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Hero of Zero: NFL Poised to Have First-Ever QB Wearing No. 0

As you may recall, the NFL allowed players to start wearing No. 0 last season. Over two dozen players on both sides of the ball jumped at the change to go zero-clad — linebackers, wide receivers, defensive backs, running backs — but no quarterbacks.

That might be changing, however. As you can see above, the Commanders have just announced a bunch of new uni number assignments, and the first name on the list is journeyman signal-caller Marcus Mariota, who signed with the team last month and is apparently going to wear No. 0.

Mariota has worn No. 8 for most of his nine-year NFL career, although he did wear No. 1 for the Falcons in 2022. Both of those numbers are already taken on the Commies’ roster, which may explain why he’s opted for zero. If he actually gets into a game this season (no sure thing, as he’s likely headed for a second-string role in Washington), he would become the first zero-clad quarterback in NFL history.

According to, 39 NFL players have gone zero-clad. Twenty-five of those players wore No. 0 last season; the other 14 wore it during the period from 1925 through 1967; none were quarterbacks.

(Big thanks to our own Jamie Rathjen for bringing the Commanders’ uni number announcement to my attention.)

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    It’s mos def an “O” for Oregon.

    In that same vein, there are a ton of kids from Oregon who play D-I football out of state and wear 0 for the same-ish reason.

    It will look odd at first, like the top half of the 8 fell off, but I will get used to it.

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