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Monday Morning Uni Watch: 2023, Week 13

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Pat Patriot returned to the field yesterday, as the New England wore their throwbacks against the Chargers. The final score — 6-0, with the Bolts on top — should give you an idea of how stultifyingly boring a game it was, but at least the uniforms looked good. Lots of additional pics here and here.

This was the second and final throwback game this season for New England, so we’ll have to wait until next year to see Pat again.

In other news from around the league yesterday:

  • The Panthers went blue over blue — with blue socks to boot — for the first time since 2017 (additional photos here):
  • In that last photo, see how Panthers quarterback Bryce Young has a captaincy patch? He wore that in the first half of the game but it was AWOL in the second half:
  • There was a visual reprise of Super Bowl I in Green Bay, as KC went white over white at Lambeau. KC has now worn white jerseys five times this season, wearing white pants twice and red pants thrice (additional pics here):
  • The Jets wore their green jerseys for the third time this season, which I mention only because they wore green just once last year:
  • Titans linebacker Harold Landry suffered a pretty significant tear in his pants:
  • Weird moment in the Browns/Rams game, as Cleveland defensive lineman Myles Garrett and Rams offensive lineman Alaric Jackson somehow got their facemasks interlocked:

  • Two teams wore white at home: the Bucs and the Rams.

Looking ahead, tonight’s game will be mono-white vs. mono-black, as the Bengals will wear their “white tiger” alternates on the road in Jacksonville.

(My thanks to all contributors, including Willie Gabel, John Turney, @Coach_KT, and of course Phil.)



Too Good for the Ticker

While looking for something else, I stumbled upon this 1981 photo of Bobby Bonds surrounded by caps of all the teams he’d played for up to that time. That turned out to be his final season.



Your Daily(ish) Dose of Kitten

Uni Watch boy mascot Waffles met his namesake on Saturday. He eats (or at least tries to eat) lots of human food, including Cheerios, pretzels, popcorn, and toast, so I thought he’d be all over the waffle, but he was unimpressed.

I plan to introduce Uni Watch girl mascot Biscuit to her namesake shortly — stay tuned.



Can of the Day

Seems odd that a brand called Bernice would have a male spokescharacter, no?

Comments (41)

    Imagine how much better the Chargers and Commanders would have looked had they both gone with yellow pants instead of their respective monotone madness. The Packers and Steelers are all the proof you need.
    Switching gears: if you’re making biscuits, since if you can find soft flour. It’s easier to find in the south but softer flour (i.e. pastry flour) has less gluten and makes for a biscuit that is soft but not chewy.

    DC’s all-burgundy set is, well…solid (I rather like this look) – anytime they are not wearing the white tops or the black alt, I count it as a plus. I think the yellow pants only exist for the mannequin at NFL HQ.
    There are those who enjoy seeing LAC in all-white (I suppose since the color of the bolts match top-to-bottom). I am not one of those people. ‘Sunshine Gold’ pants full time!

    The Chargers/Patriots game was a pretty close to identical throwback to the October 7, 1961 game played between the Boston Patriots and San Diego Chargers.


    Are we really going to go the whole season without the Cardinals going Red over White or White over Red? Missed opportunity here

    As the Cardinals road uniforms are their best look for sure – arguably among the best away sets in the NFL, I for one am glad they haven’t mixed (aka:messed) things up….yet.

    I have to agree with you there. They’re reminiscent of the old Jim Hart/Terry Metcalf uniform set with no frills, no weird striping all over the place as has been their custom of late. The all white really helps to highlight that beautiful helmet.

    In the locking facemasks item…Myles Garrett is the defensive lineman and the Rams player is the offensive lineman.

    In re Bobby Bonds: The ’80’s Terry Cashman song “Talkin’ Baseball (Willie Mickey and the Duke)” includes this lyrics snippet:
    “Well, now it’s the 80’s,
    And Brett is the greatest,
    And Bobby Bonds can play for everyone.”

    Nice old song. I once owned an autographed copy of the single. Haven’t seen it in years. Wonder if it’s still in my house.

    Was disappointed in the Detroit at New Orleans game but got what was expected. If both teams would have worn something different from the waist down it would have been 100% better. I am baffled as to why the Lions are reluctant to wear their grey pants regularly. These are the pants they should be wearing the most considering they wear a silver helmet.

    Couldn’t agree more, I’d also add (or reiterate) that the Saints would look so much better wearing their gold pants with both home and road jerseys. They really make the look pop, especially on the road with the white jerseys and gold helmet. Great winter game look.
    Don’t understand about a lot of current uniform choices (like every time a middling team gets a prime time game they break out their ugliest uniforms possible), but I really don’t understand the stripe-less pants, NO in particular has annoyed me since they started with those since the classic look is so good, and I’d toss Detroit in too.

    If the Chargers had on gold pants I really, truly might frame your lede picture…
    My eyes were immediately grabbed by the upper bodies of the ball carrier & tackler -my brain went “WOW!” only to then be disappointed by the Charger’s white pants.
    I think I was briefly transported back in time!

    Young women are wearing full body leotards these days on campus. The are not unitards but not that far off! Never say never!

    “There was a visual reprise of Super Bowl I in Green Bay…”


    KC wore red socks in Super Bowl I.


    Chiefs should certainly have worn red socks. Would have given it a pop more color in that game. Certainly a missed opportunity

    Typo: “While looking for someething else”

    Bucs have only worn their red jerseys once this season, and, with three away games left and wearing white in the last home game according to GUD, only have two more chances to do so.

    I know not everyone agrees, but I personally put Pat Patriot very high up the list of “absolutely atrocious logos that have no redeeming qualities at all other than being retro.”

    I wouldn’t call him atrocious, but this how I feel about Bucco Bruce and the creamsicles. I like to see them come back once a year, but I’m just as glad to not see them regularly. Maybe it’s because he looks like a severely jaundiced pirate and Pat at least has proper coloring.

    Bobby Bonds. Forget the caps. Those pinstripes, those stirrups! That is how you rock them, kids.

    Has anyone ever been demoted from captaincy at halftime? (My guess is Young switched jerseys for some reason and the one they gave him had no patch on it.)

    Chargers should have gone powder over yellow. Plenty of contrast to the red over white of the Patriots. THAT would have been a nice looking game.

    Love the Chiefs in red/white/white, but DAMN it would look so much better with the red socks. I’m starting to hate white pants/white socks in football as much as I hate the color ones. And though it’s not as bad, white socks with the Niners gold and Cowboys light blue “silver” look pretty bad as well. The Niners look especially washed out on the road. The few players who wore red leggings yesterday looked so much better than the rest of the team.

    In yesterday’s Steelers Cardinals game, the severe rain caused two things. A weather delay, and the end of the My Cause My Cleats. After the rain delay, all the Cardinals players had changed shoes because of the wet turf.

    The pepper was packed by a coffee company? I hope they didn’t ever mix up what was being loaded into the cans. I wouldn’t want pepper in my coffee pot.

    When teams wear retro uniforms, like the Patriots, it would be nice if they used the longer sleeves like the uniforms used to have. Then teams could have the numbers on the sleeves instead of the numbers on the shoulders.

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