Potential Zero-O-Rama Scenario Prompts Blogger Spat

An interesting scenario played out over the weekend, which led to a fun uni-related spat between me and my favorite blogger. Give me a minute to set up the backstory.

So: On Friday it was reported that the Mets were signing free agent pitcher Taijuan Walker (wasn’t official yet, pending a physical, you know […]

Whole Lotta Nothin’: NBA Teams with Zero and Double-Zero

With the Trail Blazers doing well in this season’s NBA playoffs (they open the Western Conference Finals against Golden State tonight), many fans are noticing, apparently for the first time, that Portland’s roster includes both a No. 0 (point guard Damian Lillard) and a No. 00 (center Enes Kanter). So I’ve been getting a […]

Today’s College Hoops Players: Heroes of Zero

Got a note the other day from reader James Peterson, as follows:

Like many, I haven’t been watching much college basketball until March Madness. When did the uniform number 0 become so popular? Seems like nearly all of the games I’ve watched have had at least one No. 0 on the court, if not […]