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It’s Time to Gear Up for the Final Uni Watch Purple Amnesty Day Ever!

The final Uni Watch Purple Amnesty Day is coming up on May 17, with lots of activities planned that day in Baltimore. And as you can see above, designer Bryan Molloy has come up with a doozy of a T-shirt design, which leans heavily on Edgar Allen Poe’s famous poem “The Raven” (which, of course, inspired the Baltimore Ravens’ team name). We thought the poem’s key line — “Nevermore” — was perfect for this final Purp Walk, plus we get to rhyme “Baltimore,” “2024,” and “Nevermore.”

Here’s a closer look at the design, which is full of gothic flourishes and old-timey details (I especially like the old-school magnifying glass):

I love this design so much! All credit goes to Bryan, who really nailed this one.

As you may have noticed in the mock-up image, the shirt also includes a purple version of the Uni Watch 25th-anniversary logo on the right sleeve:

In addition to the T-shirt, we’re also offering the classic Purple Walk snapback cap one last time:

Both of these items are now available on Bryan’s website. If you want to have them in time for Purple Amnesty Day, you must order by this Friday, April 12. After that, we will continue taking orders up through the end of May 17, but we won’t be able to guarantee delivery in time for Purp Walk.

As always, I’ll also be taking purple-inclusive membership card orders for 24 hours on May 17.

Big thanks to Bryan for all his years of Purp Walk merchandising collaboration, to reader Tim Cox for coming up with the idea of Purple Amnesty Day, to Scott M.X. Turner for coining the term “Purp Walk,” and to everyone who’s made this annual event such a fun date on the Uni Watch calendar. I’m very much looking forward to this final go-round.



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    This is incredible! Can’t wait to host you for in Baltimore!

    Hi Paul,

    If you’re still looking for a place to do duckpin bowling on Friday afternoon, I recommend Stoneleigh Lanes in the Towson section of Baltimore County, which is just a few seconds north of the Baltimore City line.

    They have an old school vibe, they have purple walls, they are very reasonably priced, and are typically empty on Friday afternoons when they open at 4pm. Plus, you can bring your own beer in cans for anyone over the age of 21, and they DO NOT charge for shoe rentals!

    Website is link and if you want their manager’s contact information, please email me – I hosted my friends birthday there last year and they were super accommodating.


    What an incredible design! Layers upon layers of brilliance.

    I’m planning to come up to Baltimore and kind of love the idea of going to Towson for duckpin bowling, since I’m a Towson State alum. I may even be able to dig up my old TSU hat for the occasion.

    Would totally appreciate it if anybody has recommendations for places to stay.

    Same, Judy! Will definitely need to rep TU athletics and a purple Ravens jersey if duckpin bowling happens.

    Check out Comfort Inn on Loch raven blvd in Towson – they have clean comfortable and affordable rooms and free breakfast is included. plus it’s right next to the beltway to get down into Baltimore city..

    Coincidence that a few hours after this post, the Mets tease their City Connect jersey reveal and imply that it will feature Purple?

    The purp walk shirts just keep getting better every year! I guess you saved the best for last.

    What an absolutely brilliant piece of design, way to go out on a high note! I’m really conflicted though, as a life-long Steeler fan who hates the Baltimore Ravens, I don’t know if I can bring myself to wear this shirt that incorporates their city, their main color, and their namesake, to the point that it is almost a de-facto piece of Baltimore Ravens merchandise!!! But again, I won’t let those points stand in the way of acknowledging what an amazing design this is. Bryan, you really outdid yourself this time!

    As a Browns fan, I completely agree. It’s well designed and I was really looking forward to purchasing the final Purple Amnesty Day shirt. But unfortunately, being in the Ravens colors AND featuring a raven, it is a no go for me.

    I have occasionally followed Uni Watch since its inception and stumbled across this today. May I ask why this is the final Purole Amnesty Day? Is Paul retiring? I feel like I missed something.

    Thank you. Wow, so many emotions and feelings. I will admit that as I have grown older and started a family and a career I haven’t followed Uni Watch as regularly as I would have liked to. When it first started back in 1999 though I was getting ready to turn 14 only and was obsessed with sports and obsessed with details. I still am to some extent but have had to focus my energy elsewhere for probably the past dozen or so years. I’m very happy for you Paul. Enjoy your post career.

    Just saying, if you offered the 25th anniversary patch in purple, I’d buy one to add to my green one.

    I figured the Final Tour shirt was my last piece of UW gear. But this Baltimore native saw this Baltimore-centric themed jewel I couldn’t pass it up

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