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The Next Two Weeks Will Be an NFL Uni Bonanza!

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The 2024 NFL draft is set to begin on April 25, and that means we’re about to have a flurry of new NFL uniform releases, because teams like their top draft picks to pose with the updated designs.

Ready to mark your calendars? Here’s a chronological list of the unveilings we can expect to see over the next two weeks:

Monday, April 15: Jets

What’s happening: We’ve known for nearly two months now that the Jets will be promoting their throwbacks to primary status. We’ve already seen the white jerseys and pants, because the team wore those as a throwback option last year, but we’re waiting to see what the green primaries and black alternates look like.

Time of unveiling: Unknown.

Wednesday, April 17: Browns

What’s happening: There have been several recent hints that the Browns are scrapping their brown facemask and returning to white, which they originally wore from 1975 through 2005.’s Andrew Lind has reported that the change will be officially announced on this date, with a corresponding change to the team’s primary logo.

Time of unveiling: Unknown.

Thursday, April 18: Lions

What’s happening: The Lions are expected to unveil a new uniform set — their first since 2017.

Time of unveiling: 7pm Eastern.

Monday, April 22: Broncos

What’s happening: The Broncos will unveil a new uniform set — their first since 1997. The new set has been the subject of intense speculation and unverified descriptions.

Time of unveiling: Unknown.

Tuesday, April 23: Texans

What’s happening: The Texans’ new white/navy combo (shown above) leaked a few weeks ago and then was confirmed as legit by the team. This unveiling will be for the rest of the team’s new uni set.

Time of unveiling: 7:30pm Eastern.


That’s what we know so far. Obviously, if there are any additional updates or leaks, we’ll report on them. (Speaking of which: If anyone has any inside info on any of this, you know what to do. Anonymity assured, of course.)



Purp Walk Reminder

In case you missed it on Monday, the 2024 Purp Walk T-shirt is out, and it’s a doozy. Full details here.



Eclipse Watch

We had about a 90% eclipse here in Brooklyn yesterday. I didn’t get around to obtaining a pair of eclipse glasses, and I didn’t have the time or the patience to make a proper pinhole camera. So instead I biked up to Prospect Park with the two kitchen implements shown above, which worked out nicely:

Someone ended up giving me a pair of glasses (he had extras), so I was also able to gaze up at the spectacle. But it was fun to improvise!

Meanwhile, there was this:

(My thanks to Marcus Hall for letting me know about that tweet.)



Can of the Day

I don’t often like gradations on uniforms, but they usually look pretty good on cans. This one is a particularly nice example.

• • • • •

Our latest raffle winner is P.J. Lucivero, who’s won himself a Uni Watch membership card. Congrats to him, and big thanks to Bob Andrews for sponsoring this one.

The NHL’s Edmonton Oilers are scheduled to unveil a new alternate uniform today, but Phil and I are both going to be busy today with family obligations, so we may not get to this until sometime tomorrow. Thanks for understanding. — Paul

Comments (39)

    Jets: I am a fan of the change to the Sack Exchange set, with the gigantic Champion font numbers. If they would stop trying to force black into a solid color scheme, they would be fine. To be fair, I didn’t mind the most recent set but for all the black (and the weird clavicle stripes).
    Browns: didn’t mind the brown facemasks, do like the white facemasks.
    Lions: preparing to be disappointed. They moved away from their best look and will likely do something foolish because Nike can’t help themselves.
    Broncos: preparing to be disappointed. They moved away from their best look and will likely do something foolish because Nike can’t help themselves.
    Texans: already disappointed. They took a solid look and made it worse with that goofy number font.
    Realistically, I would be happy if either the Lions or Broncos came out with something that wasn’t embarrassing.

    I don’t mind the Texans’ number font. I’m glad there’s no drop shadow. What I AM disappointed in is the sleeve. Those horns are odd in that position. Maybe smaller, over some sleeve numbers would have been better?

    tbf, almost anything will be an improvement over their current Arena League set.

    The Texans new set is truly done in by the number font. I get the sleeve horns, I do, and I like the concept. But it just doesn’t work from any angle but straight at the side of the shoulder. The browns aren’t moving the needle one way or another for me. The jets change sucks if you ask me. Ditch all the black, add a white helmet, and make the helmet logo the sack exchange era logo but keep the outgoing unis. Lions and broncos could go one of two ways with Nike. Simple old school or g-ddamn weird. I predict lions go simple and broncos go weird.

