much as in some previous years.

EXCLUSIVE: First Look at MLB’s 2023 Fourth of July Caps

The unveiling hasn’t happened yet, but we have an exclusive leak.

MLB Unveils Armed Forces Day Caps, Confirming Earlier Leaks

MLB’s latest holiday-driven merch dump has arrived.

The Usual Slop: MLB Releases Mother’s Day Caps

MLB’s first holiday merch dump of the year is upon us.

Green Wave: MLB Releases St. Paddy’s Day Caps

’Twill soon be the season for the wearin’ of the green and gold.

Cowboys Revive White Throwback Helmet for ’22 Turkey Day

The Cowboys have become the ninth NFL team — and the third this week — to announce a new helmet color for this season.

MLB Independence Day Uniform Recap

Photo by David Kohl, USA Today Sports; click to enlarge Good morning! Hope everyone had a good holiday weekend. Speaking of the holiday, MLB teams wore lots of Independence Day …

MLB Adds Patches to Jerseys, but Not Caps, for Memorial Day

Good morning! Hope everyone had a healthy and happy holiday weekend. Yesterday was Memorial Day, so MLB players wore poppy patches, inscribed with “Lest We Forget,” on their jerseys. This …

Brewers EQ Guy Goes Extra Mile With Grey Helmets, Pink Decals

Click to enlarge MLB did the usual pinkwashing for Ma’s Day yesterday. We all know the drill by now: pink caps, pink jersey ribbons, pink wristbands, belts, shoes, socks, catcher’s …

America’s Team: Cowboys Revive Red/White/Blue Stripes

Click to enlarge Interesting move yesterday by the Cowboys, who announced that they’re bringing back their red/white/blue helmet striping for this Sunday’s game against the Broncos. They wore that striping …

What Would an MLB Labor Day Uniform Look Like?

Monday was Labor Day, the day when we celebrate the American labor movement. It’s one of our oldest federal holidays, dating back to 1894. But as usual, Major League Baseball …