    My hope for the Texans is that whatever red alternate they presumably have will use white pants, instead of a mono look. Give us a blue-red-white look and I’ll be happy.

    Already disappointed in those sleeves, though.

    After decades of substandard-sized numbers, it can’t be stressed enough.
    But at least you and I Get It.

    It’s not just the NFL. with the New York metropurplens unveiling next Friday, it’s practically wall to wall uni drops.

    God that Texans number font just keeps looking worse and worse each time I see it.

    Spell check: In the first sentence, the word “because” is missing the “e” at the end.

    Is it too much to hope for that the Jets’ BFBS alts will use green helmets and white pants, and that a while-helmet throwback will be included in the rebrand?

    Probably, yes.

    Jets’ BFBS alts: A white helmet with the Concorde logo would be interesting. With the outgoing set, I said often that the emerald green helmet with the black jersey and GREEN pants would look pretty nice. The never did so, though.

    I just hope the Lions steer clear of a black jersey. I’d prefer a red Lions alternate over a black one.

    Given how much they leaned into uni-blue this last season, I’m not hopeful that anyone will contain their worst excesses and I am pretty sure that no matter how awful we think it looks, a bunch of 16-year-olds on Twitter will call it “fire”.

    I am hoping there was a goodie bag for the cats. There should be at least a photo of them sitting on or in a suitcase.

    I appreciate your work and your writing.

    It’s interesting that the Valvoline can mentions “Pennsylvania Oil” since it was started in Binghamton, NY and later was moved to Brooklyn then to New Jersey.

    From 1949-2017, they were owned by the Ashland Oil company of Kentucky. (It’s now owned by the Saudi ARAMCO company.)

    Just read on the Valvoline site that founder Dr John W Ellis rushed to Titusville, PA in the middle of the Pennsylvania Oil Rush right after the Civil War. He wanted the newfound oil for medical purposes (as he was a medical doctor) but found this black oil was not suitable for that but made machines run better than animal fat. He found a way to make it more of a lubricant by using steam heat instead of direct heat. He teamed up with his brother in law, Mr Ellis from Binghamton, New Jersey, who was struggling in the oil business, and that is how the company got started. But it all originated with Dr Ellis snooping around the oil fields in the Keystone State. I just love companies history.

    Should be Binghamton, New York, ofcourse, but the Valvoline site says: New Jersey. Interesting mistake!

    Will the Jets also revert back to their 1978-1997 logo or is it only the helmet/uniform that’s changing?

    I expect that they will, but the primary logo might be link, as opposed to just the wordmark.

    Not too hopeful for any of these reveals except for the Jets (who realized from the start that their then-new set was not working). I especially fear the Lions result. That could go wrong in so many ways, like what the Texans have shown so far.

    Honestly, I can’t even hope for the best but expect the worse. Nike has removed all hope from my expectations of new uniform reveals.

    Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

    The Swooshketeers certainly have produced a Divine Comedy of Errors recently. Not holding my breath for them to repent.

    I eagerly await the car crash of nike-ified uniforms over the next couple of weeks!

    Ordered my Purp Walk tee with teas in my eyes. Bryan slayed the logo, amazing work as always

    The Browns are in a weird spot. Will their new primary logo be fashioned in a modern helmet? If so, which one? Could their be a dispute between helmet manufacturers? Perhaps it’s time to scrap the helmet-as-a-primary-logo concept.

    If I had to guess, I’d say the new ergonomic helmets are copyright-protected, and depicting them would cost the Browns and NFL extra money. The midfield helmet (with round earholes) falls into the public domain and can be used for free.

    I fully expect the Lions new unis to fall somewhere down in the Falcons, new Texans, Broncos (also probably new Broncos), Cardinals end of the spectrum, which is where they currently reside anyway.

    Really glad to see the Jets returning to, in my opinion, their best uniform set worn from 1978-89 (and a similar version worn from 1990-97 with the black facemasks and black trim). They went back, under Parcells, to the “Namath” era design albeit a darker shade of green, with the forest facemasks and later forest green pants (and Nike could NOT match the greens on that set, either). I hope the 1978-89 logo will come back as well. Not a fan of the black at all – the green and white is so much better. The upgrade from the original 1978-89 set is the emerald green helmets instead of flat green.

    It’s hard to get excited for any of these uni reveals knowing the trash Nike churns out each time.

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